Free war Kindle books for 14 Sep 18

With Deadly Purpose

by John W. Wood

Former Marines, Early and Behr, are looking for the man who killed Early’s wife.

But after the two declare war on the Detroit drug trade in their search for the killer, they realize that none of their training has prepared them for the moment when they come face to face with the killer.

A man with a violent history, Early killed fourteen men in Afghanistan because they killed his friends. What is he ready to do to the man who killed his loved one?

Underground Secrets: Untold

by Joshua LaRoche

Tragedy strikes when Jason Larsen’s parents are killed on his thirteenth birthday. If that wasn’t a hard enough thing to go through, his life is flipped upside down when both he and his girlfriend are taken by a government agency to a secret facility under the state of Nevada. After four years of training he is sent out into the field on his first mission. The twists and turns of the secret lives and lies of the people around spin him around trying to discover who is on his side and who is not.

The Frozen Village

by CE Mirana

“The Organisation” dominates the few remaining inhabitants on a now frozen Earth, listening in on every conversation and killing any criminal it finds guilty without trial.

Although the citizens aren’t permitted to carry firearms one man carries a sword which he uses to fight back against the Organisation and their oppression. He teams up with a young hacker and together they unravel the old man’s forgotten past which leads them on an adventure to save the lives of many from the Organisation.

It’s an impossible fight, but someone has to fight it. Life is so bleak in the Frozen Village, what have we got to lose?


by Mohamed Roger LOUFOUMA

I keep wondering every day if anyone knows about our fate, is there at least one living soul seeing us? Would we not survive? I’m no longer the junior that you knew, deep down in this hell I’m doomed by fate, I thought for a long time that it was a long nightmare, and that I was going to end up waking up, more I was convinced harder was the awakening, it’s my sad reality. Three things still keep me going. The day when by decision of the destiny I will lose these things, this day my war will stop, but for the moment we’re still far from it …

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