Free humour Kindle books for 14 Sep 18

Pastor of Paris

by Anil John

Pastor of Paris is an exclusive collection of humorous religious short stories, jokes and quips to fully awaken the reader from a monotonous course of life to an absolute bliss of hearty laughter.

There are a dozen other well-being benefits of this e-book which makes it worth the read.

-Increases antibodies in saliva that combats upper respiratory infections.
-Secretes an enzyme that protects the stomach from forming ulcers.
-Conditions the abdominal muscles.
-Relaxes muscles throughout the body.
-Aids in reducing symptoms of neuralgia and rheumatism.
-Changes perspective.
-Reduces blood pressure and heart-rate.
-Helps the body fight infection.
-Releases endorphins which provide natural pain relief.
-Tightens stomach muscles.
-Helps move nutrients and oxygen to body tissues, and
-It makes you feel good.

The author chose themes of God, heaven, devil, hell, old age, new age, death, life, money, relationships, love, children, church, synagogue, prayer, funerals, and light bulbs needing or not needing to be screwed into their sockets by certain numbers of folks or none at all.

Let us prey for a giggle, chuckle, and a guffaw, for God knows we need it.

Not the Parables of Jesus: Revised Satirical Version (Not the Bible)

by John Spencer

Restore the wonder of the parables, the joy of the Gospel… and the discomfort of the Sword of Truth stabbed firmly in your gut.

Not the Parables of Jesus contains more than 40* different takes on the original parables to snap us out of our over-familiarity and to open our eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

Half tongue-in-cheek, half right between the eyes

Often fun, sometimes poignant, and occasionally painful; these parables reveal our cultural biases, hidden assumptions, and the lies we believe.

If I were alive today, I would be happy to condemn these parables as heretical.

Martin Lutherâ? 

â??Awesome. Excellent. Recommended’ are some adjectives I found in the thesaurus. However I wouldn’t use any of them to describe this book.

Dick Shunnary

This is fake good news!

Donald Trumpâ? 

When I read â??Not the Bible’ I feel the pleasure of God.â? 

Eric Liddle’s sixth cousin twice removed

Not the Bible. It’s like the Bible. Only not.

John was born at a very young age with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. At first, it appeared that no lasting damage had been done, but as he grew it became clear that his sense of humour had been damaged irreparably.

John lives with his family near Oxford, England where daily he wonders how his wife still finds the same jokes funny after nearly 20 years of marriage.

* Bet you think that means there are only 41 parables? Well there are actually 42. So there!

â?  Everything’s true about these statements except the quotes.

Audacity on the Water (Adirondack for Ladies series Book 2)

by Linda Smolarek

The adventures begun in Adirondack Audacity continue…
Ellen McCauley Rienz yawns, stretching in the early morning light that spills through the open French doors of her Adirondack Camp. She snuggles deeper into her husband’s embrace, secure in the knowledge that Vic, her first love, her lost love is safe in her bed…and here to stay. Happily ever after, at last.
Until an incessant pounding on the front door jerks her back to reality, and promises made and commitments unfulfilled. In a rash moment of enthusiasm, Ellen entered the Adirondack Canoe Classic, neglecting to her husband they would be paddling a 90 mile canoe race through the lakes and rivers of the Adirondack Mountains…while on their honeymoon. What was she thinking?
Paddling 90 miles in three days coached by a bombastic East German, stalked by a local thug whistling Moon River and a Harley-Davidson riding housekeeper named Adele are just a few of the complications Ellen faces on this hilarious journey…with a startling conclusion that only Klutz-Ellen can pull off.
Murder, mystery and mayhem on the “90”? The Adirondack for Ladies Series…titillating novels set in the great outdoors filled with humor, drama and a little bit of sizzle…

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