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CHOOSING CHANGE: Reclaiming Life After Childhood Trauma

by Nora Helbich

An inspiring true story that tells about a spontaneous awakening and healing in my life. It’s an honest accounting of the steps and information that I used to start living again at 46.. Through this work I found my power, my strength and my ability to create the life I desire. It led me to become a professional Intuitive Healer and Life Coach. It’s the basis of the model that I use with the more than 1000 clients who I have helped to reclaim their hopes and dreams, release their pain, and fine freedom, peace and joy.

It tells the story of a little girl who started this journey in fear and powerlessness. How those early experiences shaped her choices, opportunities and her perspective about herself and her world. A fearful and lonely child that couldn’t find safety, ease, freedom, comfort, peace or love for nearly five decades. Through a spontaneous awakening she opened to the healing energy of the Universe and began a journey of service and self-healing. It’s a story of discovering Self, and personal responsibility to live the most connected, inspired life. It’s about learning who you are as a blended being part physical part energetic.

It is my hope that in these inspired pages you will find a nugget or two or inspiration, guidance or information that you can use in your own life or pass on to those people you know who are mired in the pain and stagnation of old wounds, pain and hopelessness. This story represents a new message about healing and the recovery of life after pain becoming numbing and hope is lost. It’s a demonstration of the limitless living that can occur when you understand how to engage the energy of healing in your life.

Mindfulness for beginners: the best 63 exercises to live in the present moment (Life update with Kelly Larson)

by Kelly Larson

Within the contents of this book, you will find out simply what mindfulness and mindfulness meditation means. You will not find any other book out there that laid out the basic concept of mindfulness like this one. Everything you need to know to begin practicing mindfulness in your own life is contained in the pages of this book. You’ll read about:

– The history of mindfulness

– The link between mindfulness, Hinduism, and Buddhism

– How mindfulness made its way to the West

– You will read the story about a young woman who lost her parents because of a tragic accident and struggled with a whirlpool of emotions for eighteen years before finally transforming her life through the practice of mindfulness

– You will gain an understanding of the most basic tenet of mindfulness, your breath, and why it is important

– You will be introduced to no less than sixty-three simple techniques and exercises used in mindfulness

– You will understand how important it is to teach mindfulness to children and how you can introduce it to them with the use of games created to teach them the basic concepts

Written clearly and concisely, this book will teach you everything you need to know. The techniques are laid out clearly and made easy to understand

This book will serve as your bible to practicing mindfulness. Everything you need to know to get started is contained within its pages. If you are a parent, the bonus chapter at the end will help you immensely. In that chapter, you will find simple and fun games requiring very few materials. These games will help you bestow the gift of mindfulness to the most important little people in your life at a time when their brains are malleable and perfectly open to learning and absorbing the concept.

Not only do the mindfulness exercises teach mindfulness for children, but they will also give you the methods you can use to help your children through distressing moments and calm them when they’re upset. There is truly something for everyone here. Whether you just want to satisfy your curiosity about what mindfulness is, or you want to dive right in and begin practicing mindfulness as a way of life, you can find everything you need in this book. No matter your circumstances or how good you are at living in the present, it’s never too late to create new habits or to incorporate a new, life-changing philosophy into your day-to-day existence. Mindfulness will make you realize how valuable life truly is. There is no better gift you could give yourself.

Finding Faith: A Christian Romance, Thriller, Mystery & Suspense Novel

by Marcus L. Christian

We all make mistakes along the way to God. That is why we need him.

This book is about people who are pushed to their limit. It’s about deceit, betrayal and murder. And it’s about how different people deal with negative emotions and find it easier to do so with the help of God. When Moira hears that her husband has committed suicide, she falls to pieces and struggles to cope. But all is not as it seems. Little by little, with the help of her family, she begins to pick up the pieces and put herself back together again.

She takes strength from one of her husband’s employees, Michael, and admires the way that he handles the cruel and unexpected events that befall him. Michael is an ex-Marine so has experienced some grueling scenes during his military service. The only thing that has helped him to get through many, pursuant sleepless nights is God. Can Moira find God too?

Love’s Deja Vu: A Collection of Christian Romance

by Monica Marks

A collection of heartwarming contemporary Christian romances…Widowed at young age, Virginia has no choice but to put her energy into her work. And when her two childhood friends die in a terrible accident, they leave behind an infant daughter. Virginia agrees to become the temporary guardian until extended family comes through in the form of her ex-boyfriend, Garrett.

Returning to the small town of his youth was the last thing Garrett wanted to do. This is the place where his worst decisions were made. But when he sees Virginia once again, the feelings reignite. Can he make things right a second go around?

The Amish Life of Mary Mast: A Collection of Amish Romance

by Deidra Scott

An anthology of Amish romance and old-time traditions…Mary is an Amish widow looking for a fresh start. After considerable prayer, she decides to leave her community for Lancaster, Pennsylvania…and an arranged marriage.

But she finds her betrothed to be a rather prickly sort. He wants a son and isn’t too thrilled about taking in Mary’s children. Can Mary somehow change his heart or was there always a kind man lurking beneath the surface just waiting for the right circumstance to manifest itself?

Beauty and Worship in This World

by Matthew David Carter

This little book challenges readers to imagine discipleship differently. It asks us to walk with worship on our discipleship journey towards beauty. If discipleship is all about beauty, then worship is our beauty school.

Forgiving God : When God Says He’s Sorry

by Martha Reineke

In a world of ever increasing darkness and pain, author Martha Reineke, sexual assault survivor, shares a very unique and uncommon view of Christianity. Her book Forgiving God tackles tough questions the world has which are often left unanswered by the Christian community today. If God is good why does evil exist? If God is love then why do people suffer? If God is kind then how can He create babies with birth defects? Martha answers these tough questions and more as she challenges the body of Christ to rethink their ideas of God, and finally live the life they were created for. Forgiving God is a prophetic call to the nations. We must forgive to move forward.

Parables and Ponderings: when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents (Little Devotionals Book 1)

by Lia London

If you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Those things might be exactly how He’s reaching out to you!

These true, short stories from the author’s life provide “Aha” moments that inspire deeper devotion, no matter what your starting point. Each vignette is real, down-to-earth, and comes with a Bible verse to link daily life to the Word of God.

Lovers of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” or Robert Fulghem books will devour these funny and insightful true-life anecdotes. Be inspired by everyday things around you! Perfect for devotionals.

Other books in the series:
MIRACLES & MUSINGS ~ recognizing God’s love in blessings big and small
KNOCKING & KNOWING ~ when faith is hard to find

Love at Harvest Moon (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book 7)

by Kit Morgan

Eva Brock’s mother was the most over-bearing, controlling, and opinionated woman she had ever known, and if she didn’t escape out from under her roof, she’d have Eva married off to a man not twice, but THREE times her age! Her only hope was to become a mail-order bride and marry herself off before her mother did.

Finn Mullany wasn’t looking for a wife, and didn’t want one. Or rather, he didn’t deserve one! He’d made some mistakes of late that cost his best friend his sight, and Finn was having a pretty hard time dealing with the aftermath. But what he didn’t know, was that sometimes forgiveness comes in many forms, and many ways, and Lorcan Brody, Finn’s best friend found a way to show him he’d forgiven Finn completely. But would the love of a mail-order bride be enough to help Finn forgive himself?

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