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The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Volumes 1-4 ( AtoZ Classics )

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his intellectual prowess, and is renowned for his skillful use of deductive reasoning (somewhat mistakenly – see inductive reasoning) and astute observation to solve difficult cases. He is arguably the most famous fictional detective ever created, and is one of the best known and most universally recognizable literary characters in any genre. Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short stories that featured Holmes. All but four stories were narrated by Holmes’ friend and biographer, Dr. John H. Watson, two having been narrated by Holmes himself, and two others written in the third person. The first two stories, short novels, appeared in Beeton’s Christmas Annual for 1887 and Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890. The character grew tremendously in popularity with the beginning of the first series of short stories in The Strand Magazine in 1891; further series of short stories and two serialized novels appeared almost right up to Conan Doyle’s death in 1930. The stories cover a period from around 1878 up to 1903, with a final case in 1914. in this collection you will find: Novels:

– A Study in Scarlet
– The Sign of the Four
– The Hound of the Baskervilles
– The Valley of Fear Short Story Collections:
– The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
– The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
– The Return of Sherlock Holmes
– His Last Bow
– The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

The Red Viper (A Jake Tanner Short Story)

by Jack Probyn

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jake Tanner’s an everyday man — you wouldn’t pick him out of a crowd. And when a routine bank visit turns sour, Jake finds himself in the midst of an armed bank robbery.

The criminals — The Crimsons. Notorious. Infamous. And yet to pull the trigger on anyone. But that doesn’t mean they won’t.

In this fight or flight situation, Jake must protect his girlfriend, Elizabeth — and himself — from harm at all costs. 

Will The Crimsons succeed, or will Jake stand in their way? Are they about to spend their first ever bullet in Jake’s skull?

The Red Viper is the exciting introduction into the Jake Tanner series. Meet Jake today before everyone else does. 

Also included: the first chapter of the Jake Tanner novella, AN UNLIKELY BETRAYAL.

Dear Super-Reader,
If you’re a fan of David Baldacci, Lee Child, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Andy McNab, Tim Tigner, Mark Dawson or Tom Clancy, then chances are you’ll enjoy some of my Jake Tanner terror thriller novels. Dare I even say love? 

Want to try before you buy? Want to get to know the real Jake Tanner – the man behind the badge – beforehand? Then you can download an exclusive character sheet that lets you behind the scenes into his life – some stuff won’t appear in the books! All you have to do is visit and it’ll be sent straight to your inbox.

For the same price as a coffee, you can enjoy my terror thrillers that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Afterwards, you won’t be able to see anything the same ever again. 

What more could you want? Plus, it’ll last longer than a cup of coffee. 

Your Friendly Author,



Interview with the author, Jack Probyn
Q – Can Jake Tanner be compared to any other crime thriller heroes out there?
A – You know, I wouldn’t say Jake Tanner is like any of the other crime thriller heroes currently out there. He’s not like the Jack Reachers’ or the Alex Cross’ of these worlds. Sure, he has some similar characteristics, but Jake Tanner is very unique. Jake is a very heavily family-centered man. Anything and everything he does is done for them. But this does, in no way, mean that he is like Alex Cross who, readers familiar with James Patterson’s star, will know is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Instead, Jake Tanner is simply an everyday man. The one you see on the train to and from work everyday. That’s what makes Detective Jake Tanner different.

Q – What makes the Detective Jake Tanner series special?
A – A mix of things. I wanted something that would “Wow!” readers, something that is going to make them think, “What if that ever happened to me?” And so I mirrored the Jake Tanner series on something I would like to read myself. The Jake Tanner terror thriller series has a bit of everything. But all of them feature the big question: “What ifâ?¦” And, once you’ve read them, you’ll never feel the same way about certain things again. 

Silver City Scandal (Keith Calder Book 9)

by Gerald Hammond

The silver city is Aberdeen, capital of the North Sea oil industry, and it is here that Keith Calder is summoned to give evidence in the trial of Hugh Donald for murder…

Keith’s ballistic evidence proves unexpected and the result is that peculiarly Scottish verdict – Not Proven.

But â??Not Proven’ is a long way from â??Not Guilty’. Hugh Donald is employed by one of the giants in the oil industry. His position, in which he holds the financial power to make or break contractors, is one which demands trust. Hugh Donald and his employers are jointly determined that his name must be cleared.

Donald and his solicitor, Jeremy Prather, persuade Keith to reinvestigate in the hope of finding the real killer. The evidence is months old, but they have two starting points: the substitution of another gun in place of the murder weapon and the conviction that the motive is connected to Donald’s working life.

Will they be able to unravel the crime?

As we have come to expect from Gerald Hammond, this is a whodunnit of ingenuity and tension with Keith Calder’s own particular brand of humour.

Born in 1926, Gerald Hammond lived in Scotland, where he retired from his profession as an architect in 1982 to pursue his love of shooting and fishing and to write full time. After his first novel, Fred in Situ, was published in 1965, Gerald became a prolific author with over 70 published novels. Most of his novels were published under his own name, but he also wrote under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

The Innocence of Father Brown (Feathers Classics)

by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

Twelve mysteries featuring Father Brown, the short, stumpy Catholic priest with “uncanny insight into human evil.”

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