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The Melting : A Science Fiction Horror Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (They Came With The Snow Book 2)

by Christopher Coleman

From the author of They Came with the Snow comes The Melting, book two in the gripping post-apocalyptic survival thriller They Came with the Snow series.

The snow is melting, and the crabs are growing more violent. 
At the base of a blocked-off bridge spanning the South River, Dominic and his friends plan a daunting journey to flee Warren County and the monsters that came when the snow fell.
But the crabs aren’t the only danger they face. 
There are other forces at work, forces with a secret as inhuman and terrifying as the crabs themselves. 
And these forces are determined to never let the group leave.
The quest is no longer just to survive, it’s to escape.
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What Readers Say About the THEY CAME WITH THE SNOW SERIES:

â??â??â??â??â?? “Very well written, suspenseful, and entertaining. “

â??â??â??â??â?? “I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. It is a GREAT HORROR story. If you are into horror stories this is one you need to read.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “Reminded me of Stephen King’s, The Mist. Chilling and scary. Left me wanting more!”

â??â??â??â??â?? “WOW, Excellent read and a MUST read for all horror fans. You will not be disappointed.”

â??â??â??â??â?? “Thought provoking, draws you right in. Left with the thought, could this really happen?”

Ten Little Girls (Rebekka Franck Book 9)

by Willow Rose

Every Mother’s Worst Fear!

Inspired by a true story!

Imagine waiting for the school bus, waiting for your daughter to come home, but as the bus stops and the children start to come out, your daughter isn’t there.

Ten girls go missing on the same day in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Ten little girls all from the same elementary school.

Ten abductions that hold the entire town captive – until the letters start to arrive.

Letters with lines from the nursery rhyme Ten Little Indians,directing the parents to their daughters. But will they make it in time to find them alive?

Rebekka Franck’s daughter, Julie, is one of the missing girls and together with local detective Jack Ryder, she is launched into the most unsettling case of her career. In a heart-pounding race against time, can Rebekka keep one rhyme ahead of the kidnapper before her own daughter fall victim to the savage word games?

Ten Little Girls is a spine-tingling standalone mystery featuring Willow Rose’s iconic characters Rebekka Franck and Jack Ryder. If you like clever heroines, heart-stopping suspense, courageous parents, and a tug on your heartstrings, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s fast-paced thriller.

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Ed̩n РPrimera parte (Spanish Edition)

by J. Sharpe

Los ángeles están entre nosotros; lo sé. Hay uno atrapado dentro de mí. Pero la imagen que ustedes tienen de esos “ayudantes de Dios” está equivocada, se los garantizo. Son todos unos idiotas maniáticos.

Anna Meisner se despierta, desnuda y asustada, atada a una silla, en una habitación oscura. Frente a ella hay una mujer, sentada, que parece su hermana gemela. Con lágrimas en los ojos, la mujer se apoya un arma en la cabeza y se mata. A Anna la encuentran días después, en estado de hipotermia, casi al borde de la muerte. Pero cuando se despierta en el hospital, se da cuenta de que la policía no la considera una víctima, sino sospechosa. Es el comienzo de una serie de eventos catastróficos en los cuales ella no tiene más opción que seguir el juego. ¿Será el fin de la humanidad?

Este thriller apocalíptico fue nominada al premio Bastaard Fantasy.

A haunted Ghost: A Collection of Short Stories (A Collection/Bundle)

by Miranda Lee-Velazquez

This book contains a series of stories that involve each character facing a horrendous threat of their own that they go about trying to defeat, solve, or get away from.

Death at the Seaside (Ghostly Shadows Book 1)

by F.R. Jameson

Nothing was going to ruin Castle’s holiday.

Except for the mocking laughter of the dead.

Castle was anticipating a lovely break at the seaside. His glamorous film star mistress was even joining him.

However, an unexpected encounter leaves Castle reeling. There’s a chance that someone knows his darkest secret and no matter what, he’s going to have to deal with it.

All his life, Castle has been the luckiest bloke he knew.

That luck might be about to run out.

A brand new supernatural thriller from F.R. Jameson

The Secret Name

by Kendra Temples

Working in a creepy mansion surrounded by old books is kind of my dream job, but this might be too creepyâ??even for me. The interview questions were real ominous. “Have you ever seen a dead body?” What kind of a question is that for a private librarian position? But if I miss rent again my boyfriend will finally kick ol’ broke Kendra (me) to the curb and into hobodom.
Maybe if I get the job I’ll end up starring in a gothic horror novel, ha ha. Anyways I’ll update ya’ll in my blog.

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by John B. Frank

“There is a monk being kept prisoner in a mountain to the west,” Empress Veneratus had said. “I want you to bring him here.”

Ar remembered the orders Veneratus gave her. Bring this monk back to Varsca, alive, even if she had to pay with her life to do so. The Witch was ever the loyal mage to the empress, willing to sacrifice as much to prove her worth to Veneratus. In turn, Veneratus gave the Witch a small retinue of imperial soldiers, a carriage with four horses, four more horses for the escort to ride freely, and a sealed letter meant only for the eyes of the monk that was held in a cell in a mountain to the west. Ar would accomplish the goal Veneratus entrusted her with.

The young Witch had only one question about Veneratus’s request. One nagging thought she kept to herself. Why retrieve a monk of the old faiths? You see, Varsca was a land of mass-produced wonders, miracles, a land now free of those Gods that had once enslaved the people in false rhetoric. Called them to war. Men and women like the monk, they ruined the beautiful land of Varsca, tainted it with their magicks. What could one monk, put into an imperial dungeon of all things, offer the empress?

Well, these were thoughts for another time. For now, Ar sat back in the seat of her carriage as the imperial retinue approached the small town of Ravenclaw, which was at the base of the mountain that held this theurgist, this Hesian monk, known as Justus.

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