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The Nonsense to Non-Existence

by Megiddo Pascal

“The most obvious thing
about non-existence
is that it does not exist” -MP
There is smaller dimension larger too
As well as dimension within the new
There is an even larger dimension still
Encompassing three and oddly adding fill
And maybe one smaller but unseen
Somehow ending up mixed between
How many dimensions we will never know
The only that matter are above and below
Though we write on the head of a pin
Never the less we cannot see within
So we claim to view celestial unity
But really now- it is too big to see
Maybe those who fathom the all and none
Know why it must be written before it is done
Don’t wait to be told what you already know
The genius to ignorance is your only foe
All it takes to be nigh is a day short or dollar shy
Variance of infinite and almost is but section small
So the difference between one and zero
Can be the greatest difference of all
You should know way more as a physicist,
Than where, when, and how we exist
Know the chemistry of being alive
The who and what of why we survive
Cower before the power
Of the cold heat of entropy
Enjoy the rhyme to time
As the warm light of entropy

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