Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 15 Sep 18

Personal User Name Internet Address And Password Book Notebook A-z Tabs Pocket

by Ks Sk

This is the best password manager for you to store all of your all internet passwords.


Include All Imporant Detail

Addresss Web , User Name , Password , Security Quesion

Credit Card , Bank account , Telephone/Moblie,Special info

A-Z Tab 4 Pages/Charactor

Enjoy this easy to use and perfectly sized 5.5″ x 8.5″ book,

with page tabs A-Z so that you can quickly find what you need.

This book is perfect for storing and organizing website passwords,

as well as router and network passwords and information.

Get this book NOW so that you can reap the benefits of never forgetting another pasword.

Designing Interactive Presentation Slides With MS PowerPoint: With 50 Tips To Help You Prepare Engaging Slides Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 And 2016 (Microsoft Office Tutorials Series Book 4)

by Kelly Joseph

Do you wish to learn the professional tips to make your presentation and speeches engaging and how to design interactive presentation slides with PowerPoint?
Most presenters find it difficult to give interactive and engaging presentations and speeches. Some categorize their presentation topics as a “Boring”. There is no topic that is boring! It depends on your ability to find ways to make it engaging and interactive. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best presentation software recommended for the design of engaging and interactive slide designs. The main aim of this book is to reveal those tips to help you engage your audience with any topic you are given – no matter how dull it may seem.
This book, Designing Interactive Presentation Slides With MS PowerPoint by Kelly Joseph – a professional guest speaker and presenter has more than 50 Tips To Help You Prepare Interactive and Engaging Slides Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 And 2016 and also teach you the hidden Principles and facts of Graphic Slide Presentation, coupled with the screen-by-screen image approach used to drive points and also gives you Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint shortcut keys of some common steps in presentation slides design.
Here are some of the topics covered in this MS PowerPoint Presentation Guide:

  • How To Prepare And Deliver An Engaging Presentation
  • Structure Your Presentation For best Performance
  • How to Prepare Aesthetically Pleasing Slides
  • How to Make Your Presentation Memorable
  • How to Overcome Tension While Presenting
  • Ways To Turn A Boring Topic Into An Engaging Presentation
  • Smartart Manipulations – A Key Feature In Slide Designs
  • Best Way To Handle Charts In Presentation Slides
  • Some presentation finishing touches, such as burning slides in CD and Converting slides to videos of different formats.

The tutorial patterns and techniques used in this practical tutorial guide promotes best practices and have been developed and refined over several years of onsite training with various popular guest presenters around the world. You gain a lot in this book without spending much money with this easy-to-follow guide. All you need to do is to get your PC ready, follow the steps in this book and practise as you study. You are lucky to have located this book. Now make the right decision now! Get this book and learn how to overcome that stage fright!

PASSIVE INCOME KISS MY ASSETS: Create Passive income, stop working for money and have money work for you. Learn about drop shipping, online marketing, … passive income, stocks, real estate Book 1)

by Logan Kelly

Stop working for money and have money work for you

In an ideal world, the promise of a great life after retirement is a great motivator and is one of the main reasons why many people find the strength to wake up early every day and make their way to a job they do not feel overly enthusiastic about, 5 days a week all through the year.

In an ideal world, as you work, you should save as much as you can, keeping in mind the lifestyle you intend to live after retirement, so that come retirement, you do not have to work to finance your lifestyle.
Those are the expectations of an ideal world. However, we do not live in an ideal world.
Nowadays, we have retirees, thanks in part to the rising costs of living, who are going back to work just so they can have enough money to pay the bills. We have many people who, although they made financially sound decisions, are finding that they have to “get a job” or even get another job just so they can meet their financial obligations.

On the other hand, in the unconventional world we are living in, we also have 20 and 30-year-olds who have made such financial strides that they have chosen to exit the workforce and retire.
What differentiates the 30-year-olds who are going on voluntary retirement and the many others who, even after saving all their lives, are finding that the money they saved up is perhaps not enough to finance their entire retirement period? The answer is simple:

The 30-years-oldsâ??and many other people of all agesâ??who are living a financially free life and choosing to retire early are doing so because instead of working for money or a paycheck, they have set up structures and businesses that allow money to work for them and earn them a passive income.

A passive income is the secret to living a great life, a life free from financial worry and strain, and one in which your asset base earns you revenue and income such that you do not have to trade your time for money – and because time is one of life’s greatest resources, when you do not have to trade it for an income, you are truly free. You are free to do whatever you please, with the knowledge that as you do so, your financial life is healthy and thriving.

This book will help you become financially intelligent. You will learn to have money work for you and will stop working for money, realizing each dollar you own becomes your very own employee. You will learn to become financially independent and no longer be wondering when your next paycheck will arrive, instead, you’ll be wondering what else you will invest in with your surplus of money at your beck and call. Don’t work to make someone else rich, instead, have your money make you rich and tell them to kiss your assets.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping and Online stores
  • Stocks
  • Realestate
  • And Much, Much More!

Opportunity is knocking on your door, get this book for only $0.99

Figures of Mankind: Where Are We Running?

by Pierre-Yves Rollin

How comfortable do we feel with globalization?

Is mankind running at full speed into a wall?

Should we prepare to get more and more devastated by hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorist attacks as the media regularly suggests?

And where is this digital economy leading us? Will artificial intelligence and robots take power over democratic governments?

Who should we believe: the prophets of doom and gloom or the cheerful optimistic preachers? They portray our world from two uncompromising and incompatible angles. Which is relevant?

And how do we fit into the big picture?

Until recently, the world was described to us by ocean sailors who narrated tales of their global travels by the fireplace back home. But such warm voices and charming legends have been replaced by breaking flashes of bad news. The catastrophes that occur anywhere on the planet come daily into our homes. Where does this leave us?

In this bewildering twenty-first century, is there still a dream to share, a frontier to explore, and a safe place for each of us?

Unless we apply to become astronauts on Mars, an interesting yet statistically rare career opportunity, we are bound to accept globalization. But the more we understand it, the easier it will be to handle.

So let’s put a few figures in play and measure our world. Let’s try to assess our present situation and imagine the future that we could create together.

This book is an invitation for us to take ownership of our destiny.

Shall we?

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