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Traveling Preparedness: 40 Tips For Wonderful RV Traveling

by Warren Lucas

Traveling Preparedness: 40 Tips For Wonderful RV Traveling

The freedom that an RV provides is immense, so much so that when we first start traveling in one you may feel like you need a guidebook in order to now how to begin! Well, look no further! This book is that guide. In this book we cover all the basics of starting your RV adventure. Even before the RV is acquired this book gives a heads up on the best RV bargains the market has to offer. There are many good things in the world of RV and there are many good things in this book!

This book is to serve as a step by step guide through the rules and regulations of RV parks, how to navigate through the red tape and bust right through the monotony into a fun and stress free get away. The things that you can do at an RV park are numerous and diverse, some are the obvious old catch alls, of fishing and hiking, but there are some other aspects of RV fun that might surprise you.

In this book we cover:

  • Ideas before you go
  • Rules a Regulations
  • Camping Essentials
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Fishing and Hunting
  • Finding good Entertainment

We also run through some points to bear in mind when choosing your first RV. Thousands of people now enjoy their leisure time travelling the world in their very own RV or caravan รข?? you could be one of them!

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Physical Games for Fun: Learn different physical games which are filled with fun

by Nauman Ashraf

Physical Games for Fun


Hide and Seek
Dodge the Ball

A Bachelor in Goa (Fact Fiction Book 4)

by Syed Rizwan

This is a chapter straight out of my own life. A period during which I spent some amazing years in Goa, which is home to the best beaches in the world. Besides my enchanting experiences, the narration contains an episode which became international news and here in this book some interesting eye-witness accounts have been added to it for the first time.
There is a saying in Goa – once you have been to Goa, you will come back to it. That says it all about the place and that is how it has been retold in this narration. And if you intend to freak out in Goa, keep this book handy for it will add substance to the expedition as you go about exploring the natural beauty that the place contains. Don’t be surprised if you end up reading it more than once.

High School Drama (Lendell Watson Jr. Series Book 1)

by Royal Prince

Lendell is a young man facing his hardest challenge yet, entering High School.
Reminded constantly that he lives under the weight of his family’s basketball accomplishments, he sets out to be the first freshman to make it on the Varsity team at Washington High.
Will he overcome his obstacles or will it break his will?

Golf Crisis: How To Lower Your Score by 10 Strokes

by Emmanuel Fauvel

The ebook “Golf Crisis: How To Lower Your Score by 10 Strokes” will give you complete instructions on how to golf better, and will teach you successful techniques for lowering your score.

Think of it as a step by step online course for golfers interested in lowering big time their scores. This powerful new course will show you step-by-step how to lower down your score by 10 strokes or more…

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