Free science fiction Kindle books for 13 Sep 18

Alura’s Gambit: A Story from the Alteruvium Expanse

by J. P. Douglas

Cooper is stranded.

Stranded in a dead end sector of space.

A sector controlled by a corrupt corporation bent on scorching the entire system for profit

He’s almost out of money, and he’s low on choices. The only option is to do what he does best, find a game and make enough money to get out of there. Now, he’s in at a table with a cheat, and he’s determined to outfox the swindler before he finds himself at the mercy of the Croneshaw Corporation.

At this gaming table, nothing is as it seems, but as the jackpot grows, Cooper might have to take some action to stay in the game.

The Madness

by CE Mirana

Dr. Jaron Lonfors visits the Siberian Outpost of English scientist, Dr. Charles Bradbury. Jaron discovers that the lepers that have been getting sent up to the Outpost for treatment, have been used as patients of Bradbury’s mind control experiments involving physical and mental torture. Bradbury then controls the mind of Jaron, who takes him to Warsaw. In Warsaw, Jaron and Bradbury kidnap and brainwash the homeless and prostitutes. They then lead a march to a local park, where Bradbury convinces them to commit mass suicide. Bradbury is spotted by local militia at the suicide. Secret Police Officer Szymon Stec is assigned to the case, which ends in a confrontation between Szymon and Bradbury.

The Demon’s Crystal

by Lenard Hale

For Eric Frost, Madagascar is a place of beauty and learning. A researcher in bio-robotics, Eric finds the sheer variety of flora and fauna fascinating – but when he finds Unseen Madagascar, an unassuming book by a missing British author named Richard Walters, Eric learns that there’s more to the nation than meets the eye.

The text speaks of an island off the coast of Madagascar known only as Demon Island. There, the author suggests, lives an isolated and hostile tribe of natives who seem to jealously guard something held deeper in the island’s interior.

Eric, along with his friends Ivy and Max, pledge to get to the bottom of the mystery. They travel to Madagascar and begin to plan a journey out to Demon Island, but instead they meet the mysterious Daniel, a self-proclaimed American explorer full of dark warnings and vague stories. He eventually agrees to help Eric and his friends get to Demon Island, but at a priceâ?¦

THE DEMON’S CRYSTAL is Lenard Hale’s thrilling first novel, and is sure to appeal to fans of sci-fi and adventure alike.

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