Free horror Kindle books for 11 Sep 18

Axeman’s Progress

by Dennis Yates

Following a devastating lay-off, four co-workers decide to get revenge on their unscrupulous company president by enlisting the services of a witch. To their surprise the target of their curse has no intention of backing down, and in fact has unlimited resources to unleash a nightmare of his own.

Blood Music

by Roy Rutan

Come Join Alegra as she delves into the night world of Vampires to solve the riddle of the Classical Killer that has been stalking her. Killing all of her family off one by one till she is the last.

NewCastle Island

by Tristyn Lippingwell

Adventure,Suspense and unique anomalies are among the thousands of words that would describe the riveting content of this novel. Based on a real location with very fictional occurrences, this novel takes readers on the descriptive journey that they won’t soon forget. When nature takes out it’s fury on those involved in it’s slaughtering, insane deadly situations arise on the shores of New Castle Island while unsuspecting victim still stand upon it’s soon to be destroyed ground. An unlikely group of people met on a dock one simple day and within a few hours the paranormal over powered the normal. This is a story you won’t regret reading.

The Dead Show

by R.P. Healy

There’s a new show on TV. There are more talents than just singing and dancing. Talents of the flesh, talents of death and dying.

Pendlebrook: The Convocation (Pendlebrook Series Book 1)

by Melanie Jackson

What could be lovelier than Autumn in New England? Behind its old walls quaint cottages, historic Pendlebrook is charming. But dig into the crimson and gold of the fallen leaves and one finds that something dark broods, waiting for a chance to rise up and take revenge on the families of the old town. Abigail Southerns knows nothing of the dark past that haunts her husband’s kn, but her innocence is no protection when vengeance comes after her son.


by Pedro Suárez Ochoa

Clarita es una joven hermosa de piel blanca que se enamora de Alfredo, un joven de color de un barrio pobre en los suburbios de Venezuela, pero ella, debido a su amor por el joven afro-descendiente empieza a sufrir la persecución de su madre, la señora Clara, quien es profundamente racista y clasista y que hará lo imposible para impedir que ella se case con Alfredo, aun cuando tuviese que poner en peligro la vida de su propia hija.

Esta historia gira sobre un misterioso objeto musical que tiene fuerza en el Más Allá, objeto que puede traer fortuna o desgracia a quienes lo posean.

Te invitamos a leer esta delirante historia de amor cargada de suspenso y realismo mágico.

A House Out of Time

by John Decarteret

Richard and Rose take a weekend break away, at a house in the middle of nowhere, strange things happen, and fear quickly takes hold as they try to understand what is happening, and how to escape it.

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