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Rule #1: You Can’t Date the Coach’s Daughter (The Rules of Love)

by Anne-Marie Meyer

If only my heart understood the rules, I wouldn’t have fallen for Tyson Blake. Stupid heart.

There are two types of people in high school: the ones that you can date and the ones you can’t. Unfortunately for me, I’m the latter. Even though I’m around hot football players every afternoon, they are not allowed to date me. If they even come close to flirting, my dad, Coach “The Boss” Davis, makes them run laps around the field until they puke.

Nothing scares off a boy more than the threat of physical pain.

Not only has he forbidden me to date anyone at all, he’s even made me the football team’s water girl so that he can keep tabs on me. Apparently, over protective dad is a fabulous guy deterrent. Outdoor shops should find a way to bottle it and sell it. They’d make a killing.

What Dad doesn’t know is that I spend every last second of those two blissful hours of practice in the scorching California heat, staring at Tyson Blake. He is the epitome of perfection in a six-foot-two, incredibly toned, smells-good-even-when-he-sweats, senior body. And when he smiles, angels sing. Literally.

And Dad hates him.

It feels a bit cliche to say I fell for the one guy that would send Dad’s already high blood pressure over the the top. But it’s true. There’s something about Tyson. Something he’s trying to hide. But I can see through his cocky persona and I know there’s something more.

Laws of Attraction (The Southerlands Book 7)

by Evelyn Adams

Lawyer Andrew Coles needs a date for the next Southerland wedding, one who will keep the pitying looks at bay and make his favorite bridesmaid regret walking away from him. But most importantly one who doesn’t come with strings attached. He doesn’t need or want the complication of a romantic relationship.

When exotic dancer Candy Graham rear ends a pickup truck on the way to a new job and much needed cash, she knows she’s in trouble. Her totaled car puts a damper on her plans and plants her firmly on the wrong side of the law. She needs a lawyer fast and preferably one who can be flexible with payment.

A straightforward business arrangement solves both of their problems. He gets a wedding date with no hidden agenda, and she gets her legal problems to disappear. Perfect. Until a relationship of convenience turns into something neither can live without.

A Crafty Crime (A Stoneybrook Mystery Book 1)

by Eryn Scott

Even close-knit towns have secrets…

Hadley James is finally living the life she’s always wanted: making jam and selling it at the local farmers market. When the local knitting store owner asks her to cat-sit, Hadley doesn’t give it a second thought. What could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Suddenly, her simple cat-sitting job has turned into a murder investigation and life no longer seems so perfect.

Her twin brother, a deputy sheriff, is on the case but they’ve always done everything together and she can’t help but get involved. Plus, it’s much easier for Hadley to infiltrate the local knitting club than it is for her brother.

Following a trail of crafty clues, the James twins learn that their sleepy town might be harboring more darkness than they could’ve imagined.

Recipes from Marisa McClellan, creator of Food in Jars, included: strawberry rhubarb jam and pickled asparagus! 

Protector Wolf (Black Mesa Wolves Book 6)

by J.K. Harper

“I LOVED how this story plays out. Two broken lost souls find each other and have a beautiful family together.”

As a new Guardian for the Black Mesa Wolf Pack, Jace Canagan has one shot left at creating a good life for himself. Years ago, his childhood was abruptly shattered by unspeakable violence. He let bitterness and anger chase away all those who tried to save him from himself. Ten long, soul-seeking years later, he’s now finally created both purpose and balance in his life. Although the old pain still won’t let him get close to anybody, he’s an essential part of a pack again. Nothing will keep him from blowing his last chance at a fresh start.

Nothing, that is, except meeting the mate he never expected to have…or want.

Single mother Caitlin Rendall is strong and self-assured. She had to be, when the father of her twin pups abandoned his young family. Wary of men and ferociously vigilant about her children’s safety, she doesn’t need any man’s help. Why should she, when she’s done just fine all on her own? But her entire world is shaken when she meets Jace–because the unbearably sexy, just as fiercely independent man is her mate.

He’s her one shot at having her own protector wolf…if only she can allow her heart to lead the way.

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Maple Street

by A.M. Dorhauer

Halloween isn’t at all what you’ve read in stories. As it turns out, witches aren’t warty old women (for 2/3rds of the day), and werewolves don’t need the full moon to hunt. Vampires hoard their treasures worse than any dragon, and mummies see more than most as they stalk the woods at night. For the first time, humans are allowed a glimpse into this world, and the true essence of not just the holiday, but the creatures we think we know. Enter the street where Halloween lives every day and see for yourself what lies beyond. And who knows? You may find friends waiting for you.

Twice Burned (Double Dare Book 2)

by Pamela Burford

Zara Sutcliffe has always been more confident and adventurous than her shy twin sister, Emma. But nothing in Zara’s past has prepared her for FBI Agent Logan Pierce… if he really is an agent, that is. She can only take his word for that after he kidnaps her and keeps her a virtual prisoner in a New York City warehouse. He calls it a safe house, but she feels anything but safe when he turns those intense amber eyes on her. The only thing she’s certain of is that her enigmatic bodyguard is too sexy for her own good. What does he know that she doesn’t?

Plenty, as it turns out. Such as his own close connection to a criminal with no conscience who’s a threat not just to Zara, but to her sister and mother as well. And all because of a bizarre, decades-old movie prop that someone wants badly enough to kill for.

Twice Burned, an RT Reviewers Choice Best Book Awards finalist, is book two in a two-part romantic suspense mini series by identical-twin authors Pamela Burford and Patricia Ryan. Each book is a stand-alone romance novel that can be read and enjoyed on its own. The suspense story line begins in Good to Be Bad, by Patricia Ryan, and concludes in Twice Burned.


by Paul Chandler

Art historian Edward Ellis has spent years searching for an obscure artist named Ethan Tanner, and more importantly, his rarely seen paintings. Given the scant information in his possession, he can barely make the argument that Ethan Tanner had actually existed. The majority of his colleagues think the Tanner paintings are a myth, a false but tantalizing rumor of an unknown artist and his undiscovered masterpieces.

The few scraps of information Edward has managed to collect over the years suggest that not only are the paintings real, they are, by all accounts, astonishing. Edward, determined to see these incredibly rare works for himself, is about to be cast into a legal battle he is ill-prepared to fight.

The reason it’s taken Edward over a decade to get a solid lead on a Tanner painting, is because billionaire Jedd Blake has done everything in his power to keep them hidden. The paintings are his, and he will not share them. Even from the grave, he won’t let them go.

When the reporter asked about the painting, Denholm replied, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” That comment was quickly followed by this contrary statement: “It’s also the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.”

The first recorded sighting of a Tanner painting – 1948, Alexis, Illinois

Last Child

by Terry Tyler

LAST CHILD is the sequel to Kings and Queens, Terry Tyler’s modern take on the story of Henry VIII and his six wives.

Harry Lanchester is gone, his legacy passed on to his children:
Thirteen year old JASPER, who views the directors of Lanchester Estates as Harry Potter characters, and finds out that teenage love affairs are no fairytale.

ISABELLA, the eldest daughter; lonely and looking for love, she returns from a holiday in Spain with more than just a suntan.

Impulsive, independent ERIN, the girl of Transport manager Rob Dudley’s dreams, whose priority is not a husband and family, but the continuation of her father’s work.

You will also meet the ambitious Jim Dudley, ex-nanny Hannah Cleveley, Rob’s long suffering wife Amy, and Raine Grey, whose nine days as PR manager for Lanchester Estates have a devastating effect on her life.

LAST CHILD takes the drama, passion and intrigue of Kings and Queens into the present day, with echoes from the past ~ and a glimpse or two into the future…

Threesome Erotica Stories (MULTIPLE LOVERS COLLECTION)

by Kortney Lust

Hot, gang-banging stories to satisfy and pleasure — let this sexy collection heat up your life!


by Jason Craft

Lurking beneath the veil of reality, a supernatural war
threatens to consume the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.
The Illumin, messengers of light, strive to protect the city’s
human inhabitants from the vicious Shades. Banished
from their natural world, the Shades carve out a restless
existence among us. The powerful Raven family stands
between the warring Shades and Illumin, struggling to
maintain a delicate balance while ensuring that everyone
else remains unaware.

In the nearby town of Wheelbarrow Creek, an Aztec relic
makes its way into Matthew Gillard’s hands, unlocking an
evil with the power to bring back the dead. Impossible to
control, the relic bends him to its will. Now Raven, Shade,
and Illumin hunt after this newfound threat.

Shadeskin is an urban fantasy anthology born from the
minds of three authors. The five stories contained within
build a world of light and shadow ready for the daring
reader to explore.


by Jenny Dreams

Who doesn’t love those strong, sexy hands… rich and handsome doctors, and they know just how to please their inexperienced lovers!

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