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Siren’s Lure: An Aermian Feuds Novel

by Frost Kay

Life and Death are at war in the newest dark fantasy novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Frost Kay.
Pirates. Sirens. Revenge.
Vengeance is Lilja’s middle name. That wasn’t always the case, but battling evil has a funny way of changing people. 
Her instructions were clear: protect her people’s secret at all costs and destroy anyone in her path. It was simple, really. You cross her, you die. 
Life was black and white for the pirate captain until an innocent ruins everything by blundering into her life. She should’ve let the handsome stranger drown, he’d seen too much. But something stays her hand and she reluctantly saves the human, risking the one thing she’s protected all her life. 

A secret that could destroy an entire race.
MERMAID lovers are ADDICTED to this pulse-pounding tale that fans of Sarah J. Maas are losing sleep over. One click now to dive into your next book obsession!

Harmonious Hearts 2014 – Stories from the Young Author Challenge (Harmony Ink Press – Young Author Challenge)

by L.A. Buchanan

Celebrate with Harmony Ink Press as we recognize the talented winners of our first annual Young Author Challenge. This anthology showcases the LGBTQ genre’s best up-and-coming-authors between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is never easy, and growing up presents unique challenges for LGBTQ youth. Confusion, bigotry, and struggle transcend time and place, but fortunately, so does love. Travel with these exceptional young authors from country cottages to big cities, into the past and the future, from fantastic lands of magic to the recognizable landscapes of our world. Regardless of the setting, the characters in these stories, along with families, friends, lovers, and allies, fight to claim their places in life. Their identities and situations are different, but the young people in this collection share the strength and courage to succeed, sometimes against great odds, and they invite you to join them on their journeys.

Cigar, Parasol, Star by Laura Beaird
Counting Stars by L.A. Buchanan
The King of Dorkdom by Avery Burrow
Happy Endings Take Work by Morgan Cair
Tess by Becca Ehlers
Our First Anniversary by Trisha Harrington
The Dragon Princess by Eleanor Hawtin
An IRL Love Life by Rebecca Long
On Their Own Terms by D. William Pfifer
Glitterhead by Benjamin Shepherd Quiñones
City Lights Will Carry You Home by Amanda Reed
The Gift of Flame by Scotia Roth
Waiting by Annie Schoonover
Quiet Love by Gil Segev
Paranormal Honor Society by Leigh Taylor

STEM (Zombpunk Book 1)

by Christopher Blankley

Elder Tull is a Puke, one of the few unconverted. Without a stem, he’s been discarded by society.


Those converted now fed directly on electricity, through a power socket attached to their sternums. This cybernetic implant has transformed mankind: everyone is beautiful, everyone is healthy, everyone is thin. The stem regulates everything.

Meanwhile, the Pukes are left to scavenge in the gutter, their minds burned out by starvation. Forced to squabble for what few crumbs remain, they’ve resigned themselves to living like the walking dead, shambling through a world of the eternally young…

Until the day it all comes crashing down.

One tiny glitch in the stem and the world goes insane. The few Pukes left now face a new threat: the mindless, snarling jaws of those Stems that had once seemed so perfect. With the lights out, they’re searching for a new source of energy…. hungry for human flesh…

Zombpunk: STEM is a postmodernist reinterpretation of the classic zombie genre, where the ranks of the walking dead are not filled with filthy, rotting corpses, but the young, forever perfect empty husks of a collapsed consumer culture.

When the world finally runs out of food, will the living envy the (un)dead?

The Doll Dilemma (Kids’ Court Book 1)

by Caron Pescatore

New cover. New series title. Same great story!

A headless doll. A boy with a habit of breaking toys. A sister who is convinced her brother is the guilty party.

Eleven-year-old Luanna Porcello is a peacemaker at heart. So it’s no surprise that she wants to help when she overhears twin siblings, Jenny and Jimmy Corbett, fighting over who broke Jenny’s beloved doll. Jenny is positive Jimmy is the culprit, but he claims he’s innocent. To uncover the truth, Luanna decides to start a kids’ court.

With the help of a few friends, Luanna gets to work. Believing in Jimmy’s innocence, she assumes the role of his attorney. Best friend, Phoebe Chen, becomes her private investigator. Jake Crandall, Jimmy’s fiercely loyal, but not so bright, best friend, is thrilled at the prospect of being the court bailiff, because he’ll get to carry a gun. Jake’s thirteen-year-old sister, Heather, is recruited to be the judge. Although she’s way too cool to hang out with “children,” the thought of all that power is too much for her to resist.

As the drama unfolds in court, unexpected facts are revealed by the testimony of each witness. With all the evidence stacking up against Jimmy, Luanna begins to wonder…is her client as innocent as she thinks he is?

Join Luanna and the Kids’ Court as they delve into their first case and try to uncover the truth of who really destroyed Jenny’s doll!

Arriving Well: Stories about identity, belonging, and rediscovering home after living abroad

by Cate Brubaker

Arriving Well is a compilation of five raw, compelling, autobiographical stories about re-entry. Each of the authors experienced the roller-coaster ride of re-entry to their passport country in totally different and yet totally valid ways after a differing number of years abroad.

This book highlights the variety of ways in which people experience re-entry and offers resources – inlcuding mini-coaching, reflection questions, and helpful resources – to help you on your re-entry (repatriation) journey.

Arriving Well is a must-read for anyone thinking about or in the midst of returning home.

From the Ashes

by Carolyn R Scheidies

The last days of the War Between the States, Dawn goes mute in terror when, from her hiding place high in a tree, she watches Union soldiers desecrate her sister Julia. A lieutenant’s care of her sister in her last moments leaves her confused. In a single afternoon, Dawn loses her sister, her plantation home and her faith.

Still and all, she must stay strong for her younger brother, Caleb, as they make their way through the war devastation and danger to find their uncle in Boston. Once there, they find only a temporary respite as their welcoming uncle not only dies of his lingering illness, but also places them in the care of his lawyer who has no intention of providing for two orphaned young people.

Instead, they find themselves sent west to Kansas like orphan children. A kindly minister helps them along the way, but even he cannot prevent the dreadful man from claiming Caleb or from leaving Dawn stranded and alone. As Caleb fights against Jars who paid his way west, the lieutenant, Austin Andreeson, who has never forgotten the dying young woman’s request to care for her sister â??Dawn,” discovers that very young woman and her brother in need of his help.

Austin steps up to take them both under his wing and to his prairie home. As Dawn begins to feel safe again, as she begins to find again her faith and as her heart begins to beat for the man who has shown her such caring and kindness, very real danger, once more, rears an ugly head. Will Dawn release her fear to trust her Heavenly Father with her family, her home and her new found faith in order to find a future of hope…and love?

Zaruv: A Sci-Fi Alien Dragon Romance (Aliens of Dragselis Book 1)

by Zara Zenia

My new patient is odd…because he says he’s from another planet. And can shift into a dragon.
Oh, on top of that, he’s a prince.
But maybe I’m crazy, too.
Because after getting to know him, I wouldn’t mind becoming his princess.

Jennifer is a nurse that runs a free clinic on Vaxivia. She has no time for dating and fights for the health and well-being of her Vaxivian people. That is, until one day when she encounters a strange patient in her clinic.

Prince Zaruv just started his exile along with his three younger brothers, which was a common tradition in a new king’s reign. They were supposed to get to Dragselis, but were attacked and their ship and crew went crashing toward Vaxivia.

They got scattered throughout the land during the crash. Zaruv was injured while landing, but luckily he was found by the local children and brought to the free clinic.

He needs to hide the fact that he’s an alien dragon shifter from Jennifer, the beautiful human nurse taking care of him, for fear that she may not help knowing what he is. But he needs her help as he has no one else to turn to. He can’t help but start to feel attraction towards her.

Will Jennifer still help him after finding out he is an alien? What will happen to them when the locals find out that he’s not from this planet? Will they end up together or will fate and the rest of the Vaxivian society have other plans for them?

Zaruv is the first book in the new Aliens of Dragselis series. This is a science fiction romance story that has a workaholic human female nurse and the dominant alien dragon shifter who shows her love. Each book in this page-turning alien dragon shifter, science fiction series has no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

When Gargoyles Rise (Shades and Shadows: When Gargoyles Rise Book 1)

by Ashley C. Harris

â?? â?? â?? â?? â?? ‘Bella Forrest and Cassandra Clare fans can get ready for their most addicting read yet!’

From International Bestselling author Ashley C. Harris.

When Rose was born in the year 1544, she and the other gargoyles were a beautiful race of humans with dragon’s wings. Created by magic, the gargoyles were able to do and take whatever they wanted… Until the vampires came, and with them, they brought a curse.

Almost five hundred years later, Rose awakens from stone in Washington DC, to a world that’s very much changed. The kingdom of the gargoyles is no more; instead, the same group of blood suckers that cursed Rose’s family now rule a hierarchy of shades and shadows.

Desperate to awaken her loved ones and break the spell, Rose learns she must convince Sean Noble, a human, to fall in love with her. Something that should have been easy… if he and Rose weren’t only seventeen, and required to attend school.

Sean and his high school girlfriend dislike Rose as much as they do homework. And to make things worse, the handsome vampire prince, Adamus, who betrayed Rose in the year 1556, he and his bad boy brother have surfaced….

Rose, before graduation, must find a way to keep her identity secret from Adamus, not let him get too close, and trick Sean into falling in love. Easy if you have wings, right? Not so much.

Readers of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and Shadow Hunters will love this story’s female hero who brings a new level of fierce into a supernatural game.

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