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Plato Six Pack (Illustrated): Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, The Allegory of the Cave and Symposium

by Plato

Plato Six Pack represents the full-range of Plato’s philosophy. Included are six of his original works – Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, The Allegory of the Cave and Symposium – and an image gallery featuring portraits of Plato, Socrates and influential Victorian translator Benjamin Jowett.

Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Knights Templar & the Grail (Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series Book 1)

by Judah

The Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals Series can be read in any order
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and Two Time National Science Foundation Award-Winning research writer, Judah, bumped into The Order of Skull and Bones when analyzing America’s failed pill and heroin policies. Get this: ‘The Order’ has been dealing dope around the world for ages. These policies aren’t ‘failing.’ They’re working brilliantly….The Order is knowingly dispatching Americans for profit while cures to opiate dependency and other addictions are being hidden.

By cross-referencing leaked information such as rosters from Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, ‘The Order’s’ veils of deceit fell to the ground, revealing the most vile bloodline of men who’ve ever strayed earth. After more digging, the author discovered a rare 200 year old book which was only meant for the eyes of the Royal Family. The work details the genealogy of the ‘Russell’ family and exposes the hoax most refer to as the ‘shadow government.’ Poet, Jeremiah HolmesWiffen sent us some coded warnings from the past and even identified the Holy Grail. Wiffen was no conspiracy theorist. His carefully researched and cited book was chartered by John 6th Duke of Bedford to celebrate the Royal ‘Order,’ or, their ‘race.’ ‘Duke’ is the highest title in the Royal Bloodline outside the monarch.

The Order of Skull and Bones appears to be a screening mechanism with which to separate the elite from we common ‘Vandals,’ at Yale; these men go on to manipulate every lever of power in the world; every president is in to their ‘Order.’ The bone collector’s who darken the halls of ‘The Tomb’ are responsible for much more than dope-dealing, hand grips, acting out macabre plays in halloween getups, grave robbery, and public masturbation. Don’t forget that, George Bush, John Kerry, Taft, and multiple Kellogg’s and Forbes - among countless others – were all from this wicked club. This book will answer a lot of questions which ‘The Order’ doesn’t want you to know. Among them:

  • How the Civil War really began
  • How The Order killed a hundred million people in a great genocide in India before they formed ‘America’
  • How The Order exterminated the ‘Indians’ who lived here when they ‘discovered’ America
  • Who was responsible for the international slave trade [shocking!]
  • How the ‘American’ flag was really designed [hint: it wasn’t ‘Betsy Ross’]
  • How Hitler really came to power and the Americans who funded him
  • Where the pyramids came from
  • We will solve the esoteric secrets of archaeology
  • Why those societies rose and fell
  • Where we are in that cycle of destruction, and much, much more!

The ‘Little Book’ connects the bloodlines of these men to the Vikings, Knights Templar, William the Conquerer, Tudors, Clintons, the Roman Catholic Papacy, and it even connects the vile clan to the Tribe of Dan in The Bible - the tribe which the Bible indicates will produce the Antichrist. You may not believe in The Bible but these men do. This should scare you because they worship the dark one therein, and still practice necromancy among more-deplorable rituals, including: ritual child sacrifice (‘in effigy,’ supposedly).

The Order seems to be using the Book of Revelation – outlining the apocalypse – as a script. I will even prove to you that 9/11 is predicted, uncannily, in Revelation! Don’t let the references to the Bible scare you off. It’s only being mentioned for its romantic and historical value to The Order. Prepare to read the esoteric epic of a pirate who stole the world, for which, The Da Vinci Code, and Chariots of the Gods, were written in order to prevent: Sacred Scroll of Seven Seals.

�ப்பிள் நிறுவனத்தின் �த�: Story of Apple International Corporation (Tamil Edition)

by Srinivas Ram

“à®®à¯?ன்று à®?ப்பிள்à®?ள் முà®?்à®?ியமானவà¯?. முதல் à®?ப்பிள் ஏவாள் à®?ண்à®?து. à®?ரண்à®?ாவது à®?ப்பிள் நியà¯?à®?்à®?னின் à®?ிந்தனà¯?யà¯?த் தà¯?ண்à®?ியது. à®®à¯?ன்றாவது à®?ப்பிள் மனித à®?à®®à¯?à®?ம் à®?னà¯?த்தà¯?யும் வà®?à¯?à®?ரித்தது” – à®?ன்று à®?லà®?ில் பà¯?à®?ப்பà®?ுà®?ிறது. à®?தில் à®®à¯?ன்றாவது à®?ப்பிள், ஐ-பà¯?ன் (i-Phone) பà¯?ன்ற à®?லà¯?à®?்à®?்ரானிà®?் à®?ாதனà®?்à®?ளà¯?த் தயாரிà®?்à®?ும் à®?ப்பிள் நிறுவனத்தà¯?à®?் à®?ுறிà®?்à®?ிறது. à®?தன் நிறுவனர் ஸ்à®?à¯?வ் à®?ாப்ஸ் (Steve Jobs).

�ப்புத்த�த்தில் பின்வரும் தல�ப்பு�ளில் �ப்பிள் நிறுவனம் த�ன்றி, வளர்ந்த �த� விவரி�்�ப்ப�்�ுள்ளது.

மாற்றி ய��ி
ஸ்à®?à¯?வ் à®?ாப்ஸ் – à®?ளமà¯?à®?் à®?ாலம்
à®?ப்பிள் – பà¯?யர் வந்த à®?தà¯?
à®?ப்பிள் – à®?ரம்ப à®?ாலம்
�ம�திய�த் த��ிய ஸ்��வ் �ாப்ஸ்
முதல் �த�
�ரண்�ாவது �த�
ம�ன்றாவது �த�

Educación superior, esperanza, justicia (Xipe totek 106) (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Manzano Vargas

Esta edición 106 de Xipe totek abre con tres ensayos en los que lo existente, la posibilidad de la justicia y la esperanza se presentan desde ópticas críticas que ayudan a enriquecer la reflexión filosófica. En primer lugar, presentamos el capítulo undécimo del estudio que Jorge Manzano hizo sobre Bergson, en el que analiza la crítica que el filósofo francés formuló a propósito de la idea de la nada; en relación con la posibilidad de la justicia, Carlos Alonso Grande cuestiona cuáles son “las condiciones de posibilidad de la filosofía moral en las circunstancias prácticas actuales”; mientras que Pedro Reyes, plantea, desde pensadores como John Caputo, Jacques Derrida y Adriana Cavarero, la posibilidad de pensar nuestra propia finitud de una manera tal “que nos permita una visión diferente de la historia, desautorizando la lectura meramente apocalíptica y abriendo las posibilidades de mantener la tensión humana por el pensamiento y la realización ética y política”.

Can China Say No?

by Tony Pow

When the president-elect Trump answered a call from Taiwan’s president, it stirred up storm with China. Trump should have let his assistant to answer the phone. In early 2018, US talked about economic sanctions against China. This would lead to a global trade war and bring the global economies down. This book tries to answer the question “Can China say No?”

The rise of China in economy and military would directly threaten to the US’s superpower status. Hence, it would cause wars fighting for the status as predicted by many experts. It would not be so for at least 25 years. In 2049 (the 100th anniversary for China’s current government), its military is still far inferior compared to ours. China’s its military capability is only good for defense and pose a small threat to its neighbors. China has little experience in wars compared to our endless wars.

China has a non-interference policy and it has only one major military base outside China. President Xi has announced that China will not be the hegemony that US is today.

China will catch up in GNP with the US in 5 years or so from 2018; however, GNP with PPP (Purchase Power Parity) has already taken the lead. However, GNP per capita will be about 25% ours. China is still #1 or #2 of foreign countries buying our debts. It would have serious consequences if China withdraws our debts.

The massive trade between the two countries is important and inter-dependent. China needs the farm products and high-tech products such as jet engines from the US and the US needs China’s low-wage products. The line is getting thinner as China is moving to the next stage of becoming a developed country. Many of our corporations such as Apple and Walmart use China as the supply chain. Our auto industry benefits greatly from China’s expanding car market.

This book starts from why and how China rises. Then it describes the conflicts of these two countries and the consequences of a war for both countries. In the short term, China will switch her investment from our Treasuries into loans for the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative.

I’m not a US basher. US is still the leader in most sectors such as economics, science, military and politics. China has been reducing the gaps in the last 30 years. My personal wealth is tied up in the US stock market, so I hope the US would prosper. Being a US citizen born in Hong Kong, US is first to me and China second. We have less problems than China. However, if we do not know our problems, how can we fix them? Several articles including the article “Actions to fix our problems” suggest how to fix our problems.

Many China â??experts’ have predicted China would collapse 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago and even today. Most of them have never been to China. Every country and every city have their own problems and China is no exception but they are fixable. You can cherry pick Chinese problems but you can do the same in any country.

I hope China’s rise is good to the world. If you have a life-threatening disease, do you care where the drugs come from? China is buying our technologies especially for peaceful uses such as green technologies and at the same time export her technologies and the products such as wind turbines and solar panels to the world. China has been building railroads, stadiums and hospitals in Africa. The “One Belt, One Road” projects will be beneficial to many countries involved even if some projects may fail financially to China.

To summarize, if we treat China like an enemy, China will become one. Starting with the huge trade deficit, we need to resolve these conflicts. So far, China’s rise is beneficial to the world.

Size: 315 pages (6*9)
Version 1: 01/2017. Version 2: 06/2018.
Last update; 08/2018.

Deliberative Public Engagement with Science: An Empirical Investigation (SpringerBriefs in Psychology)

by Lisa M. PytlikZillig

This compact open access reference delves beyond popular concepts of educated consumers and an informed public by examining the science behind deliberative engagement. Using data from four longitudinal studies, the authors assess public engagement methods in deliberative discussions of ethical, legal, and social issues concerning innovations in nanotechnology. Coverage includes the theoretical origins of the studies, forms of engagement and variations used, and in-depth details on cognitive, affective, and social components that go into the critical thinking process and forming of opinions. Not only are the findings intriguing in and of themselves, but researchers from varied fields will also find them useful in pursuing their own projects.

Featured in the coverage:

Experimental methods and measures used in relation to specific outcomes.
Forms of deliberative engagement affecting objective and subjective knowledge.
Effects of engagement variables on attitude formation, change, and polarization.
Tracing the processes leading to policy acceptance and support.
Study conclusions and evaluation.
Plus supplemental materials giving readers access to full study data.

Since public engagement methods are widely regarded as valuable for policy input, planning purposes, and understanding societal processes, Deliberative Engagement with Science stands to have a wide audience among psychologists, researchers, academics, and policymakers, as well as professionals in the corporate sphere and the tech industries.

International Cooperation for Enhancing Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Non-proliferationâ??60 Years of IAEA and EURATOM: Proceedings of the XX … 9-10, 2017 (Springer Proceedings in Physics)

by Luciano Maiani

This open access book examines key aspects of international cooperation to enhance nuclear safety, security, safeguards, and non-proliferation, thereby assisting in development and maintenance of the verification regime and fostering progress toward a nuclear weapon-free world. The book opens by addressing important political, institutional, and legal dimensions. Current challenges are discussed and attempts made to identify possible solutions and future improvements. Subsequent sections consider scientific developments that have the potential to increase the effectiveness of implementation of international regimes, particularly in critical areas, technology foresight, and the ongoing evaluation of current capabilities. The closing sections examine scientific and technical challenges and discuss the role of international cooperation and actions of the scientific community in leading the world toward peace and security. The book – which celebrates 60 years of IAEA Atoms for Peace and Development and the EURATOM Treaty – comprises contributions presented at the XX Edoardo Amaldi Conference, where eminent scientists, diplomats, and policymakers were able to compare national perspectives and update international collaborations.

President â??Geniusâ? Unfit for Office: Donald Trumpâ??s Fire and Fury Gets Him Impeached in 2018

by Dave Masko

President “Genius” Unfit for Office, by Dave Masko. He boasted about “grabbing (women) by the pussy,” and Republicans in control of government didn’t much care because everyone knew that Donald Trump is an embarrassment as a human being. Thus, the emperor has no clothes when it comes to daily and destructive Trump chaos that has gripped the White House ever since “this New York City con-man took office,” says mother and grandmother Beth Morris who participated in the historic 2017 Women’s March on Washington; while now preparing for the 2018 Women’s March because this 81-year-old retired nurse thinks “Donald Trump is sick in the mind, and needs to go now!” Morris joins dozens of other West Coast seniors interviewed in real-life face-to-face conversations because anything online these days is skewed and “not real.” In fact, this special “new journalism” report and essays is about what everyday citizens think about “Fire and Fury” and other exposes of the evil that Donald Trump does to women and to American values. While Trump’s legal team demanded cease and desist to intimidate the publisher of this January 2018 released tell all about Trump not being mentally fit for the presidency, it did not work because Trump again put his foot in his mouth tweeting that his “two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart,” while this odious 71-year-old billionaire also called himself a “very stable genius.” Go figure, say deep concerned seniors here along Oregon’s coast who view Trump as a “real nut case who must be removed from the White House.” For instance, 78-year-old mother and grandmother Sylvia Dunlap of Newport, Oregon, explained during a pre-2018 Women’s March interview that “Donald Trump is a sort of mirror reflecting just what a horrible human being really is and acts like.” When this retired high school administrator researched Trump’s life she was faced with “dozens of different Donald Trumps, a plethora of incompatibles, which this evil man forged into this vicious life of being a cold soul monster,” added Dunlap with a deep sense of chagrin “that America has to endure this insane acting President Trump.” In fact, stories about evil acting Trump abound: in this “Fire and Fury” book we are introduced to an “evil masochist who hurts others because of Trump derives sexual gratification from the pain and humiliation of women and men. Trump’s sick enjoyment of being a real-life Satan is what this â??Fire and Fury’ and other like books present about someone we elected to be the leader of the Free World, and defender of our American values,” adds Dunlap with tears in her eyes. “Trump is no â??genius,’ as he says because no genius would be hated so by so many good people in America and the world over? Trump has zero credibility and zero morals as president. This is why the 2018 Women’s March will be the real beginning of the end of Trump’s horrible presidency that, with Trump’s impeachment or removal from office, will make America great again.”

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