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Seven Terrifying Tales

by Samuel Brower

This anthologyâ??Brower’s second “Terrifying Tales” collectionâ??includes two previously published horror novellas: “The Rail Yard Apparitions”â??a story about a train yard with a terrible past, and “I, Exorcist.”â??a story about an ex-nun exorcist and her attempt to save a possessed boy whom even the Holy Church has deemed a lost cause. Also included is Brower’s story, “Tunnel Vision,”â??a tale involving a young, hitchhiking woman, which appeared in 9Tales Told in the Dark Magazine’s fall, 2015 issue. Finally, four never before published shorts: “The Lazarus Canisters,”â??a science fiction story of the undead; “The Little Girl at the Fountain,”â??a piece of spooky flash fiction; a special Halloween themed story called “Jack of the Lantern,” which is the author’s retelling of the legend surrounding Jack-O-Lanterns; and another piece of flash fiction, this one also with a Halloween theme, titled “His Very Favorite Time of Year.”

The Living Few

by Anmol Jha

The Living Few is a gut wrenching emotional journey of two good friends, Rahul & Aryan, who carve their way through a world infested with vicious zombies and cut-throat survivors in search of safety, as the very foundation of the old world around them crumbles with each passing day. As the doom and gloom of this newly formed world threatens to consume them, they meet a few good souls along the way who not only assist them on their journey, but also fill them with hope that all of humanity was not completely dead yet.
The world they knew was now gone. A mysterious infection had thrown humanity into utter chaos overnight. Would the protagonists be able to survive the greatest threat that mankind had ever faced or would the dangers of this new world be too much for them to withstand?
It’s a book about friendship, love & sacrificeâ?¦â?¦â?¦. about persistence, perseverance and willpower.

The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft

by H. P. Lovecraft

This collection contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

The Stories included are:

-The Nameless City
-The Festival
-The Colour Out of Space
-The Call of Cthulhu
-The Dunwich Horror
-The Whisperer in Darkness
-The Dreams in the Witch House
-The Haunter of the Dark
-The Shadow Over Innsmouth
-Discarded Draft of “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”
-The Shadow Out of Time
-At the Mountains of Madness
-The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
-Beyond the Wall of Sleep
-Cool Air
-Ex Oblivione
-Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
-From Beyond
-Herbert West-Reanimator
-In the Vault
-Pickman’s Model
-The Book
-The Cats of Ulthar
-The Descendant
-The Doom That Came to Sarnath
-The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
-The Evil Clergyman
-The Horror at Red Hook
-The Hound
-The Lurking Fear
-The Moon-Bog
-The Music of Erich Zann
-The Other Gods
-The Outsider
-The Picture in the House
-The Quest of Iranon
-The Rats in the Walls
-The Shunned House
-The Silver Key
-The Statement of Randolph Carter
-The Strange High House in the Mist
-The Street
-The Temple
-The Terrible Old Man
-The Thing on the Doorstep
-The Tomb
-The Transition of Juan Romero
-The Tree
-The Unnamable
-The White Ship
-What the Moon Brings
-The Very Old Folk
-Old Bugs
-Sweet Ermengarde, or, The Heart of a Country Girl
-A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
-The History of the Necronomicon

In the Murder House

by Daniel Powell

A restless evil is stirring in Portland’s historic Eastmoreland neighborhood, and skeptic Jason Denton is about to learn that some doors should never be opened.

After sitting in on a seance as a favor to his eccentric neighbors, Denton will have to marshal help from a number of unlikely places if he is to free his daughter from the pursuit of Mary Blackwell, an infamous player in one of Portland’s most shocking crimes.

“In the Murder House” is a riveting novelette from the author of Cold on the Mountain and The Reset.

Company Man Sighting #1

by Antonio Simon Jr.

Late one night, a stranger wanders into a diner off the interstate highway. He orders coffee, takes a refill, and steps back out into a downpour. The waiter knows there’s something off about his visitor, but he has no way of knowing just how otherworldly this stranger is until the authorities call him in for a recorded statement the next day. Just who – or what – is the mysterious Company Man?

Haunted House – A Novel of Terror (The Konrath Horror Collective)

by J.A. Konrath


It was an experiment in fear.

Eight people, each chosen because they lived through a terrifying experience. Survivors. They don’t scare easily. They know how to fight back.


Each is paid a million dollars to spend one night in a house. The old Butler House, where those grisly murders occurred so many years ago. A house that is supposedly haunted.


They can take whatever they want with them. Religious items. Survival gear. Weapons. All they need to do is last the night.

But there is something evil in this house. Something very evil, and very real. And when the dying starts, it comes with horrifying violence and brutal finality.

There are much scarier things than ghosts.

Things that will kill you slowly and delight in your screams.

Things that won’t let you get out alive.

People are dying to leave.

Konrath, author of AFRAID, TRAPPED, and ENDURANCE, brings back some favorite characters from those earlier novels and puts them through his own unique brand of hell. One that hurts real bad. One that will scare you to death.

Are you brave enough?

About The Konrath Horror Collective

The Konrath Horror Collective is not a series. It’s an ongoing collection of horror and technothriller novels that can each be read as a standalone. Some feature characters who appear in more than one story.

If you are a more sensitive (or adventurous) reader, the Konrath/Kilborn scale rates specific categories from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to give you some idea if this is your kind of book.

HAUNTED HOUSE by Jack Kilborn
Scary – 8
Violent – 8
Funny – 3
Sexy – 2

The Ghosts of the Crescent Theater (Gulf Coast Paranormal Book 2)

by M.L. Bullock

Ghostly Performances at the Crescent Theater!

Another Haunting Investigation for the Gulf Coast Paranormal Team!

When Cassidy begins painting her visions, she has no idea that she actually opens a door to the past. And behind that door are ghosts, ghosts that want to be seen and remembered. As the rookie member of the Gulf Coast Paranormal investigation team, Cassidy is eager to prove she has the skills required to make the cut, but will her eagerness to fit in place the team in supernatural danger? When a new client hires GCP to settle the spirits in the Crescent Theater, Midas, Sierra, Joshua and Cassidy are put to the test. Will a century-old tragedy force the new owner to shutter the doors forever?

The Ghosts of the Crescent Theater is Book 2 in the Gulf Coast Paranormal Series.

Gulf Coast Paranormal Series

  • The Ghosts of Kali Oka Road
  • The Ghosts of the Crescent Theater
  • A Haunting on Bloodgood Row
  • The Legend of the Ghost Queen
  • A Haunting at Dixie House

Ë?Ë?Ë? More Paranormal Series from M. L. Bullock

Seven Sisters Series

Seven Sisters

Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters

Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters

The Stars that Fell

The Stars We Walked Upon

The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters

Ë?Ë?Ë? Idlewood Series

The Ghosts of Idlewood

Dreams of Idlewood

The Whispering Saint

The Haunted Child

Ë?Ë?Ë? And for Those Who Like Darker Hauntings

Sugar Hill Series

Wife of the Left Hand

Fire on the Ramparts

Blood by Candlelight

The Starlight Ball

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The City of Chrome and Glass

by David Alan Bennett

Ashakarahad, a demon bound into slavery and searching for freedom, finds herself in a nameless town at the center of a seemingly endless swamp. But when a young witch accidentally shatters an ancient standing stone, the town is thrown into chaos as an army of the dead rises from the swamp and threatens them all. Now Ashakarahad must find a way to free herself and save the town, while also unlocking the secrets of another world where voices whisper in hauntingly familiar tones and a city of chrome and glass stretches across the horizon.

Roses Are Red

by Luv Newman

This book is inspired by the beginning of the Rose’s Cabin, five book series. It’s about a young man named Jason, who lives in a small town, which is surrounded by woods. His mom had disappeared, when he was just a young boy. He’s been brought up by an immature, disgusting dad named Rick, who has absolutely, no respect, for women.
As an adult, he occupies his own time, by finding vulnerable females, who are by themselves. When they are least expecting it, he grabs them. He takes his victims deep into the woods and he rapes most, of them. Then when he’s finished with using their bodies, he uses a whistle, to call for wolves.
He watches, while the females are being ripped apart and he lives, for the rush. Each time, he works out more plans and strategies, for the next victim. He finds it to be a very, rewarding and a challenging, hobby. He likes to watch them, as they are savagely attacked, by the wolves, while he’s safe, perched up, on tree branches.
Will the local, police department, ever find out who is killing, so many ladies? Or will Jason be able to continue his hunt, until he’s killed all of the females, in the town? Will he ever be stopped or will he eventually, move to somewhere else and do it all over, again?

Panacea: Demonic Experiments Horror Novel

by Z.J. Frost

When the cure is worse than the disease…

Dante would move heaven and earth to save his dying daughter, but sometimes giving everything isn’t enough. All hope is lost until he receives an anonymous red letter. His desperation leads him down a path more dark and twisted than he could have possibly imagined. If it means saving Ella though, then surely no price is too high to pay.

Read now to discover what fates are worse than death. 

PANACEA is a supernatural, page-turning horror novel. Immerse yourself in a world of impossible choices and terrifying consequences with this thrilling adventure.  

About Haunted House Publishing: 

We’re passionate about publishing horror stories for adults, scary books for teens, and all sorts of dark fiction. We’ve got new horror kindle books every month, specializing in supernatural stories, supernatural book collections, and paranormal books for adults. We’ve got zombie books, demonic horror, ghosts and specters, angels and demons, gothic novels, and haunted houses and ghosts novels. We promise some of the top horror books 2018. 

The Settlers’ Sins (Part I)

by Caleb M. Golden

Life in Settler’s Gate was pretty dull for twelve-year-old Jayden Coulter, but when an innocent camping trip into the mountains turns into a nightmare, Jayden and his friends quickly find themselves locked in a blood-soaked fight for survival against an ancient and powerful evil. After narrowly escaping the mountain with their lives, the boys assume that the worst is behind them, but as the days go by and the full moon draws closer with each passing night, Jayden and his friends soon discover that the real nightmare has only just begun…

Hemingwayâ??s Shoes: A Short Horror

by Brian Scutt

Loss and pain are only the beginning…now the itch is all consuming.


by Kevin Williams

Dangerous predators are stalking the streets of San Antonio, Texas. They kill without remorse, pity, or regard. And, humans are their prey. If you cross their pathâ?¦you die!

HUNTED is an action/horror/thriller about three people tied together by fate and destiny. Each hunters in their own wayâ?¦each of them HUNTED.

Alex Stone is an investment banker searching for answers to her past when the PACK start calling to her. It is a call that awakens in her a savage, animal yearning that has lain dormant all her life.

During a covert mission in the jungles of Panama, Navy SEAL Captain Elijah Moore, stumbles across a strange and savage beast that attacks his military unit. After the incident in Panama, Eli comes home, honorably discharged, and discovers his father has been murdered by something, or someone savage that resembles the beast he faced in the jungle.

Dana Adams is a Homicide detective assigned to investigate a series of brutal killings of homeless residents. When she responds to the scene of Abraham Moore’s murder, she is reunited with her old flame Eli. As more murders take place, Eli and his old SEAL teammate and adopted brother, Chapa, find out the killers areâ?¦

The story culminates in an action-packed and explosive showdown between the humans fighting for survival, and the PACK!

Scroll back up to buy the novel and join the hunt! Be a hunterâ?¦orâ?¦one of the HUNTED!!

Adivinando lo Perdido (Spanish Edition)

by G M Cameron

La ex esposa de DC Frankie McCormack ha desaparecido y Frankie está enloqueciendo. En el segundo libro de la serie Andrómeda, nuevamente nos encontramos con el DI Mike Donnelly y con Annie, ambos usando sus muy diferentes métodos para ayudar Frankie a buscarla. Mientras que Donnelly trata de evitar que Frankie se involucre en la investigación, Frankie recurre a las habilidades especiales de Annie para determinar qué le sucedió a su ex esposa.

Sin embargo, Annie está ocupada por el momento, defendiéndose de los ataques de un viejo enemigo, y tratando de evadir a un acosador violento. 

Una novela de crimen escocesa con humor y un toque de lo oculto. 


by Shaun Whittington

Michael Hood is a middle-aged family man. With his marriage in crisis, he decides to go to the funeral of an old friend, back to his hometown that he hasn’t visited in nearly two decades, and decided to take a few weeks away from his job and family.

While spending time in the place where he grew up, he learns from old acquaintances that the old place is riddled with drug dealers and addicts, with hardly a police force to quash the disease that’s killing the small town.

Hood makes a drastic decision and is dragged into the violent world of drugs, but there is a secret that nobody knows about Michael Hood, something that would seem unbelievable and laughable.

Written in first person and a basic manner, using slang and sayings from the West Midlands of England, Hood is an unusual vigilante thriller that has a supernatural twist.

Not for persons under the age of 18.

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