Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 14 Sep 18

Bethany The Mail Order Bride: A Collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance Short Stories

by Hannah Mortensen

An anthology of Mail Order Bride and Amish romantic tales…Bethany was raised to live up to other people’s expectations of her. Stifled by her environment, her parents attempt to marry her off to a man she absolutely detests. Seeking an escape, she answers a mail order bride advertisement and finds herself on a ranch in the newly developed frontier of Arizona.
Her husband to be is a man named Rex. He’s kind and seemingly has everything covered, but is he what Bethany really needs?

Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Explore your Gift, Enhance your Life, Protect Yourself & Connect to your Mind: (Highly Sensitive Person, Emotional Health, Toxic Relationships, Energy, Self Protection)

by Jessica Joly

-Do you constantly feel affected on a deeper level by other people’s feelings and emotions?

-Are you overly sensitive to other people’s feelings of misery? Do you experience their pain as if it is happening to you even when that shouldn’t be possible?

-Do you have well-developed intuitive and psychic abilities that help you make the right decisions for yourself and others?

-Do you instantly feel the energy of people, places, and things even when you are meeting them for the first time or have never visited the place before?

-Do you always feel low on energy or drained at a physical, mental, and spiritual level after people share their problems with you?

-Are you able to feel people’s pain, feelings, emotions, and thoughts as if they were occurring to you?

Empaths are keenly tuned in to other people’s emotions, and it is imperative for them to know how to use their gift in the best possible manner and how to protect themselves from emotional and physiological exhaustion.

If you answered yes to most if not all of the questions above, you might be an empath. Empaths are people who can easily “feel” other people’s feelings and absorb their energies, regardless of whether the energies are positive or negative. They tend to go around accumulating everyone’s feelings and ending up exhausted in the process.

This book is packed with plenty of wisdom, actionable guidelines, and care routine tips for empaths. As an empath who are so susceptible to other people’s energy, you need a well-developed self-care and energy protection system.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things you’ll take away from the book:

-Solid techniques for protecting and preserving your energy as an empath
-Proven self-care tips and tons of fool-proof grounding and earthing techniques to help you get in touch with the root of your existence
-Nine absolutely power-packed tips for developing greater empathy
-Benefits of empathy in your personal and professional life
-Identifying the types of energy vampires who can drain you physically, mentally, and spiritually, and a plan of action for dealing with them

Damnation by Probability: 75 Billion in Hell and Counting

by I. M. Probulos

With this book, I expand on a unique concept questioning religious exclusionism: Damnation by Probability (DBP). If you are interested in a shorter and updated version, please see Damnation by Bake Sale by the same author. It is over 200 pages shorter and updated for 2016. I have kept both books listed because this one has reviews, quite a large following, and it took about six months before it was noticed. Also I have a bet as to which title is “catchier.”

I will continue to update DBP and remove reported redundancies. However, I am still keeping my numerous “Damnation Bys.” I do find them amusing and very serious at the same time and there are just so many ways to be damned.

If you have specific feedback please send it to my email address on my website below. I am always improving and updating my Kindle books (over 20). I would hope that you would use the DBP argument the next time you debate someone who believes their faith is the only true faith. Your questions to the faithful would include:

1. How much time have you allocated to determining if another faith could be the one, true faith?
2. How much do you really know about other faiths, not taught to you by your family or clergy?
3. How much do you really know about other denominations, not taught to you by your family or clergy?

In this book we approach damnation by the very highest viewpoint-that of a deity; the statistical level. In all there are dozens of damnations, including damnation by:
2.Being Born
4.Temporal Existence
5.Skeptical Nature
6.Wrong Missionary
7.Mental Illness
8.External Agent (lead, mercury)
9.Megachurch Scandals
12.Bake Sale (my personal favorite)

Whether you’re a Secular Humanist, liberal Christian, of another faith, or a hardcore evangelical Christian wanting to prove me wrong-I thank you for buying my book. In addition to having this on your Kindle to read anytime, you can download this E-book to your personal computer, Android phone, or iPad. It has a very long Appendix so you can read the first few chapters to see if the idea interests you or you wish to debate.

I hope you enjoy this E-book and if so, please share it with your friends. You can contact me at my website: You can also follow me on Twitter @improbulos.
I. M. Probulos

A Shunned Amish Woman: An Anthology of Amish Romance

by Erica Fanning

Shunned from her Amish town, Anna runs away with her daughter in a fit of sadness. Lost, she finds shelter at the home of a blacksmith who is a widow. Going against his better judgment, he takes the mother and daughter in. She begins to help around the home and an attraction builds to a mutual love for one another. But when Anna reveals the secret of her past will it be too much for the budding romance to overcome?
Church-going Emma has left her small town for the first time for an extended visit to the big city. She soon meets Nathan and he introduces her to all of the sights and sounds of Chicago; the pizza joints, the movies and the museums. He is the most life-loving and fun man she has ever met but she begins to realize that he’s harboring a secret. He is suffering from a terminal illness and she soon finds herself questioning her own faith as to whether or not she should pursue this romance…
Naomi is an Amish single mother who realizes that she may never find a man who will accept both her and her son. Her family has tried to marry her off several times but she knows what she really wants : a marriage based on love rather than convenience. Soon a mysterious man comes into town and she feels an instant attraction to him. But will he accept the fact she has a son out of wedlock?
Kayla is an Amish young woman who cannot help but feel attraction for the new helper on her father’s farm. But when her father catches wind of a possible courtship between the two, he immediately forbids Kayla to have any interaction with the Englischer. For the first time in her life, Kayla goes against her father’s orders…but will she find out that his warnings were not without merit?
Pastor Henry is a new preacher who comes to a small town with a fire and brimstone message. He yells and screams at his parishioners, warning them to repent and believes that they are not saved until he has dunked their heads in the nearby river. But he is a single man and not without his own weaknesses as he begins to fall for the town beauty, Sara. His love interest, however, makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t like his attitude.
Amber is a successful business woman who visits the local Amish community at her mother’s request. Once there, she immediately catches the eye of the handsome Abel who insists that he knows her. The longer Amber stays in the town, the more she realizes all she has been missing in her life and wonders why her mother insisted that she visit..The truth is soon revealed, however, as Amber discovers that her connection to the town is deeper than she even realized.
Plus one more BONUS Story

A Heart For Intercession

by Patricia Spangler

A Heart for Intercession is a book that encourages us to step out of our complacency into the role that God desires for us to play as he unveils His Plan before the end of Age. The book highlights ordinary humans just like us mentioned in the bible who partnered with God to usher in His will here on earth as it is in Heaven. Finally it reminds us that if we ask God to help us to desire the eternal more than the world’s treasures which are all passing away, He is faithful to hear us and give us the desires of our hearts.

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