Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 Sep 18

Shepherd Moon: Omegaverse 1 (LitRPG)

by G.R. Cooper

Duncan Sheriden enters, at the bidding of several friends, into the virtual universe; the Omegaverse. As he explores the alien races, star systems and planets, he discovers a rich, vast, limitless expanse of possibilities.

From gritty fights for control of colonies with hostile alien and human forces, to interstellar trade, to thrilling hunts to eradicate space piracy, to epic battles between star-ships, Duncan finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the virtual world.

As Duncan gains and evolves his online power, his ‘real world’ friends and activities take smaller and smaller roles as Duncan is, unbeknownst to himself, being targeted for special attention by forces he doesn’t even realize exist.

Mothman Dynasty: Chicago’s Winged Humanoids

by Lon Strickler

The presence of strange winged beings is probably as old as the human imagination. In the late Summer of 2011, reports of Mothman-like flying humanoids began to surface in the city of Chicago. After three brief sightings, there were no further accounts. Then unexpectedly in early 2017, a smattering of encounters emerged from different locations throughout the Chicago metro area; until the number reached near fifty sightings before the end of the Summer. Why Chicago? Why now? This book will examine the witness accounts and the investigators thought processes, as these incidents were brought to our attention. The sightings continue√Ę?¬¶ but we are determined to find the truth.

After the Fall: Book 2 of The Fall Series

by Stephen Cross

It has been three months since the zombie apocalypse. Humans are prey, and their fate – if there is to be one – lies in the hands of the survivors, and their will to fight.

After the Fall follows the experiences of eight different groups of people as they scramble for existence. A father who must find his courage if he is to save his daughter from the horde; an old couple and a young mother who come to learn that zombies aren’t the only danger; a beleaguered soldier tries to keep a group of civilians alive in an abandoned office block; a man, woman and young boy try to find safety in an old farmhouse, not knowing their new refuge belongs to others; a group of survivors trapped in an old sports stadium try to keep from killing each other; a small time drug dealer, shunned by his companions, struggles to keep alive in the wilds of Wales; a pilot and his crew try to escape to the sea, only to find the undead don’t stop at the shore; two ex-virologists find sanctuary in a burgeoning community of faith in an old Church – but at what price…?

The blood spills thick in the world After the Fall – what would you do to survive?

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