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Limitless Millennials: How to Break Free of Your 9 to 5 and Turn Your Daydreams into Your Reality

by Hannah Morth

So many people today are looking to leave their 9 to 5s, create a lasting impact on the world, and achieve financial and time freedom. The problem is, they have no clue how they can do it. Some might join a network marketing business with the hope that they can build their dream lives from it but ultimately quit because it wasn’t what they expected or they weren’t very passionate about it. Others might start a blog or an online business because they heard they could make money doing that but soon find themselves lost and only losing money. So, they quickly find themselves in inaction, daydreaming in their cubicles, and never actually pursuing their dreams or reaching the success they want to reach.

This book is for anyone who is looking for direction, tangible action steps, and the knowledge needed to FINALLY go after your dreams, to leave your day job, and to live your limitless life. This book will show you how you can so easily use the skills, passions, and experience you already have to become an online entrepreneur. Whether you’re currently stuck in your cubicle and have no clue where to begin, or you’ve started a business and aren’t seeing the results you want to see, this book will serve to inspire, empower and teach you everything you need to know to build a successful online business.

Affirmations: 1000+ Positive and Daily Affirmations for Wealth, Success, Money, Abundance, Health, Love and Positive Thinking

by Hourly Affirmations

If you want to shape your reality to achieve and live your dreams, then keep reading…

This book contains five manuscripts:

  • Affirmations for Wealth: 250 Positive Affirmations About Living in Abundance Now and Attracting Money
  • Positive Affirmations: 250 Daily Affirmations About Attracting Love, Making Money, Healthy Living, and Finding True Happiness
  • Daily Affirmations: 250 Positive Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love
  • I AM Affirmations: 250 Powerful Affirmations About Living in an Abundance of Wealth, Health, Love, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Joy, and Happiness
  • Affirmations for Success: 250 Positive Affirmations for Creating Powerful Daily Habits to Start the Morning with Self-confidence, Make Money and Build Beneficial Relationships

We cannot always control our thoughts but we can control our words and master our subconscious mind with repetition. That is what this book is about.

It’s about making the positive and empowering thoughts pass through your subconscious often enough to be accepted. Because if you can believe, you can achieve. As Muhammad Ali said, “I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” Maybe more importantly; throughout the process of convincing the world, he convinced himself and as a result, he achieved greatness.

So if you want a big collection of powerful affirmations that have the possibility to change your life, click “buy now”!

Data Mining: The Data Mining Guide for Beginners, Including Applications for Business, Data Mining Techniques, Concepts, and More

by Herbert Jones

Do you want to learn about data mining but don’t feel like reading a boring textbook?

This data mining book could be the answer you’re looking for…

Have you ever asked yourself how companies can provide you with a personalized data that is tailored just for you or how Facebook displays feeds and stories related to your search history? Well, data mining is the answer to both these questions.

This book, Data Mining: The Data Mining Guide for Beginners, Including Applications for Business, Data Mining Techniques, Concepts, and More, will help you understand the basic concepts in data mining as well as its applications. It will dwell mostly on mining methods required in the processing as well as decision-making.

There is no question that data mining has continued to grow and create value in many businesses. The ability to identify hidden knowledge and patterns in the numbers and texts generated daily provides analysts with room to understand the behavior of users. Through the development of models to identify patterns and discover new intelligence, it is now possible to change the business paradigm.

This beginner’s guide will help you understand the different techniques that you can apply in data mining. It will help you develop the right foundation and skills important to master data mining.

Inside you will learn the following:

  • Model creation
  • How to prepare your data
  • How to clean your data
  • Data Mining
  • Similarity and distances of data
  • The effect of data distribution
  • Association pattern mining
  • What is cluster analysis?
  • What is an outlier in data mining?
  • How to deal with outliers in data mining
  • Methods of identifying outliers in data
  • Applications of data mining in the business industry

So if you are serious about becoming an expert in data mining, start with this book by clicking “buy now”!

How To Invest In The Stock Market: Secrets Of The World’s Best Stock Market Investors

by Richard Nolan

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen

Have you read success stories about how the “rich” miraculously grow their wealth by investing in stocks but it’s all greek to you?

Are you a beginning investor and overwhelmed by all the information out there and just cannot find a proper starting point? Does everything you have read so far leave way more questions and insecurity in your head than that it can clear things up?

Then look no further because this guide was specifically designed to cater in plain English how you can analyze stocks, explain the confusing wall street lingo and finally reach your financial goals.

Did you know that the average compound rate of return on stocks from 1926 to 1991 was 10.0 percent a year? That means if you had invested 1$ in 1926 by 1991 your balance would have grown to about 490$! At 10% a year, your money would magically double about every 7,2 years, no matter if you had 100$ or 10 Million $.

In “How to Invest in the Stock Market” you’ll discover:

  • 3 powerful but little-known facts to INSTANTLY decrease your risk without giving up a potentially huge upside (you can start today!)
  • A complete A-Z glossary to understand the most commonly used wall street lingo, even if you have dropped out of school in 8th grade
  • The exact formula to identify the right asset allocation for you so you can sleep like a baby while growing your wealth tremendously
  • One secret way to build a lucrative, diversified investment portfolio you can implement instantly
  • A handy quick guide to get an unbiased overview of stocks, bonds, ETFs and Real estate that even most bankers don’t know about
  • The historically proven strategies by the greatest investors explained in an easy to digest manner – so that you can become an expert in investing without any business background or prior knowledge
  • 3 common myths busted regarding developed and emerging markets and market sectors! Plus 1 essential truth you don’t want to believe – but should (this could reduce the chance of losing your hard earned money dramatically)
  • Why a recent study identified that one of the biggest obstacles for investing success is fear of failure or loss. And how to conquer your emotions to set you up for long-term success!
  • The absolute worst 5 mistakes investors make in asset allocation that could cause you tremendous harm – and how to avoid them!

And much, much more!

Even if you have already tried everything to boost your performance without success, the extensive advice and easily digestible style in this guide will provide you with proven and time-tested strategies to tackle the stock market and finally make real money.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” – Warren Buffet

“How to Invest in the Stock Market” takes you through the jungle from what a stock actually is to analyzing and selecting stocks, bonds, ETFs etc. to finally build a whole portfolio specifically designed for your individual risk preferences and goals.

So, if you want to finally access all the information you need to reach all your financial goals and achieve long-lasting success in the market, click “Add to Cart” now!

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Corporate Finance: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Financial Statements

by Greg Shields

If you want to learn about corporate finance but don’t feel like reading boring textbooks then keep reading…

This book contains five manuscripts:

  • Financial Reporting: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Financial Reports and Performing Financial Analysis
  • Business Valuation: The Ultimate Guide to Business Valuation for Beginners, Including How to Value a Business Through Financial Valuation Methods
  • Risk Management: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Risk Management as Applied to Corporate Finance
  • Financial Management: The Ultimate Guide to Planning, Organizing, Directing, and Controlling the Financial Activities of an Enterprise
  • Financial Statements The Ultimate Guide to Financial Statements Analysis for Business Owners and Investors

This bundle book explain corporate finance in a detailed, but business-friendly way. This isn’t a package of textbooks to teach you how to become an accountant or a risk manager for a major bank; it’s a package that will introduce you to the five basic areas of finance that make the most difference to investors and business managers.

With Corporate Finance: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Financial Statements you will get

  • A book that is written in a style that’s meant to be easy to read, whether you’re grabbing five minutes at your desk over lunchtime or settling in for half an hour’s unwind after a long day
  • Real-world examples so you can learn how to spot signs of stress at some companies before things go badly wrong, or how investment analysts might disagree widely on a valuation depending on which method they’re using to value a stock
  • A look at how different banks have come a cropper by mismatching their funding and lending maturities, or how particular companies have tried to manage their exposure to commodities prices through running hedging operations
  • Insight into two sets of financial reports – one US and one European – to take a detailed look not just at how to calculate financial ratios, but at what they mean
  • Get information on how to carry out an analysis of a competitor, customer, or potential acquisition

Here are just a few reasons to pick up this book now and allow it to help you improve your financial skills:

  • Competitive analysis: By discovering how to take a really in-depth look at their financial statements, you can pinpoint where the extra profit comes from
  • Customer checks: you won’t just get you a feeling for their creditworthiness now, but you will be able to see exactly where the pain points are – so that you know just where to look to spot any deterioration in their ability to pay
  • You’ll discover how to mitigate risk
  • You’ll learn how to make the right acquisitions by asking the right questions and ensure no one tries to pull the wool over your eyes
  • You’ll discover how to achieve a better price if you ever were to sell a business
  • You’ll learn what financial ratios are most important for your business, and how to budget effectively
  • You’ll learn how to analyze your business’s performance
  • You’ll be able to deal with experts much better. For example, you’ll know what an accountant is talking about when he says a competitor’s revenue recognition policy is “on the aggressive side”
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to learn more about corporate finance, click “buy now”!

Capital Raising: The 5-Step System for Raising Capital from Private Investors

by Richard Wilson

Capital Raising is written to help those looking to consistently raise capital over time from investors without having to cold call them or slowly network through existing connections. In this text we provide a 5 step system to attract investors to your offering over time so they are wanting to get their foot in the door at your office instead of having to cold call potential investors endlessly with no response. While this book does discuss marketing material fundamentals, and top mistakes to avoid while raising capital its unique value is in the holistic evergreen approach to building up capital raising momentum in a way that adds genuine value and builds your firm’s reputation over time.

This capital raising system was developed based on author Richard C. Wilson’s experience in raising over $250M in capital, building the Family Office Club community of over 1,000 family office investors, and now building up a single family office advisory business overseeing $4B in assets. The methods suggested in this book are what has led to that success and they have been tested over the course of Richard offering over 57 live events and speaking to over 25,000 professionals globally over the past 10 years. To learn more please visit

Write That Book!: The Guide On How To Write Any Book And Be A Successful Writer

by Stephanie Larkin

A recent statistic presented at Book Expo America – one of the largest international publishing conferences in the world – is that over 90% of Americans want to write a book. With a staggering statistic like that, how to write a book ranks as high a value as health, happiness and the American Dream for most people. While there is a multitude of reasons why so many want to write a book – perhaps to achieve immortality, to contribute to the world, to pad their own egos, to enhance their own credentials, to express their deepest thoughts – the majority of people will never achieve this universal goal. But why not? Is writing a book harder than, say, brain surgery? It most certainly doesn’t have to be more difficult than brain surgery – and as an author myself who wouldn’t even consider attempting brain surgery, I can attest to that. Writing a book or learning how to be a writer is certainly an enormous accomplishment, but it doesn’t need to be an insurmountable goal. By breaking down the tasks into their component parts and proceeding one step at a time, you too can join the minority within the majority – the few who has achieved what so many only wish for – to write a book.
Join me as we embark step by step on this exciting journey on how to write a book.

Auditing: The Ultimate Guide to Performing Internal and External Audits

by Greg Shields

If you want to learn how to audit then keep reading…

Auditing can be a scary concept to people studying accounting and finance, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people are scared by the idea of having to make sure that somebody else is doing things correctly, especially in such a high-pressure environment as the tumultuous world of business.

What can help you, though, is having someone clearly and concisely explain everything you need to know about the topic. That’s what this book aims to do. Over the course of this book, you’re going to learn a whole lot about many different topics: from risk assessment to the different types of audits, all the way to how to perform all of them and file a report.

You’ll also discover how auditing relates to accounting and how you yourself can be a great auditor and perform your job extremely well.

Auditing: The Ultimate Guide to Performing Internal and External Audits, will cover topics such as:

  • What is Auditing?
  • Types of Audits, Balance Sheets, and Assertions
  • Life as an Auditor – Differences in Audits and Ethics
  • Auditing Business Functions and Assets
  • Auditing Human Resources, Inventory Management, Internal Controls
  • Assessing Audit Risk and Filing a Report

So if you want to learn how to audit, whether for your career or just so you know what auditors do and what they’re looking for, click “buy now”!

Planning Your Time Perfectly

by Fiona Swanson

Are you currently so busy that you feel that you don’t have time to do what you want?

Do you find it hard to plan?

Don’t be disheartened!

As the years whizz past, we might find ourselves so caught up with everyday business that we really don’t have time for ourselves.

When you know how to plan how to achieve your top priorities, you stop wasting those precious seconds on things that don’t matter.

We might feel that we don’t have time to sit down and plan a whole year – or even part of it. The opportunity to do this just doesn’t seem to come along.

In this book I’ll show you how to plan and why it’s so important.

I’ll encourage you to find a couple of half hour sessions over the next week to set up your goals for the coming year and figure out how you can realistically achieve them.

In a week you’ll be on track and feeling better than ever, because you will know that your goals are achievable, measurable, important to you and most importantly, worth going after.

First we’re going to take a look at SMART Goals and how to use them to to review the past year to plan the next one (this can be done at any time of the year)

Setting goals is a great way to ensure that things get done and I really believe that setting SMART Goals for your life is the BEST way to set and manage your life’s priorities.

We’re then going to look at some different kinds of to-do lists (I bet there are some you have never come across!), some great time management techniques and finally, we’ll take a look at my Top 12 very best tried and tested time saving tips!

Grab a pen and paper and start reading and soon..

you’ll be planning your time perfectly!

Trucking Company: How to Start a Trucking Company and a Freight Broker Business Startup Guide

by Gus Bowen

If you are thinking about starting a trucking company or a freight broker business, then keep reading…

2 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book

  • Trucking Company: How to Start a Trucking Company, Be Your Own Boss, and Make Good Profits
  • Freight Broker Business Startup: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Running a Trucking Freight Brokerage Business

Part 1 of this book includes:

  • A simple guide on how to start your own trucking company from A-Z
  • How to handle permits, regulations and other requirements with ease
  • Proven strategies for getting clients
  • How to scale your business
  • 8 effective tips for attracting the best drivers
  • Secret tips to increase the profit of your trucking business
  • And much, much more

Part 2 of this book includes:

  • A simple guide on how to start your own freight broker business from A-Z
  • The Role and Responsibilities of a Freight Broker
  • Licensing and Business Registration
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Secret Tips and Advice for Your Freight Broker Firm
  • Marketing and Finding Clients
  • Tips for Becoming a Successful Freight Broker
  • A Bonus Chapter on Using Social Media to Grow Your Freight Broking Business
  • And much, much more

So if you want to start your own trucking company or freight broker business, click “buy now”!

Minimalist Transformation: How Minimalism Will Simplify And Change Your Life (Instinctive Living Self Development Book 1)

by Craig W. Hedge

A Minimalist Taking Minimalism To The Next Level!

‘Minimalist Transformation: How Minimalism Will Simplify And Change Your Life’,   acknowledges that real change happens in our lives when we know who we are, where we stand, and where we are going.

This Book Will:

  • Guide you towards new ways of living a meaningful life
  • Show you how you can live better with less
  • Help you find your freedom and simplify your life
  • Awaken you to new possibilities and lifestyle options
  • Help you find your value and rediscover yourself
  • Define the difference between change and transformation
  • Help you with real life examples from my life experiences
  • Release the need for stuff and clutter with actionable practical techniques
  • Help you understand the importance of your lifestyle values
  • Put the spotlight on your beliefs and your motivations
  • Provide more options for you to live life on your terms
  • Encourage you to find what is important in your life
  • Help you embrace the less is more paradigm of simple living
  • Motivate you towards new ways of living and seeing your life
  • Help you understand that currency can be many things
  • Strengthen your approach to a minimalist lifestyle
  • Help you to identify scarcity in your life and make room for less stuff
  • Redefine and expand the narrow definitions of work and lifestyle
  • Show you how to use affirmations for change
  • Ask important questions that will help to give you clarity

My journey into minimalism started 3.5 years ago. I left my long term government job, sold up and gave away 80% of my possessions, did 8 months of solo travel overseas, and found new ways to live a more meaningful life.
I wanted to live life more on my terms. I was tired of living a routine that was determined for me by others.
Finding freedom on my terms was the goal. I wanted to be more self determining. I wanted life to be more about the essential things that really mattered.
I knew what enough looked like for me, and I wanted to experience it.
When you embrace this kind of living, as I continue to do, all that remains are the things that are necessary in your life.

The flow on effect here can be dramatic, as your old life, and old ways of seeing the world, start to fall away and new ways of living emerge.

This book is about helping you find the right level and approach for you. 

The more you connect to who it is you are, the more you will find your own level.
Minimalists understand the importance of being clutter free.

Many of us understand that even small changes can make a considerable difference to the way we live our lives.

As little as 5 or 10 percent, can dramatically change our life experience.
To conquer clutter, we need to devalue it, and channel it to other areas where it may be better utilized and appreciated.
Hoarders will learn that a simple stock take of what they own, can be a step towards a less cluttered life, and provide more room to live in the space they have.

This book is about helping you find your own ways to simplify, and change your life.


Personal User Name Internet Address And Password Book Notebook A-z Tabs Pocket

by Ks Sk

This is the best password manager for you to store all of your all internet passwords.


Include All Imporant Detail

Addresss Web , User Name , Password , Security Quesion

Enjoy this easy to use and perfectly sized 8.5″x11″ book,

with page tabs A-Z so that you can quickly find what you need.

This book is perfect for storing and organizing website passwords,

as well as router and network passwords and information.

Get this book NOW so that you can reap the benefits of never forgetting another pasword.

The Inspiring Talk – 06: Theme: Lets Think Positive

by Sanjive Kumar Sharma

“The Inspiring Talk” – a concept about practice of inspiring thoughts in the ocean of mind and preparing a confident mindset as the way of life. Based on premise that a continuous practice of confident thoughts, is way to lead by confident elevation in thinking and performance, “The Inspiring Talk” is an approach of painting thoughts with the colours of inspiration and brush it bright by restless pulse of motivation.

The winner of mind is the winner on ground and hence the practice of confidence in thoughts is pre-readiness, to demonstrate excellence in action and flag the victory on the ground. Therefore “The Inspiring Talk” is exploring a fresh thought on how to build an approach of continuous and consistent practice of confident thoughts, so as to move elevated with inspiring cloud of thoughts forever on the journey of life.

When the darkness of de-motivation is climbing on the surface of mind, inspiring thoughts would be needed, and when cloud of depression is crowding the sky of thoughts, motivated mindset will be needed. In continuation with series “Krishmatic Confidence” and “N-Light Book”, presenting herewith another innovative concept for those connected with the world of inspiration and for all those who aim nurturing and exploring fresh concepts to build confidence and boost inspiration.

A fresh thought on this track, to direct the wave of thinking and guide the flow of thoughts by observing and engaging toward inspiring thought, while withdrawing from de-motivating ones. See this an approach to connect the dots of inspiration in the world of mind and see this an approach of strengthening the army of positive thoughts in the kingdom of mind.

Inspired from stanza 08.08 from Bhagavad Gita, “The Inspiring Talk” collects precious pearls of thinking, knowledge and action.

Volume 06 “Let’s Think Positive” is an approach to activate positive and optimistic thoughts as approach of our thinking and build a resolve to guard negativity in thoughts far off.

The Art of Salary Negotiation: How to Get Paid What You Deserve and Feel Empowered Doing It

by Jack Winter

Get More Money In Your Next Job Offer!

Are you tired of Salary Negotiation guides that go on forever or that require you to already be a super outgoing charismatic person? This is a straightforward guide to salary negotiation during job interviews tailor made for those on the less outgoing side.

Not only will this book teach you how to ask for more money but how to do while feeling empowered and confident.

The battleground of negotiations can be a scary place, take this guide with you to help make it a fair fight! From the shy to the bold, from the young to the old try this book out and get what you are worth!

In this guide we will go over the art of salary negotiation in several parts including:

  • Introduction
  • Prep Work
  • Laying the Groundwork Early
  • Opening Negotiations
  • Maximizing Offer

Plus a BONUS Chapter on setting yourself up for maximum raises and promotions once hired.

  • Preparing for Raises

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Maximize Your Book Sales With Data Analysis: The Cure for Authorship Analysis Paralysis

by Mike Kowis


Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, this is the perfect e-book for you! In this concise and practical guide for indie authors, Mike Kowis, Esq., and Sharon C. Jenkins share their tips for maximizing your book marketing efforts and avoiding the dreaded authorship analysis paralysis. In this handy guide, you will learn:

-What is authorship and why is it important?
-How do I find and use my sales data to improve future marketing campaigns?
-How do I conquer authorship analysis paralysis?

Get a copy today so you can MAXIMIZE YOUR BOOK SALES!

MIKE KOWIS, Esq., is a corporate tax attorney, college instructor, speaker, and award-winning author. During the two-month process of self-publishing his first book, Engaging College Students: A Fun and Edgy Guide for Professors, Mike took careful notes on each step and later wrote 14 Steps to Self-Publishing a Book to help other aspiring authors realize their dream of self-publishing. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree and two law degrees, including an advanced law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. He lives in Texas with his beautiful wife, Jessica, their two rambunctious children, and two sweet but noisy dogs. You can find more information at

SHARON C. JENKINS is the owner of The Master Communicator’s Writing Services (TMCWS). TMCWS provides writing, editing, publishing, marketing support, and coaching services to small businesses, nonprofits, and authors. TMCWS has provided services to clients nationwide for the last seven years, and she is recognized for her fierce love for all things literary.

Sharon is also a best-selling and award-winning author, a blogger, and a radio talk show host on Author Central Station on Afrovibes She is an Army veteran, has a post-graduate degree from Oral Roberts University, and is a proud grandmother of five adorable grandchildren. You can find more information at

Academic Planner Daily 2018-2019 For Teachers University College Students Elementary School

by Ks Sk

Paper Page : 168 Pages

August 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019

Monthly Planner

Daily Planner

Daily Days Spreads – To Do list Action Goal month’s Work Projects pocket cute

Everyday Happy Schedule Activities students , teacher , kids

Paper Size

8.5 inches By 11.5 inches

Suitable for both personal use or as a gift for family, friends and colleagues

Personal User Name Internet Address And Password Book Notebook A-z Tabs Pocket

by Ks Sk

This is the best password manager for you to store all of your all internet passwords.


Include All Imporant Detail

Addresss Web , User Name , Password , Security Quesion

Credit Card , Bank account , Telephone/Moblie,Special info

A-Z Tab 4 Pages/Charactor

Enjoy this easy to use and perfectly sized 5.5″ x 8.5″ book,

with page tabs A-Z so that you can quickly find what you need.

This book is perfect for storing and organizing website passwords,

as well as router and network passwords and information.

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Liberals and the New Deal: How Liberals Have Misinterpreted the Reality of the New Deal

by Thomas Winterbottom

American liberals often look back to the New Deal era in American history as some idealized period, and given today’s economic predicament of income inequality and globalization infer that the New Deal period is a model that could be followed in order to solve America’s current economic problems. But this view hides the fact that the New Deal era was not addressing many of its current economic problems, many that remain unsolved even today in late 2018.

Finding Your First Job After College: All the Things They Didnâ??t Teach You in School About Landing a Job

by Hayley Leventhal

This practical guide is packed full of tips and strategies to help current and graduating college students find their first job.

What’s inside this book?
-How to create a job search strategy
-Networking tips
-How to write resumes and cover letters that will get you interviews
-Effective interviewing techniques
-Salary negotiation tips
-Advice on how to be successful in your first job

Whether you are just beginning to think about your life post-graduation, just received your diploma, or need a boost in your current job search, this book can help you start and manage a successful job search. This eBook also makes a great gift for the college student in your life!

Hayley Leventhal, MS, is a career counselor with experience helping thousands of students find their first jobs after college. As a student who graduated directly into the recession, Hayley offers pragmatic and effective advice in a book that any student can fit into their busy schedule.

“It is probably the funniest, most enjoyable, and most informative book about finding a job I’ve ever read. Hayley is highly relatable, a great story teller, and gives advice many of us wish someone had given us when we were first starting our careers. Her writing is snappy, and her personal job-hunting stories are hilarious (and true).” -UC Berkeley Graduate of 2009

Amanah in the workplace: Arenâ??t you in dire straits in upholding your â??amanahâ? with God even if you were a mountain?

by A.R. Mowe

The Islamic precept of ‘Amanah’ heightens one’s role in acting out his station in life and depending on his current circumstances he serves God by living up to his skills-range expertise.

In the workplace a leading hand or anyone in a supervisory capacity for instance participates in improvement cycle initiatives. Leading actions then are crystallized when managers and supervisory personnel consciously manage change to their utmost capacities irrespective of rewards or current quantum of stipend because they owe it to a higher dispenser of recompense.

The opener of the Quran starts with the phrase “In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful”. There are two iconic “ayat” (verses or statements on lessons and signs found in the Quran) which can underscore the exposition of the core Quran philosophy if properly understood.

In writing to the Queen of Sheba it is pertinent to take stock that Solomon deflected his status as King of Israel. He considered his action humble and merely in service for God. His stance was not one of a mighty ruler but one whose “amanah” (moral responsibility of fulfilling one’s obligations due to God and fulfilling them in accordance with one’s station in life and prevailing circumstances, or simply the trust between God and man) bears upon him to act accordingly – not because of his dominance of wealth and power.

Any person making the “In the name of God . .” vocalization or in Arabic “Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim” as a prelude to a deed, be it an act of eating, doing a workplace task, partaking a leisure activity or trade transaction or giving charity, loan, making of will, lecturing, tilting the soil and such will consciously abide to endeavor to his or her best effort with integrity, honesty and distance himself from injustices. Solomon’s intent was not to colonize the dominion of Queen Sheba.

In implementing change in the workplace my consulting experience of twenty years makes me bias to improve skills sets even as we motivate the targeted workforce through lab team sessions and communication workshops.

Why was there a high tolerance for corrupting the land and leaders of loose characters? Even common folks are implicated because fair trading and an equitable economic system interlocks with the individual work ethic, honest work and everyone’s skills expertise range. None must fall into the ambit of corrupting the land – one of four core decrees that permeates the teachings of the Creed of Abraham.

Our discourse on corollaries of the Amanah doctrine in the Quran will delve onto the subject of profiteering (riba) inter alia “contribute” in Chapter 2, clarifying the context charity, exploitation and the permitted bounds. Chapter 1 covers the true meaning of serving God re Q51:56 inter alia fair trading and work ethics thereby not “corrupting the land”. Honest work and connection of one’s skills-range expertise in Chapter 4 and summations of the modern economic system aligned with God’s decrees in Chapter 5 neatly wraps up the Amanah tapestry.

We can infer from Q22:78 that we must strive for God’s sake, the way God should be striven for with sincerity and with all our efforts that God’s name should be superior [End]. Everything has its place and everything should be in its place. The Chapter 3 discourse on being created to serve God in the grand scheme of things can motivate a focus on virtues particularly in the workplace. What about matters transcending work tasks? Knowing how to adopt bespoke investing to your station in life and the prevailing circumstances (whether you are a retiree or recently have windfalls) you would naturally be more inclined to dabble in the supply side of capital as a factor of production in the Islamic economic system.

Providing the skills set and techniques perhaps solves 80% of the motivation issues on upright conduct. The book now can be a reference text to prompt discussion topics in any comparative religious study in college.

GET RICH In 30 Minutes: Four Easy Practical Steps to Make Money

by Dan Bob

“So, are you ready to get rich in 30 minutes?”
“Is that even possible?”
“It, of course, is, if you change your attitude towards (how you can make) money!”

Besides, I also guarantee that by the time you finish reading this book, which might take 30 minutes or so on average, you will have become rich, within yourself. You will also learn what money is, the best ways you can make money and some of the fastest ways through which you can get rich!

This isn’t any self-affirmation guide. This book is full of practical tips that you can put into practice in real life and see the results for yourself. For me, during the course of my learning, it was an art. Now, since it is learned, understood and assimilated, I have converted it into as much of a science as possible. The steps given in this book are easy, practical and definitive!

This book is also meant to be universally applicable and not meant for one particular region or continent, as the steps detailed in the book can be applicable in almost all parts of the world. Local laws and certain nuances may differ from one region to another but the book by default and intention suggests only legal ways of getting rich!

“If we have only a very narrow understanding or attitude towards money, we will neither make enough money nor get rich ever.”

“The paradigm shift in attitude from simplistic cause and effect (work and reward) assumptions on money to embracing the slight grey area around how money is made can make you rich.”

Three Easy Ways to Make Money:

1) Don’t be too honest and righteous.

2) It is good to learn legal ways of tax avoidance

3) It is okay to use Other People’s Money (OPM)

“The real trick is in not attracting most of the usual taxes on your income by changing the terms through which you get paid.”

“Business can hardly happen without talking deals. Much of what I’ve done in business resulted out of talking deals with others. You have to talk deals with creditors, investors, banks, landlords, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, customers, buyers and clients. So, basically there is no business without talking deals.”

“Large establishments can keep growing for an indefinite period of time with all their power and might but they will also reach saturation sooner than a new entrant into the business. New entrants in an industry are always a threat to the existing players. With innovation, you will be surprised how existing competition is uprooted to make way for you because nature loves innovation, innovators and new way of doing things. Your ability and flexibility to adapt will sure break the rigid structure of an existing corporation.”

“So, you make way for yourself, when you see something from a completely different vantage point. Even if the reality you believe in is based on fact, you can create new facts, as long as it is not hard science. You can create new logic and override existing ones.”

“Most of the investors trust human potential more than anything else, as it is other people that make their money for them.”

“Almost 90% of the billionaires have become rich by leveraging other people’s money. Most billionaires’ stories are usually rags to riches and there have been very few instances of heirs carrying a legacy forward.”

“Classically, Steve Jobs started out of a garage. So did Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have all the money to make it big; neither did Bill Gates nor did Warren Buffett. Almost all of them leveraged other people’s money to become billionaires. It is not the most difficult thing to earn investors’ trust.”

“You can invest only very few thousand dollars. The size of your investment may grow into millions or even billions of dollars!”

Evolución de los nuevos modelos de negocio en la era digital (Spanish Edition)

by Javier Celaya

El objetivo del nuevo estudio “Evolución de los nuevos modelos de negocio en la era digital”, elaborado por el equipo de con el patrocinio de CEDRO, es mostrar a los profesionales del mundo del libro un amplio análisis sobre los modelos de negocio existentes en Internet para que puedan determinar las oportunidades de negocio y los beneficios derivados de cada uno de ellos.
A pesar de que tan solo ha pasado un año desde la publicación de la primera edición de este estudio, son muchas las novedades que hemos detectado en el mundo de los modelos de negocio digitales, y así lo hemos reflejado en esta segunda edición del estudio. Un año en términos de desarrollo digital puede ser en realidad mucho tiempo, de modo que no es extraño ver cómo en este período algunos casos o ejemplos descritos en el anterior estudio han evolucionado positivamente, otros han pivotado hacia otros modelos para buscar “el dorado digital” o incluso algunos han desaparecido.

Entrepreneurship: The Definitive Beginner’s Bundle: How To Become An Entrepreneur And Master The Fundamentals With These Essential Guides (Entrepreneurship, … Business, Negotiation, Time Management)

by Adam Richards

Entrepreneurship: The Definitive Beginner’s Bundle

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Book #1: Small Business:The Rookie Entrepreneur’s Guide

Discover the huge potential of making it “BIG” with a “small” business in this comprehensive and to the point beginner’s guide!

In this book you will find just how easy it is to get on the right track when it comes to leveraging that big “small business idea” of yours towards the greatest degree of success. You will learn exactly how the “small” things in life are really the “biggest” when you see the dreams you have envisioned, unfold right before your eyes.

Here Is A Quick Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Step One – Idea Generation
  • Step Two – Proper And Solid Research
  • Step Three – The Business Plan
  • Step Four – Getting Your Finances In Order
  • Step Five – Choosing A Business Structure
  • Step Six – Selecting And Registering Your Business Name
  • Step Seven – Necessary Licenses And Permits
  • Step Eight – Location, Location, Location
  • Step Nine – Choosing An Accounting System
  • Step Ten – Promoting And Marketing Your Small Business

Book #2: Time Management: How To Get Your Life Back, Increase Productivity And Get More Work Done Stress Free

You are about to discover what everyone has to know about effective time management, how to get your life back and get more work done stress free.

In this book you will learn all about effective time management and how you can benefit from such a skill regardless of who you are or what you do. You will learn how to set boundaries and when to say no without feeling bad about yourself. You will learn how to create a healthy and productive morning ritual, that will dramatically increase your productivity for the rest of the day.

Here Is A Quick Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • What Everyone Ought To Know About Effective Time Management
  • How To Set Boundaries And Learn To Say No – Kind People Say No Too
  • How To Create A Productive Morning Routine – Daily Planning 101
  • How To Master The Art Of Prioritization – There Is A Difference Between Important And Urgent
  • Multitasking – Ally Or Enemy?
  • How To Eliminate Distractions And Get More Work Done In Less Time

Book #3: Negotiation: How To Nurture Your Negotiation Skills, Overcome Any Objections In Life And Get The Best Possible Deal Always

You are about to discover what every single one of us should know about the art of negotiation, how to improve your negotiation skills and overcome any objections in business and in life!

Here Is A Quick Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Negotiation 101: What It Is And Why It Is So Important
  • Preparation Is KEY: Have You Done Your Research?
  • Killer Negotiation Strategies: 10 Ways To Become Extremely Persuasive
  • How To Negotiate Anything, Anytime, Anywhere And 6 Questions You Should Be Asking
  • The 6 Most Common Objections And How You Can Overcome Them
  • Evaluating The Outcome And Closing The Deal – And When Not To

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The Money Guide: Everything You NEED to Know About Money That You Didnâ??t Learn at School!

by Larry Wallace

This is a book that will teach you EVERYTHING you NEED to know about money (but have never learned before)!

From the best selling finance writer, Larry Wallace, comes The Money Guide: Everything You NEED to Know About Money That You Didn’t Learn at School! This book will guide you and teach you those important concepts and lessons you need to know relating to personal finance (that no one has ever covered with you about before).

Are you ready to learn more about money and get some control over your finances?
Are you tired of feeling frustrated because you have no savings or aren’t making enough money?
Do you want to boost your savings, build an emergency fund, and stop drowning in debt?


What This Personal Finance Book Will Teach You:

This book provides you with easy to understand topics and tips that will have you transforming your finances (income, savings, investments, etc.) – FOREVER!

It comes with important information; easy-to-understand guides, tips, and saving plans that you need to know!

Are you ready to earn and save more money than you have in years?

Then check out this book and start transforming your life (and wallet) TODAY!

If you successfully implement the advice in this money guide, you willâ?¦

– Start saving money easier and faster than you have before
– Gain more control over your personal finances
– Understand how you can grow your income and savings
– Learn about investing and how it will accelerate your income
– Stop drowning in debt and start wiping it away faster than before
– Be on your way to real financial freedom in your life

Organizational Synergy – A Practical Guide: Recalibrate Interactions to achieve Peak engagement, productivity & Profit

by Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai

In a clear and professional language, Dr. Rami Ben-Yshai shares the secrets of organizational synergy.

This book provides work tools and methods, which enable you to:

  • Turn your company into a leader in its field
  • Link “the stars” to productive teams
  • Manage M&A or any change successfully
  • Reinforce connections between managers and employees
  • Create a link between technological changes, structure, processes and employees
  • Improve the customer service experience
  • Enhance satisfaction, engagement, and retention of employees, clients, managers and shareholders

Organizational Synergy – A Practical Guide is a must-read for every manager, entrepreneur, business owner and organizational consultant who wants to profit and succeed in today’s business environment.

“This book is a practical, methodical and user-friendly tool. It helps you to assimilate the language of synergy smoothly in the organization, especially during specific conflicts. A message that deeply impressed me is the fact that parties don’t have to reach an agreement to respect each other. The message-circle experiment is one that I’d recommend to my department managers to apply to their subordinates. For me, the blank pages in the exercises section served as a bridge between theory and practice.”

Yaara Malca, VP Organizational/Operational/Technological Development, Orgal Insurance Agency.

How to Start a Blog – The Step-by-Step Process of How We Started Earning $10,000/Month: How We Made $103,457.98 in Our First Year Blogging!

by Lauren McManus

Hey there! Alex and Lauren here. Together, we own and run TWO successful blogs! We went from $0 to over $103,457.98 in our first year of blogging, and we now make over $100,000 per month between both of our combined blogs, and we’re going to tell you EXACTLY how we got started in this eBook. It’s going to include the ups and the downs, the great successes and the complete and utter failures, and all of the steps in between.

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