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Novella Obscura Book One: In My Search for The Obscure

by shane adams

Novella Obscura is a short collection of horror stories following a cult that summons demons, and the sacrifices that come with such power.

Eternal Diet

by Wendy Belle Wilson

Gwen envies vampires. They are always depicted as beautiful and graceful creatures and she is anything but. She travels to [of course] New Orleans to find one and convince him to share. Which she does. Colin is a centuries old vampire in need of a little updating to fit into the modern computer age so he and Gwen strike a bargain; she will bring him up to speed and he will deliver everlasting life and beauty. Gwen learns that not all desires can be controlled and that they have consequences.
Soon Gwen’s friends come looking for her, worried that she has disappeared into the missing persons problem that has New Orleans in its grip and end up entangled themselves in the mystery themselves. Together, Gwen, Colin and friends join forces to find out what is happening to the people of New Orleans.
An ancient evil has resurfaced and is slowly gathering in strength and numbers and Colin is forced to face an old friend.

My Sister And I: A new, shocking, gripping and twisted tale from the author of ‘The Old Man and The Princess’

by Sean-Paul Thomas

From the author of ‘The Old Man and The Princess’ (Soon to be a major motion picture) – comes a new, dark, gripping and twisted Scottish Thriller.


A young teenage girl and her Psychotic twin sister must grow up hard and fast in the unforgiving Scottish Highlands as their father – a sick and twisted, violent man, obsessed with the end of the world – teaches them how to survive out in the wild with no one to rely on but themselves.

Long Synopsis:

A young teenage girl and her twin sister have been growing up in the Scottish Highlands with their cruel and twisted father for as long as they can remember. A sick and violent, narcissistic man who is obsessed with the end of the world and one hundred percent convinced that an apocalypse is fast approaching.

Since they were old enough to walk he has been training and preparing the girls to survive in the wild, by taking them out into the brutal Highland terrain, sometimes for weeks on end, where he teaches them how to survive in a world without people and technology and how to hunt and kill, animals at first then humans later.

One of the sisters has her secrets though. And unlike her sinister twin who worships the very ground their dad walks on, she carries a hatred towards him and his way of life that slowly begins to consume her from the inside out. She harbors dreams of one day fleeing her father’s brutal, dictatorship grasp to live a normal, happy life in some far-off, safe haven place with her troubled sister and perhaps, even, their estranged mother too. A mother neither sister has seen nor heard from since their birth, and a mother that their father refuses to even acknowledge without striking out.

When the girls’ father decides to put the sisters through their biggest challenge yet, though, leaving the girls alone and to fend for themselves in one of the furthest and remotest regions of the Scottish isles, hundreds of miles from their home, the two inseparable sisters are given one last chance to make their father proud and convince him that they are finally ready to live in his vision of the new world.

But tensions soon escalate and spiral out of control between the two siblings and finally come to a devastating conclusion as the sisters are forced to make a series of brutal, life-changing decisions on their homeward bound journey, especially regarding where their opposite life paths are leading and where their true loyalties really lie. With their father or each other?

Again: A Short Story

by Kristina Rienzi

Human resources director, Lucy Matheson, is an expert at terminating staff members. But when she fires the most feared and notorious employee at Edmon Enterprises, a curse is set into motion, turning her nightmares into a reality for all eternity.

Dark Portraits

by Emily Fortune

William was a thief, pimp and leader of one of the most feared motorcycle gangs in California. A man possessed, he was headed straight to hell until he met Denise, a young woman who freed him of his demons. He moved on but returned to the town years in order to see what became of Denise. He soon discovers that she has fallen prey to the same demons that he had once before. Can he save her like she saved him years before?
Pastor Jacob and his wife struggle to make their way in Wild West, praying nightly for a miracle to happen as his wife cannot conceive. One night, a stage coach barrels into their yard and inside is a dead man and a baby. His wife insists on keeping the baby, believing that God has delivered him to them. A few months go by and then a mysterious woman appears in town, looking for her child She’s a demon, a succubus, and wants her the baby back for a sacrifice. But the pastor and his wife won’t give up the child without a fight.
Daniel and Rachel are a married couple who are seeking to cope after the accidental death of their daughter, Kayleigh. The couple barely speaks anymore and blame one another for the Kayleigh’s death. But soon Rachel begins hearing a voice in the home…a voice that she is convinced is that of her dead daughter…only she can hear it and soon Kayleigh tells her something that she doesn’t want to hear…a horrifying secret….but is the voice real or just a figment of her imagination?

Paranatural Detective Agency Vol. 2: Paranormal adventures

by D.R Williams

*******Re-edited version*******

The Paranatural Detective Agency (PDA) investigate and deal with phenomena whose existence lies beyond normal experience or scientific explanation. “We deal with things where nobody else would have the experience or scope of knowledge to be able to comprehend a solution.” Hector Saint-Sanson. Hector Saint-Sanson, an ex-police forensic expert, Dan Taylor an ex-police officer, Dark’ Alice Washington, a gifted psychic medium pit their skills, their wits and sometimes their own sanity as they frequently unlock the dark nebulous world of the paranormal. In this the second installment of PDA adventures, the team are confronted with the famous Ouija Doll, and the consequences for owning one, a shadow wraith with murderous intentions, terrifying creatures from the murky depths of the sea, a ventriloquist dummy with an appetite for murder, and dark criminal networks.

Ghosts of Redemption: Book Five of the Tyler May Series

by B Mears

A young adult, dark fantasy. This follows on from the previous books in the series and is part of the larger, ongoing story.

‘Is it simple paranoia that prompts nineteen-year old MI6 agent Tyler May to place her house in lockdown? War rages, the Ghost Squad is AWOL, her boss has vanished and something dark is stalking her. Simple paranoia?

The three special agents are sent to Prague on a new mission to find the GAUNT machine’s creator and uncover the enemy’s diabolical plans. But is all as it seems? The girls must face death to find out.’

This book contains some violence and may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Stranger at the Hell Gate: A Paranormal Romance Novella

by Ash Krafton

Recruited by higher powers, an angel seeks out the only man who could prevent an apocalypse from happeningâ??but how can someone born of Hell be a vital part of Heaven’s mission?

Jagger is a warrior who has dedicated his existence to fighting the demons who enter the world through hell gates. A man of conflicting idealsâ??a demon who fights evil, a loner who offers shelter to a strange womanâ??he’s too rough, too dangerous, too cocky for Sonya’s delicate nature.

Dedicated to her cause, she’s determined to discover the reason for her mission. She needs Jagger’s help to uncover her true objective but, if he gets himself killed before she can figure it out, the world may fall to Hell’s dominion.

Sonya knows it’s a game Jagger cannot win on his own, so perhaps it’s time for divine intervention–even if it means losing him forever.

The Three Ghosts

by J.W. Wright

From the pen of J.W. Wright comes a macabre, harrowing tale based on the progressive metal band Fyre’s debut album, “The Three Ghosts.” Young James Critchelow’s mother Madeline is dying of cancer, and he would do anything to save her. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so James makes a deal with the devil himself to save his mother, but the horrible price may be far too high for him to endure…..

Dawn of the Sister: Book Six of the Tyler May Series

by B J Mears

My name is Tyler May. I am nineteen and I’m a ghost haunter. Yes, you heard correctly. Haunter, not hunter. I haunt ghosts by utilising their powers – to fly, look into the past, spy through walls, and communicate with ghosts of the under realms. I know that sounds crazy. It is crazy. And, at times, terrifying…

Join Tyler and her friends as they battle enemy ghosts, the insidious gloves, witches and monsters galore in a last ditch attempt to save the world from annihilation.

The Tyler May series is fantasy in keeping with other such titles as ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘The Hunger Games’.

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