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Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion Book 3)

by Cari Quinn

He’s the wildest guy in his band, but falling for a virgin groupie-in-disguise might be his craziest move yet.

Keyboardist West Reynolds’s idea of commitment? Going out for breakfast with a woman after a night of bed-breaking action. The only thing he gets serious about is Warning Sign, the band he formed with his two best friends. Then he meets a woman being hauled off by security, and she’s fascinated by him.

To her, he’s a subject to study. Like a bug under a microscope with a bigâ?¦head.

Lauren Bryant is a student of psychology, and now she’s going in depth on rockstars. Specifically, fans. What makes a woman turn into a lust-driven groupie?

Is it the music?

The fame?

The men?

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. One where he’s on top, doing some studying of his ownâ?¦

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. And she just figured out the ultimate way to get inside a subject is to let the subject inside youâ?¦


Dirty Duet is book 3 in the Found in Oblivion rockstar series. Our other rockstar series are also set in the Oblivion world.

Series Reading Order

Found in Oblivion
Bedded Bliss
Triple Trouble
Dirty Duet
Lost Lyric
Perfect Pitch
Raw Rhythm
Finding Forever

Lost in Oblivion
Seduced (prequel)
Rock, Rattle and Roll

LIO Holiday Stories
Merry Oblivion


Anxiety in Wonderland: A Journey of Mental Health

by Ekaterina Oloy

My experience of anxiety and depression through the lens of Alice.

The Art of Practice: Twenty Seashores to Sketch in Color (Landscapes: Seashores Book 2)

by Jacqueline DeBusk

Use this book to inspire practicing color pencil sketching. Create near exact copies of the sketches in the book or add your own colors and style. This book is part of The Practice of Art series titled Landscapes: Seashores. The series offers these pictures for practicing both sketching and painting.

Nice girl with perfect curves

by Sienna Shore

Sienna Shore fron Australia with perfect curves.
Hoppies: Reading, traveling and sport

A TO Z INDIA – Magazine: APRIL 2017


ART: NAVARATHRI KOLAM DESIGNS – The word Navarathri means ‘nine nights’. We list traditional kolams which can be drawn in our house during the nine days of Navarathri;

RECIPES: INDIAN BEVERAGES – Here we give you a run down on high nutritional value Vegan Indian Beverages;

MONEY: SMALL FINANCE MANAGEMENT IN INDIA – Part time jobs, Online Surveys, Google AdSense and so much more. We’ve uncovered them for you;

POETRY: GET A LOOK INSIDE INTO A TAMIL POETRY – Enlighten yourself with a classical Tamil Poetry written by author Durai. Nandakumar;

EDUCATION: 4G MOBILE NETWORKS IN INDIA – Here we detail you about the 4G Moblie Networks now trending in India!

A TO Z INDIA – Magazine: JUNE 2017


PEOPLE: MEETING WITH SESHU KARTHICK – We uncover to you a successful technology evangelist who serves clients across four countries through his company, Dimensions Co. Meet Seshu Karthick, the founder of Dimensions Co;

PLACES: TRAVEL TO VELLORE – We travel to Vellore to discover it’s ancient heritage and culture;

RECIPES: INDIAN STYLE OATS RECIPES – Here we give you quick recipes with high nutritional value;

MONEY: SMALL FINANCE MANAGEMENT IN INDIA – Affiliate Marketing – We’ve uncovered them for you;

POETRY: GET A LOOK INSIDE INTO A TAMIL POETRY – Enlighten yourself with a classical Tamil Poetry written by author Durai. Nandakumar.

Speak with an Irish Brogue

by Ivan Borodin

St. Patrick’s Day comes once a year, but there’s always a reason to break into an Irish Brogue.

Whether you’re an actor required to tinge your voice in emerald bravado, or you’re a barfly hoping to catch the attention of a head-turning blonde, this manual will lead you to soaring success.

Master dialectician Ivan Borodin has taught accents in Hollywood for two decades, compiling the lightning-rod vowels and consonant shifts needed to pull off the Brogue.

This illustrated guidebook comes fully supported by a series of YouTube videos. Get ready to tell tall tales, make hearts trip inside their wet T-shirts, and convince everyone that you’re charmed with the luck of the Irish.

Manual técnico do vidro plano para edificações (Portuguese Edition)

by Fernando Simon Westphal

Este manual é resultado do trabalho desenvolvido através de projetos de pesquisa e desenvolvimento em parceria com a ABIVIDRO, que começaram em 2009, após a minha participação como consultor em diversos projetos de edificações no país, que tiveram o nível de eficiência energética comprovado por programas de certificação e etiquetagem. Muitos desses projetos, principalmente localizados em São Paulo, foram desenvolvidos por escritórios de arquitetura nacionais e possuem as fachadas inteiramente revestidas de vidro. Tais soluções são muito questionadas na comunidade acadêmica, discutindo-se a validade desses projetos em clima tropical. A ABIVIDRO passou a estudar
melhor o desempenho térmico de soluções arquitetônicas com fachadas envidraçadas, procurando responder à pergunta: é possível produzir edificações inteiramente envidraçadas no Brasil, sem impacto significativo no conforto interno e no consumo de energia?

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