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The Golden State Killer: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Pete Dove

They were some of the coldest, most savage crimes in the entire history of the United States; murder, rape, assault and burglary. Victims were tracked and stalked; the violations committed against them vicious and merciless. Men, women, children; none were safe from his deadly attacks.
But the Golden State Killer, as he came to be known, had another wicked, callous side. Not only would he destroy his victims’ lives, but he would then taunt them, make them relive what they had been through with phone calls that would impart even more terror.
We do not know the motivation of the man who carried out these crimes, and perhaps never will. Sexual gratification? But that does not take account of the murders, often of male partners. This was a killer who did not particularly seek out single women, at least, not later in his campaign. Power? Maybe, perhaps there was a perverse thrill to be had in demonstrating total control over his helpless victims. Mental illness? It is hard to imagine a person carrying out the terrible actions of the Golden State Killer being of sound mind. But insanity is not absolute. It exists on a wide spectrum and the overwhelming majority of sufferers, in whatever form they experience mental illness, manage their condition. And a person who is completely insane does not stop; he has no control over their wickedness. But the Golden State Killer did stop; he did plan his crimes with attention to detail, he did change the location of his attacks through the time of his spree. Perhaps he is a man of pure evil. Such people do exist, and sometimes opportunity arises for them to carry out their warped desires, to perpetrate the malevolence within.
For many years it seemed as though we would never know. But now a man has been arrested and charged with the crimes committed many years ago.

20,859 Days: An Underdog Story

by Brenden Peddigree

The city of Philadelphia waited 57 years for their football team to once again reside at the top of the sport. The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles were a story of overcoming stacked odds and a team becoming a family to achieve the ultimate goal. After losing multiple players to injury, including their MVP-caliber quarterback, the Eagles were underdogs in all three of their postseason games despite having the best regular season record in football. Being an underdog was nothing new to the city of Philadelphia or the players that made up the roster. 20,859 Days: An Underdog Story looks at some of the Eagles players and executives who had been underdogs during their football careers.

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