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His Groom: Hockey Comedy Gay Romance

by Van Cole

Their Union Started As A Hoax But Their Love Becomes Real

Arne has a proposition. He marries his friend, Deny, in order for his kid to have some much needed security and potentially benefit from a life insurance policy. It’s only on paper and it won’t change anything, he thinks.

Recently bereaved and definitely not looking for love, this seems like it could be the perfect solution to his worries for the future.

But if only life could be that simple though! In this romantic short story, the strength of their friendship is sorely tested to the limit as the legitimacy of their marriage is called into question. To add to all this, there are some inconvenient feelings that must be dealt with. Do Deny and Arne really want to have to go through their lives faking a marriage? Or will they decide with their hearts to be free to love who they want – regardless of who that may be?

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Title Tie The Knot

The Awakening From Patriarchal Numbness for Salvation, Equality, and Sovereignty: in Kate Chopinâ??s The Awakening

by Nafissa El Houssaoui

The examined novel The Awakening (1899), by Kate Chopin, is categorized as a main title in feminist literature. It is considered as one of the first novels in American literature that fends for women’s issues. The main purpose of this thesis is to study how Chopin undertakes the protagonist’s struggle between her nontraditional ideas, her will for freedom, equality with men, and sovereignty in a male-defined society controlled by the late nineteenth-century ideals. The novel is considered as a corner stone of the feminist movement, which arouses a serious debate within contemporary readers and critics about the writer’s courage of creating a female character within the nineteenth-century patriarchal society, and who rebels against its masters and traditions due to massive awakenings she lives and goes through in the novel.

From the scene of artistic production: creatorâ??s standpoint

by Michinori Kobayashi

What is art for human being? Why does human being express? Art is the occurrence that emerges from the fundamental life, more concretely, the re-creation and the re-presentation. This treatise is going to investigate the essence of art from the standpoint of the creator, especially by focusing on the problem of body at the scene of artistic production, and in addition by extracting the interaction of watching while producing there. This art theory puts the essence of art on the expression of life.

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