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Survival Ideas: Keep Yourself Safe, Alive, Fed, and Hydrated While In Danger: (Wilderness Survival, Survive a Plane Crash, Survival During Martial Law)

by Patrick Harris

Survival Ideas: Keep Yourself Safe, Alive, Fed, and Hydrated While In Danger

Book 1: How To Survive During Martial Law: 10 Survival Tactics, And Essential Skills You Need To Protect Yourself

Martial law has been used in the US before and is currently in use in several countries round the globe. It is only ever instigated for the safety and prosperity of a country. But who decides that it’s time to lock the country down and what controls are there to make sure democracy returns?

This guide can take you through the steps you need to follow to ensure you and your family remains safe under martial law. There are many different aspects to consider including:

Book 2: So You Survived A Plane Crash; What’s Next?

It doesn’t matter where the plane comes down. You simply need to follow the guidance giving by the plane staff. Once you’re down and have survived the crash you need to start moving. The quicker you’re off the plane the safer you are.

Book 3: Shark Will Attack You On Your Periods: 10 Myths About Summer And Beach Time

Myths are magical, mysterious and so often not true. But before you dismiss all of them it’s a good idea to check out the ones in this book; they may just save your life!

Book 4: How Not To Die In The Wilderness: Find Water In Any Desert Or Woods And Purify It For Drinking

You need to know how to find water and the best way to extract it and purify it.

This is often not as difficult as it seems; even in the desert. Learning how to do this now will enable you to have the necessary knowledge to survive; regardless of where you find yourself.

Book 5: How Not To Die In The Wilderness: Learn To Start A Fire With Things Found In Your Pocket And Find And Cook Food In The Wilderness

Have you ever considered how many times you rely on fire a day? You may think you don’t need it but cooking, staying warm and even creating hot water all rely on the ability to control fire; in one of its many forms.

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Shoot Like a Sniper: Sniper Strategies and Tricks to Help Your Long-Range Shooting: (Long-Range Shooting Guide, How to Shoot)

by Tommy Ford

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Shoot Like a Sniper

Sniper Strategies and Tricks to Help Your Long-Range Shooting

Welcome to Shoot Like a Sniper: Sniper Strategies and Tricks to Help Your Long-Range Shooting, which is a book with a wide collection of shooting tips and tricks improve your long-range skills. Sniping is a very difficult art to master and it takes years of practice, but it’s very difficult to practice the right way when you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. This book is designed to help remedy this issue by informing you of basic, intermediate, and a few expert level tips and tricks.

In the first chapter, we’ll be covering some basics, such as:

  • What to do when you are in a downwind position to make the most of your situation
  • How to soften the impact without relying on extra tools you would normally have to carry with you
  • How you should properly set up your sniper position to where you are the least affecting factor

In the second and third chapters, we’ll be going over the more intermediate tips. This includes how to fire a semi-automatic sniper rifle properly, how you can secure your rifle better, a better form of camouflage than stock camo, and much more. Additionally, we discuss how one can get a better position depending on the environment that one is in and how you can secure your bipod or tripod positions better.

In the last two chapters, we will be covering much more advanced topics such as:

  • How to prevent a misfire caused by flinching
  • How you can create one of the best forms of camouflage
  • What to do about your breath in a cold environment

While this isn’t a complete collection of tips and tricks for all sniping avenues, this book is filled to the brim with strategies, tips, and tricks to help make yourself less noticeable while shooting better with a higher accuracy.

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DIY Solar Bank Charger Collection: How to Use Solar Power: (Power Generation, Off Grid Power)

by Prepper Sam

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DIY Solar Bank Charger Collection: How to Use Solar Power

Book 1. DIY Solar Power Bank Charger: Generate Your Own Power

With electric bills going through the roof, there are a lot of reasons to seek alternative means of electricity. This book focuses on the most clear cut solution to this age old problem. It’s clear cut because its staring us right in the face every time we go outside! Of course, I’m talking about the sun. And this DIY guide allows you to take full advantage of it through the use of a solar power bank charger that can be relied upon for all of your energy needs for a long time to come.

Many have already purchased readymade solar bank chargers for exorbitant fees from online distributors, hoping the investment will pay itself back in the long run. But even so, you don’t have to fork out your hard-earned money at all, when you can just make it yourself! Outlined in easy to understand methods and strategies this book can show just about any budding DIY solar enthusiast how they can make solar power a reality in their own home.

This book highlights all the steps of solar power production, from tackling the very concept of solar power, all the way down to what type of solar cells should be used in a solar panel. The projects that are presented in this guide provide step by step detail, on how to assembly and use a wide variety of solar power bank chargers. Whatever it is that you are looking for, this book has you covered. Follow along with us as we build you a future free of your energy woes!

Read further to find out how you can:

  • Harness the power of the sun
  • Make your own Solar Powered Device
  • Use Less Electricity
  • Save Money
  • And More!

Book 2. DIY Solar Bank Charger: Build Your Own Mini Power System

Welcome to DIY Solar Bank Charger: Build Your Own Mini Power System, a DIY book specifically meant to teach you how a Solar Bank Charger works and how you can build your own. Navigating the information surrounding Solar Power can feel like a foggy mess and one of the many clusters of foggy information out there is on how you actually build the Solar Bank Charger that connects your solar power to your power grid. This book is designed to bring the knowledge of how it works, how you should design yours, and a basic build of how to build one of your own.

In the first chapter, we will go over what a Solar Bank Charger is along with a few other details, such as:

  • Why you may or may not want to have a Solar Bank Charger
  • Whether a Solar Bank Charger or a Solar Battery Charger is more appropriate for your situation
  • How having an electrical grid that consumes more receives more benefit by running off a Solar Bank Charger

The second and third chapter revolves around electricity and the batteries themselves. Inside of these chapters, you’ll learn some basic electrical mathematics and how to connect batteries via serial and/or parallel methodologies. We’ll also cover the two primary types of batteries in use by most that set up Solar Power Grids and a little tip on whether resistance is something you need to calculate for.

In the final chapter, we’ll be building the Solar Bank Charger itself and this includes:

  • A General guide on how Controllers work and how to hook most of them up
  • A construction guide on building your bank and how to store them
  • A few tips and tricks on how to maintain your Solar Bank Charger to make your life easier

This book is meant to fully but only cover Solar Bank Chargers, how they work, and how you can build your own.

Notes from my Path – 100 Things I Learnt on my Journey to Being a Black Belt (Shotokan Karate)

by B.A. Blackbelt

This book started as a set of notes on training. Useful tips I had been told in and out of the dojo. The list of helpful points grew, and I added my own. I hope that most people who read it will find something that benefits their training. The book is aimed at adult students, because some of the points of self-defence (in terms of having to use dangerous techniques) are unsuitable for younger students. Oss!

Seven Ways To Make Running Not Suck

by Mark Knoblauch PhD

Let’s face it – running sucks. Those pictures of runners that we see in advertisements showing a smiling, energetic runner in no way represent the agonizing, sweat-covered dread that so many of us put ourselves through in order to stay healthy. Given the vast amount of benefits associated with running, why can’t it be more enjoyable?

What if you were told that running does not have to induce misery and can in fact be quite pleasant no matter your fitness level? You’ve read through the training books and learned how to adjust your nutrition, but what about the other issues that can affect your run? By accounting for several key factors involved with your runs such as weather and equipment, you can minimize the opportunity for these same factors to have a negative impact on your run. This can in turn improve your running experience as well as your motivation to keep running.

Seven Ways outlines how to account for those ancillary factors that can directly influence the quality of your runs. Based on his own experience as well as the information gained from dozens of conversations with both new and experienced runners, Mark Knoblauch guides you through preparing and adapting to these factors as well as how to use them to your advantage.

By reducing the opportunity for negative influences to impact your running, it should be expected that your runs will become more enjoyable and more motivating, which in turn can have a significant impact on both your performance as well as your overall health.

Prince’s Poetry Powerslam: A Collection of Eclectic Poems and Stories by an Independent Pro-Wrestler

by Prince Akkanatan

Pro-Wrestling and Poetry? What a Tag Team!

Choke holds! Hooked Boots! Waffle Houses! Towns all over the Northeast! What would a 10-year veteran of independent professional wrestling have to say? Find out, and find out why it rhymes. Prince Akkanatan provides poems, stories, photos and illustrations from his time up and down the road in pro-wrestling. Come and experience this truly unique poetry journey.

Be advised this book is not recommended for children due to foul language and sexual references.

Nature’s law: Everybody comes naked in this world

by Chanchal

There is a way to get your dreams.Nature is everything and we, humans are part of this nature.It tells everything.What we have to do and what is not.

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