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The Willow Tree Oxygold: Experience of nature through music and story

by Daniela Seker

Our need for self-fulfillment leads us to desire to be good parents, intimate and pleasant spouses, true friends and successful people.

Some of us learn that on the path to these achivements the pleasure of success evaporates and leaves us feeling like outcasts, lacking fulfillment, empty, lonely and disappointed, and sometimes, precisely at the peak of “success” we are most destructive to ourselves and those around us.

This fable which moves tightly and quickly describes the relentless search for oxygold – a symbol of love, compassion and acceptance which a baby senses. The difficulty of our hero to be filled with a sense of achievement and recognition raises the question.

Are we seeking the right thing in the right place?

The end of the story is the beginning of the Music. An experience of nature, quiet and simplicity. A path that leads to the commencement of an alternative journey to absorb ideas entailed in the fable.

The Reproach of Women: Is the â??Me Tooâ? movement causing women to get a bad reputation and where will it lead?

by Joseph and Mary Christian

Have women gone too far in their quest for “equal rights” and to voice their grievances against men? Will the “Me Too” movement end with what women are trying to accomplish? What about men’s rights? Shouldn’t both sexes be treated equal and fair? What is happening now with women trying to gain power will have unintended consequences. This book explains where it will lead and what will be the end result. Both sexes will lose and women will live to regret what some are doing now and in the not too distant future. There will come a day when women will actually be ashamed to be a woman. How do I know? Read this book and you will understand what is really behind this war against men and why it will fail in the end.

Both men and women have faults and flaws and both will contribute to their own demise. Since this book is about women it will focus on their part in causing them to have such a bad name that they will gladly strip themselves of their pride just to be accepted as a woman. It is an eye-opening look at what women are doing and were it will lead.

“You women, with your tricks of evasion, you’re a sex of swindlers. You have all the instinctive dexterity of parasites. You make yourself charming for help. You climb by disappointing menâ?¦” A quote from H. G. Wells’ novel, “Ann Veronica”.

Technology Addictive Behaviors Mirror Heron Users: Youthful Techies Donâ??t Know How to Really Live

by Dave Masko

Technology Addictive Behaviors Mirror Heron Users, by Dave Masko. Millennials and others hooked into machine forget there is a human being source located deep within our heart-of-hearts and consciousness allows them to really feel alive when not online, says retired nurse Brenda Urbanski at one of the many nondescript information technology rehab addiction treatment centers here along Oregon’s peaceful coast. Urbanski, 78, recently returned from serving as a hospice counselor at the Famed St. Christopher’s Hospital in London. The mother and grandmother who participated in the historic Women’s March on Washington and the recent March For Our Lives anti-Trump protests thinks “we all can do a better job at being â??human’ than just forcing our children to plug into computers to help ease their empty feelings inside. “We’ve noticed that tech addicts tend to be more open when facing illness or even death,” explained Nurse Urbanski during a recent face-to-face “new journalism” interview and conversation because anything done online isn’t consider real or satisfying. Urbanski says she understands that “deep empty feeling that young and old tech abusers feel because they are choosing technology over human empathy and compassion because they hurt deeply inside due to basically being ignored for most of their lives by parents and other adults who, in turn, are also seriously addicted to computer and iPhone screens. It’s my job as an information technology digital drug counselor to try and help these lost and lonely souls get off this legal crack that we call smartphones, killing video games and other Internet hell on Earth.” Urbanski also thinks “many technology fans have replaced religion or their sense of spiritually with information technology that is cold and â??IT’ doesn’t give a dam if you are suicidal because nobody loves you,” adds the retired nurse and tech addiction counselor with tears in her eyes. This special new journalism report is to offer help for all technology users who are terminal in terms of being human and set to die once our body’s wear out. There is nothing on God’s green Earth that Big Data can do to stop aging and death. Because nothing lasts, technology fans are reminded of this fact; while this e-book is presented to get one’s house in order because we all die in the end.

6 Inches Away From Any Man’s Heart – Essential Dating Advice For Women

by Raymond Hilson

The dating arena has definitely changed in the last 20 years, and Amazon best selling author Raymond Hilson, gets you up to date with today’s rules and concepts.

One such concept is that almost any man can get attracted by you, if you play your cards right. Hence the “6 Inches Away From Any Man’s Heart” part.

Apparently nowadays we tend to learn as much as possible about the person we want to first meet than ever before. We have the means to do so really easily as well.

In this to the point eBook you will get deep truths and a lot of usable, practical advice.

A few common myths will be debunked, things like:

– Dating is too difficult

– Dating will take up all my time

– Dating is about making myself attractive to guys

– Dating is too much hassle

While, these are only a few myths that probably kept you single for a while now.

Once you get over them, you will get full-proof golden rules to create steady, successful and rewarding relationships.

No need to worry about weather he likes you or not, or what you’re doing wrong.

You’ll know all these things and more, you will attract men like the colorful flowers instantly attract bees.

And a LOT more.

Don’t wait any longer, get your copy today!

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