Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 14 Sep 18

Closet Style for Women: Fashion Trends, Styles and Tips for Women in 2018

by Michelle Martins

Fashion is often considered a phenomenon of the Western world from the late Middle Ages onwards; but fashion-oriented behavior existed in at least some other societies and historical periods.

Fashion is a beautiful creativity that satisfies the need for something new, the last! Fashion can be a fantasy, inspiration of nature and a thought and hard work of a team or a designer alone. It is also a group pressure. But sometimes it is the result of a highly invested R & D, the innovative concept, which is sown in our minds through fashion shows and advertising.

Selfies Vol 1 (Erotic Picture Book)

by Randy Boner

We all love taking naughty pictures of ourselves naked. It makes us feel really sexy. It makes us feel even sexier when we show them to other people. This 18 year old girl is feeling incredibly naughty and wants to show her rude selfies to everyone. Erotic Picture Book. WARNING: Contains uncensored pictures with full nudity. For Adults Only. All images compliant with 18 U.S.C 2257 and the model was 18 years or older when photographed.

A Look Into Indian Art, Cambodian Art (The World Culture Art Book 4)

by Mrinal Mitra

The art of ancient civilizations and traditional folk cultures have been eternally deemed
as classics. The concept of the World Culture Art Series is to introduce to the participants, the value of the artistic creations found across the globe.

Aspects of these art elements are to help broaden the creative minds of individuals.
There are thirty-eight (full-color) pages with culturally rich and stunning images.The images selected in this series include mythical creatures, patterns, abstract styles, and so much more. These pictures are from various sculptures, paintings, friezes, bas-reliefs, potteries, masks etc., and have been simplified for the project. Each image includes a brief footnote about its rich history behind it.

There are five volumes in this series from ten different cultures: African Art and Oceanic Art (Vol. 1), American Indian Art and Pre-Columbian Art (Vol. 2), Egyptian Art and Phoenician Art (Vol. 3), Indian Art and Cambodian Art (Vol. 4), Chinese Art and Babylonian Art (Vol. 5).

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