Free humour Kindle books for 12 Sep 18

New York Times AnonTRUMP OP ED: OMG! Whodunit? A Tongue-In-Cheek Analysis of key words and the Truth Revealed

by Rail Aton

The Sept 6 2018 anonymous Op Ed regarding the Trump administration had the newsmakers and the world going NUTS trying to figure out who wrote it! Key words like ‘lodestar’ and apparent hints to their identity were everywhere. This is funny wee booklette to add to the discussion and to reveal the real writer. Parody and funny musings.

I Killed Bigfoot: Vol. 2

by Kevin Nesgoda

Our hero is in a real dilly of a pickle. The stench of the rotting sasquatch in his garage continues to spread and he must act quickly before the second body begins to decay. He brings his best friend, Brandon, into the whole mess, making him an accomplice to squatchicide as well as first-degree murder! Will the duo be able to figure out an action plan in time to avoid further disaster?

Book 2 of 5

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