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Physical Therapy School: How to Survive PT School & Make the Most of your PT Education (Beginners Guide to PT School Book 1)

by Miles Carle

Are you interested in going to Physical Therapy School? Not sure what to expect? This book is a great place to start. You may find many books and guides about how to get accepted into PT school, but what next? If you’re a student that will start PT school in the near future or even if you have just started, do you know what you’re up against?

From the Author: When I began physical therapy school, all I knew was what my mentor PTs told me. I honestly didn’t have a real handle on it until I was already in the thick of it. I decided to write this book to assist prospective students learn more about the journey they are about embark on. How can you really prepare for the worst and make the best of it? Find out inside. Physical therapy is a great field and the training for it can be wonderfulâ?¦if you make it so! It will challenge you for sure, but having a guide will go a long way. Purchase this book today to get a leg up on the challenges ahead!

Inside you will learn about:
– The Basics of PT
– What makes a good PT student
– What you can do to prepare for PT school
– PT school lifestyle
– Test Taking and Academic Advice
– How to make it through clinical affiliations
– and more!

If you need a good introduction and guidance about taking that big next step of attending PT school, this is the book for you!

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