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Hurricane Season: Florida Panhandle Mystery # 1

by Michaela Thompson

A STORM, AN ILLICIT LOVE AFFAIR, AND MOONSHINEâ?¦ (actually, two illicit love affairs)”Miss Marple meets Eudora Welty (with a trace of Erskine Caldwell)” –Kirkus
“With the kind of realism that stems from William Faulkner, the author skillfully portrays her inbred, suspicious, nasty people … Hurricane Season ends up an orthodox murder mystery, but it is more than that. [Thompson] has attempted a microcosm of America, carefully dissecting out a single cell under a very strong lens.” –The New York Times

The 1950s fairly leap off the page in this classic cozy mystery set in northern Florida in the Eisenhower era, complete with Johnny Ray on the jukebox and a Womanless Weddingâ??this one interrupted by an explosion at a moonshine still. Lily Trulock, owner of Trulock’s Grocery & Marine Supply, leads a pretty quiet life until a stranger comes to town. The new guy’s not what he appears, but then, some of St. Elmo’s residents aren’t either.

Before she can say, “down the hatch,” Lily’s at the center of a vicious murder and a no-holds-barred bootlegging warâ??and a nasty storm’s on the way. This is a vibrant, atmospheric, powerful novelâ??as filled with energy, mystery, and motion as a hurricane.

Hurricane Season is as much a richly-detailed, spot-on historical as a mystery, widely praised by masters of the genre and reviewers alike for its pitch-perfect period feel and fine, spare writing.

“A remarkable, compelling first novel … a storm of a story.” –The Washington Post

“This is a remarkable book which deserves readers from far beyond the ranks of mystery fans.” –The San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner

P.D. JAMES said: “(Michaela Thompson) knows how to create that sense of place, which is so important to any novel but particularly to crime fiction; her characters are believable men and women in a real world, her mystery is credible, and in Lily Trulock she has created a middle-aged heroine who is both original and sympathetic.”

JOHN D. MACDONALD said: “I enjoyed the book. It has real people in a real place, factors which seem to be ever more rare these daysâ??even though it is the only way to create a real suspension of disbelief.”

Melonie Goes to the Freedom Tower

by Heather Pastore

Melonie is taking her home borough of Manhattan by storm again! This time she is visiting the Freedom Tower and the National 9/11 Memorial with her Pre-K classmates. The other members of the family and friends join in as they help explain the significance of the 9/11 Memorial to Melonie and her classmates at Saint Angela’s School.

American Cacique

by Greg Boudonck

This fictional book takes Nathan Jones to Puerto Rico where he assumes he is on a relaxing vacation. Little does he know that it is his time to make a decision between good and evil.
This book is about the original natives of the Caribbean islands: the Taino Indians. Their culture should be respected and learned about, but should we follow it?
This book delves into a subject that easily could become reality.

Never Past Hope (Triangular Trade Trilogy Book 2)

by Janine Mendenhall

Miss Mary Hope Adsley always considered herself to be the sensible one. But now, her sensibilities are unraveling around a man she thought she knew. After he attempted to marry her best friendâ??for money, no lessâ??authorities charge Sir Steven Likebridge with masquerading as a gentleman and abduction. With his execution days away, Mary Hope desperately seeks to learn the truth about the man she loves.

Will the truth turn out to be worse than his lies?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar romance novels in this genre may be categorized as: christian romance, inspirational romance, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome romance.

Joy In the Morning (Dogwood Alley Book 3)

by Alyssa Helton

With WWII and the Korean War now distant memories, life in America in 1955 seems idyllic. However, appearances can be deceiving as everyone finds they must choose a side in the fight for Civil Rights. The Crawford family and everyone else in East Tennessee are no exception. Fights, riots and shootings have the whole city on edge as Pastor Fred Crawford does his best to bring everyone together. Bert pitches in at the paper and prints his opinion pieces but to some he is a trader to his race. If that’s not bad enough, now there’s a hip shaking, white singer down in Memphis who sings black music. Things appear to be going from bad to worse, but though there may be tears in the nightâ?¦there will be joy in the morning.


by Robert Blain

When people think of ’60s Britain they think of The Beatles, Twiggy and Michael Caine womanising his way through London. But miniskirts and The Who didn’t mean anything to the working man in Scotland. The shipyards are failing, sectarianism still holds sway, and the only thing you have to rely on along the banks of the Clyde is your work, your creed and your family. But with the first two failing and the last one slipping away, what’s left to cling to?
Close is a story of family and belonging that begins in Glasgow and ends in Australia. It’s the story of Jimmy Baxter, a working-class husband and father, a failed footballer and a middling boxer. He wants out of the city – out of his own skin – but his shameful past as an illegitimate child holds him back. Looking for a place in the world he befriends two men: one, a German immigrant who survived the World War II bombing raids Jimmy helped create; the other a well-connected art dealer who goes on to seduce Jimmy’s own wife.
As events sweep by, the pair’s violent deaths – in which Jimmy plays unwitting roles – eventually give him the strength to realise that clinging to the past is not the answer.
Meanwhile, in modern-day Melbourne, the Baxters’ descendant makes his own search into the past – to reconstruct the circumstances that led to his birth, tracking down the historic clues of Jimmy and Jude Baxter’s life in Glasgow and the truth that brought his family to Australia in the first place…

Novalis – Gesammelte Werke (German Edition)

by Friedrich von Hardenberg Novalis

Der Band umfasst die wichtigsten erzählerischen Werke, Gedichte und andere Schriften des gro�en Dichters und Erzählers Novalis (Friedrich v. Hardenberg)
Heinrich von Ofterdingen
Die Lehrlinge zu Sais
Die Erwartung
Die Erfüllung
Das Kloster, oder der Vorhof
Giasar und Azora
Glauben und Liebe oder Der König und die Königin
Politische Aphorismen
Teplitzer Fragmente
Aphorismen und Fragmente
Magischer Idealismus: ‘Alles kann am Ende zur Philosophie werden,.’
Romantische Theorie: ‘Die Welt muÃ? romantisiert werden.’
Religionsphilosophie: ‘Der Tod ist das romantisierende Prinzip.’
Romantische Literaturwissenschaft: ‘Der echte Dichter ist allwissend.’
Der Lehrling
Die Natur
Geistliche Lieder
Hymnen an die Nacht
Sehnsucht nach dem Tode

Romantische Bibliothek – Folge 1: Die Falsche ging zum Standesamt (German Edition)

by Ina Ritter

Nein, sie wird niemals heiraten! Davon war die bezaubernde Komtess Silke von Steenken ein Leben lang überzeugt und das weiÃ? jeder, der sie kennt. Umso härter trifft es sie, dass ausgerechnet ihr geliebtes Tantchen in ihrem Testament verfügt hat, dass Silke zwar alles erben wird, aber nur unter einer Bedingung: Sie muss zuvor Markus von Fernauen heiraten – einen Grafen, dem Silke noch niemals begegnet ist!

Tagelang hadert die schöne Komtess mit ihrem Schicksal, doch dann hat sie eine Idee: Warum soll sich nicht ihre beste Freundin Tina, ein Mädchen aus einfachen Verhältnissen, als Silke von Steenken ausgeben und den fremden Grafen heiraten? Natürlich würde sie der Freundin dafür ein hübsches Sümmchen von ihrem Erbe abgeben.

Tina ist einverstanden, und so tauschen die beiden jungen Frauen die Rollen. Dabei ahnen sie noch nicht, auf welche dramatische Weise sie das Schicksal dadurch herausfordern …

My Fair Lord (Once Upon a Bride)

by Wilma Counts

Well-bred, well-dressed, and well-read, Henrietta, Harriet, and Hero are best friends who have bonded over good books since their schooldays. Now these cultured ladies are ready to make their own happy endingsâ??each in her own way . . .
Lady Henrietta Parker, daughter of the Earl of Blakemoor, has turned down many a suitor for fear that the ton‘s bachelors are only interested in her wealth. But despite the warnings of her dearest friends, Harriet and Hero, she can’t resist the challenge rudely posed by her stepsister: transform an ordinary London dockworker into a society gentleman suitable for the “marriage mart.” Only after a handshake seals the deal does Retta fear she may have gone too far . . .
When Jake Bolton is swept from the grime of the seaport into the elegance of Blakemoor House, he appears every inch the rough, cockney working man who is to undergo Retta’s training in etiquette, wardrobe, and elocution. But Jake himself is a master of deceptionâ??with much more at stake than a drawing room wager. But will his clandestine mission take second place to his irresistible tutor, her intriguing proposal . . . and true love?

Hunters of the Columbian mammoth

by adrian del valle

Twelve thousand years ago along the Pacific Coast, generations of hunting to feed an expanding population were depleting the Indian’s resources. Forests that were once rich in deer and elk, took longer to make the kills needed to feed the tribes. Blocked from migrating eastward were mountain ranges, a forbidden place inhabited by packs of dire wolves as large as Caucasian Mountain dogs. Filled with the lore of rumored evil, the tribes halted at the natural barrier unable to go any further.
Fiercely aggressive, they are now at war among themselves, a danger that could easily be left behind. However, facing the unknown presented its own dangers. The forbidden land before them stopped the advancing tribes at the very edge of the forests. For, there before them were evil spirits and fear—fear that came in the form of whispered tales told at the night fires. They spoke of saber tooth tigers and dire wolves that hunted in numbers so large, they could not be counted.
Here, among all those tribes, both large and small, one man dared to make that journey, Man That Runs Too Fast, tribal chief of the Bandu.

Friedrich Schiller – Sämtliche Werke (German Edition)

by Friedrich Schiller

Friedrich Schiller – seine Dramen, Gedichte, theoretischen Schriften und Erzählungen.

Der Sammelband umfasst u. a.:

Die Verschwörung des Fiesco zu Genua
Die Räuber
Kabale und Liebe
Don Karlos, Infant von Spanien
Maria Stuart
Die Jungfrau von Orleans
Die Braut von Messina oder die feindlichen Brüder
Wilhelm Tell
Der versöhnte Menschenfeind
Der Verbrecher aus verlorener Ehre
Spiel des Schicksals
Eine gro�mütige Handlung aus der neuesten Geschichte
Geschichten aus dem alten Pitaval
Merkwürdiges Beispiel einer weiblichen Rache
Der Geisterseher
Der Spaziergang unter den Linden
Theoretische Schriften:
Ankündigung der “Rheinischen Thalia”
�ber Bürgers Gedichte
Ã?ber Egmont, Trauerspiel von Goethe
Ã?ber Matthissons Gedichte
Was kann eine gute stehende Schaubühne eigentlich wirken?
Die Horen …
Historiografische Werke:
Geschichte des drei�igjährigen Kriegs
Geschichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Niederlande von der spanischen Regierung
Was heiÃ?t und zu welchem Ende studiert man Universalgeschichte?
Die Gesetzgebung des Lykurgus und Solon
Denkwürdigkeiten aus dem Leben des Marschalls von Vieilleville
Geschichte der Unruhen in Frankreich, welche der Regierung Heinrichs IV. vorangingen
�ber Völkerwanderung, Kreuzzüge und Mittelalter
Die Sendung Moses
Des Grafen Lamoral von Egmont Leben und Tod
Philosophische Schriften
Literatur- und theatertheoretische Schriften
Ã?bersetzungen und Nachdichtungen
Briefwechsel zwischen Schiller und Goethe

Anhang: Biografie – (v. Gustav Schwab)

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