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Spanish Civil War: A History From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Spanish Civil War

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The Spanish Civil War is sometimes seen as merely a precursor to World War II, and it’s easy to understand why. The troops of the extreme right fought against those of the extreme left, and the soldiers and military hardware of Germany, Italy, and Russia faced off on Spanish battlefields many years before they fought each other on the Russian steppes. For the first time, the world would see bombings of civilians to create terror. There were secret police forces on both sides and large numbers of arbitrary executions, and the use of imprisonment without trial and torture as a means of establishing state power became almost routine.
But the Spanish Civil War was much more than just an overture to World War II. It was a war born out of schisms in Spanish society between rich and poor, monarchists and Republicans, the right and the left, and between those who supported the church and those who saw it as an instrument of oppression. For all its brutality and horror, the Spanish Civil War was a conflict between ideals often fought by volunteers on each side who truly believed that they were helping to build a better world.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Taking Positions
â?? Outside Intervention
â?? The Terror
â?? Nationalists Triumphant in the North
â?? The Republicans Fight Back
â?? The End of the War
And much more!

This book provides an overview of the causes which led to the war, the significance of outside intervention, and the main events which took place between July 1936 and April 1939. This is not an exhaustive history of the war, but it’s rather a succinct introduction for anyone interested in an overview of this confusing but important European war.

Ur: A Captivating Guide to One of the Most Important Sumerian City-States in Ancient Mesopotamia

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of Ur

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This book is about the city which houses the mighty Ziggurat. The Biblical “Ur of the Chaldees” where Abraham was supposedly born. The site near which the earliest human cultures were found. The site which held the most glorious Sumerian Dynasty in ancient history. This is the story of the city that was destined to die and be reborn every millennium or so, a city full of intrigue, magnificence, tragedy, and glory.

By reading Ur: A Captivating Guide to One of the Most Important Sumerian City-States in Ancient Mesopotamia, you will…

  • Get a sense of how Ur came to existence, how it grew, reached its zenith, fell, re-rose, and ultimately perished until it reemerged a little over a century and a half ago
  • Learn of its history, laden with wars, trade, divine worship, political corruption, and entertainment
  • Know why people of Abrahamic faiths in particular hold this city in high regard
  • And learn much, much more about this remarkable ancient city.

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History of the Italian People

by Janet Trevelyan

WHEN the Emperor Diocletian, towards the end of the third century A.D., set himself to reorganize the government of the known world, his stout heart may well have quailed before the magnitude of the task before him. The preceding fourteen years had witnessed a succession of six Emperors, some of them men of exceptional courage and ability, of whom three had been assassinated by their troops, one had been killed by the hardships of campaigning, another by lightning on the borders of Persia, and the last still remained to be dealt with and removed. That task successfully accomplished, Diocletian turned his attention to the greater problem before him, and the conclusion at which he arrived was that in order to save the Empire its constitution must be fundamentally remodeled. His memorable division of the whole into four parts, together with his thorough reform of the administration, enabled the machine of government to run with comparatively little friction for another century and to resist the shattering blows of the barbarian wreckers for many years longer still.
The three associates to whom Diocletian deputed the sovereignty of Europe and Northern Africa were all men of considerable experience and capacity. The eldest of them, Maximian, an unlettered soldier better suited to carry out the suggestions of his patron than to initiate a policy of his own, received with the title of “Augustus” the “dioceses” of Italy, Spain, and Africa; Constantius Chlorus, the most popular of the younger generals, was made “Cæsar” of Gaul and Britain, while Galerius, a man of vigorous but cruel temper, was set to guard the Danube frontier with the title of “Cæsar” of MÅ?sia and Pannonia. Diocletian himself, an “Augustus” like Maximian, kept the whole of the East, with Egypt and Thrace, and was tacitly acknowledged by each of his three partners as the guiding spirit of the confederation. He was indeed one of the most accomplished bureaucrats that have ever left their mark on the world’s history. With the chaotic spectacle of the last hundred years before his eyes, he saw that the real danger lay in the abuse of power by independent generals, and he therefore initiated an elaborate system of divisions, in which the higher and lower officials should act as checks and counter-checks on one another, and thus prevent the abuse of authority. One of his first acts was to curtail the overgrown power of the Prætorian Prefect, an official who, originally the commander of the Prætorian Guards, had gradually become the general factotum and often the assassin of the Emperor, with practical control over military, judicial, and financial affairs. Diocletian divided this great office also into four, giving a Prætorian Prefect to each of his new quarters of the Empire, and at the same time considerably reducing the military power at his disposal…

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