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Loving a Runaway Bride: A Historical Western Romance Book

by Aurora Hanson

Daisy O’Neill, having lost her parents, was just seeking happiness through marriage. She would never fathom becoming a runaway! But when she finds herself besides a cruel man who only wanted to chase her and claim what he thought was his property, she can not see any other option. Distressed and terrified, she finds safety in an another man’s home. Who could she know that finding shelter in Jess Farthing’s barn would lead her to love?

Jeremiah Farthing runs his farm peacefully with the help of his sister. When he finds Daisy petrified on his barn, his only though is to save her. While he takes care of her, he gets to know her better, and his heart has decided! He swears to keep her safe and vows that the person who did this will suffer on his hands. When her abusive husband pays them a little visit, he cannot think of losing her. His instics are clear; he needs to save her at all costs…

Through many shades of danger, they make a strong team, while it turns out to be Jess who needs her help on more than one occasion. In fear of their partnership coming to an end, none of them would admit falling in love. Will the bond she has come to form with friends who came to her aid be strong enough to save her?

“Loving a Runaway Bride” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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7 Signs that God has Someone for You

by Wes Raley

Does God have someone for you?

Countless numbers of people wonder if God has someone out there for them. Fears of lifelong singleness can easily creep in when we don’t have certainty about what God is promising us. The Bible gives clear direction for how to have discernment in this area.

If you are someone who desires confirmation that God has a spouse for you, these “7 signs” will be a great encouragement to you. This eBook will walk you through the Biblical process of discernment and teach you how to know if God is promising you a spouse.

For detailed discernment that you are not waiting in vain for a spouse, I strongly encourage you to get this exclusive content.

Here is what some are saying about “7 Signs that God has Someone for You”:

“This is an amazing book, filled with biblical examples, personal anecdotes, compelling reasoning, and wise and encouraging advice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who is single, and to all the friends of single people. It can change the way you think about God and his perfect will for your life.” Dr. Jim Taylor Jr.

“Great book! Really gives insight and makes you think. Highly recommended!” Bryce Hayden

“If you have been looking and wondering if there is someone out there for you as a partner. The author of this book gives you the 7 signs you should be looking for in your quest to find that special someone.” Tari Terrell

A few excerpts:

“If our faith rests on anything other than God’s power, we risk walking in perpetual doubt simply so that we will never be disappointed. But isn’t a life of doubt and unbelief already a disappointment?”

“Don’t think that just because you want it, it means God wants something different!”

“Sometimes God is making us thirst for the very thing He is going to give us.”

“So if you hear stories all of the time about how people fell in love, don’t get jealousâ??get inspired! It may be God’s way of showing you what He is about to give you, not showing you what you will never have.”

“In the kingdom of God surrender means letting go, not giving up.”

Overcoming Night Terror: Making the Demons Leave

by Conrad Carriker

Are you experiencing demonic night attacks, suffocations, or demonic entities in your room? There is hope.

In “Overcoming Night Terror – Making the Demons Leave” Conrad addresses some of the root causes of this dark phenomena and how to get the victory.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Common experiences of Night Terror
  • The word “Nightmare” has a demonic root
  • How sin in the Authority structure is destructive
  • Why saying â??Jesus’ offers temporary relief
  • What opens the doors to demonic attacks
  • Cursed objects invite demons into your home
  • The covenant and noncovenant difference
  • Getting authority over the demons
  • How to obtain and maintain victory
  • In dealing with demonic night terrors, understanding how the door was opened to the demons is a stepping stone to getting freedom. Then it is a matter of confession, repentance, and taking authority in the Name of Jesus. Jesus gave believers authority over demons. Read now to learn how to exercise that authority and get the victory of Demonic Night Terrors.

    ***Warning*** This book may challenge your currently held beliefs on demonology and deliverance.

    Phoebe the Mail Order Bride: A Collection of Mail order bride and Amish Romance short stories

    by Vanessa Sarlson

    Tales of historical sweet romances…The 19th century isn’t a kind place for newly widowed mothers and Phoebe is no different. She answers a mail order advertisement from Luke who seems like a good enough fellow. He owns a farm in California but with the Gold Rush in full bloom, decent women are hard to find. Phoebe arrives but doesn’t tell Luke about her pregnancy. He falls in love with her but soon realizes that she’s keeping something from him. How will he react when he discovers the truth? Will he reject the woman he quickly grew to love?

    Empath: Reach Emotional And Spiritual Healing, Master Your Gift And Find Balance In Your Life (Empath Series Book 1)

    by Robert Parkes

    Do you absorb the emotions of others like a sponge and experience these emotions as your own? Do you tend to attract toxic people? Do you feel overwhelmed feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

    If so, you may be an empath and this book will show you the path.

    It is possible to reach the spiritual healing. The problem? You can’t do it overnight. Despite what you’ve been told by the ‘gurus’. The secret to healing is to start with a step by step process and with small changes.

    Stop Believing the Lies and Learn the Right Path

    Empath: Reach Emotional And Spiritual Healing, Master Your Gift And Find Balance In Your Life is a complete guide, the purpose of which is to explore the topic of the Empath. This book covers what an empath is as well as what an empath does. This book also covers aspects that are important to properly training your empathic abilities and the secrets of successful Highly Sensitive People.

    It’s different from other eBooks because is a comprehensive map and you’ll follow a proven step by step process to develop a balance on every level.

    Here is what you will learn if you follow the steps:

    – What an empath is;

    – How to hone your skills as an empath;

    – How to gain emotional intelligence;

    – About the universal connection and how it applies to empaths;

    – The pros and cons of the empathic ability;

    – How to deal with fears and doubts;

    – How to deal with Energy vampires;

    – How to find Balance in your life;

    – How to utilize spiritual healing tools;

    – The purpose and responsibility of the Empath.

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    All the best
    Robert Parkes

    Bosquejos y Sermones de la Biblia: Temas para predicar (Spanish Edition)

    by Gonzalo Sanabria Anzola

    Este libro está formado por bosquejos basados en la Biblia, son sermones cristianos preparados y listos para enseñar o predicar la palabra de Dios en grupos o iglesias.

    Estos temas están debidamente organizados, tienen un alto contenido bíblico, y con anotaciones y comentarios desde el contexto cultural, histórico, geográfico y según sea el caso expone el significado de palabras claves e importantes para la interpretación correcta del pasaje bíblico, sin dejar de lado por supuesto las notas prácticas y actuales para nuestra vida diaria.

    Este texto es una herramienta de apoyo y consulta para enseñar y estudiar la palabra de Dios, estos bosquejos están elaborados de una manera sencilla y fácil de usar. Cada uno de los mensajes contiene una introducción, varios puntos principales y secundarios en los que se expone la porción bíblica (con sus respectivos comentarios y notas) y una conclusión que cierra el sermón.

    �ste texto es el resultado de horas de estudio, de investigación y por supuesto mejoramiento del material que el Señor Jesús en su bondad me ha dado y permitido enseñar. Espero que pueda tener este material, estudiarlo y que sea en sus manos una herramienta de apoyo y bendición para tu vida y para el servicio a Dios.

    Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.

    Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age

    by Linda Brady

    If you have a nagging feeling that somehow your life has gotten off track, Discovering Your Soul Mission can help you create the most fulfilling life possible. Karmic astrologer and holistic teacher Linda Brady, along with coauthor Michael Brady, shows how the desires of our personalities–what we think we want–clash with the needs of our souls–what will make us truly happy.

    In order to pinpoint your soul mission, Brady uses the technique of karmic astrology, which–unlike the more familiar sun-sign astrology–delves into areas known previously only to the cognoscenti. With this easy-to-use method, you do not have to obtain an astrological chart. All the required information is provided here to help you instantly discover the sign ruling your soul mission. You will learn your Soul Pattern sign, which governs old habits that you need to let go, and your Soul Potential sign, which indicates your latent qualities and hidden talents that must be developed to follow your true path. Virgo perfectionism, for instance, can give way to Pisces intuition; Sagittarian procrastination can give way to Gemini creativity.

    In this revised and expanded edition, Brady updates her 1998 classic with new techniques and strategies to aid readers in living happier lives, as well as with planetary tables to the year 2035, making the book useful for the next generation. She offers new chapters on Chiron and Uranus, which emerge from her work with clients in more recent years, as well as an expansion of her discussion of the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

    Brady offers numerous meditation, journaling, dream work, and other exercises to explore and incorporate your soul mission into your current life. Other planetary influences also shape the particular flavor of your mission. For example, the book includes tables to find out what sign rules your style of communication and shows you how to use that personal style to further enhance your mission. This lively, interactive handbook will assist you in your pursuit of the ultimate destination of your soul road.

    Recovered: The Cure for Alcoholism

    by Neil Firszt

    Addiction and recovery are widely misunderstood, and the popular â??solutions’ leave millions of people struggling just to make it through the day. This creates an environment of stress and anxiety, that can leave someone struggling with a dependence problem vulnerable to continued substance abuse. The solutions that you’ll read in this book will alleviate that environment by putting the focus on you. Having a lifetime of alcoholism experience, I have found that alcohol is only your problem on the surface. I have learned that alcoholics (like my former self) use alcohol to deal with past problems that we did not have the coping skills to deal with. This process will help you learn how to find the root of the problem and rip it out like a weed. The information in here is the real deal for recovering from alcoholism or any addiction, from food to pills. Use the solutions in this book by themselves or add them to any recovery program that you’re in now, to make what you’re already doing more effective. It will work either way. This will give you the formula, including nutritional changes, of how to change the genetic expression of the alcoholic gene, making your cravings and desire to use drugs or alcohol go away for good. Recovery is not a fight like traditional methods promote, it’s a realization of how powerful the human mind and body really are and using these simple methods to our advantage to recover for good!. This program might just be the easiest thing that you’ll ever do because it works with your mind and body instead of against it. We became addicts for reasons that stemmed from way before we were even allowed to drink. We are not fighting the substance that we’re addicted to, we are finding the root of the problem and dealing with that, so it no longer has control over your life!
    This book is for everyone, as we all know someone who is struggling with difficulties in life. I share my many experiences starting with being in the hospital for alcohol withdrawal, struggling with depression and anxiety, excessive junk food eating, to my successful search to finally live a physically and mentally healthy life. Written intensely, I recount my experiences as if they just happened. At my worst time, with my life in question, I had choices to make. Either keep wrestling with alcoholism and depression, or find myself, and the root of these addictions before they got the best of me. This book is not only meant to resonate with people who are struggling with addictions, mental stress, excessive weight and other issues, but also with people who are trying to understand what someone close to you may be going through. It reads like you’re in the room with me. I take myself from the depths of alcoholism and addiction to prescription medication, through the solutions I found to free up my thoughts and be able to crush anxiety and depression and live healthy. I tell you exactly how I was able to learn and try to make it easy for someone else to learn. I take you on the road I took to get healthy and change my life forever. All in the hopes of helping someone else do the same. I’m sharing how I learned to take care of my mind and body in a positive light stemming from negative experiences. I’ve received emails from people all over the world that have read the book and benefited from the content! We don’t have to be stuck in addiction, depression, anxiety, or obesity, nor do we have to be stuck in recovery. My hope is that this book can be a tool to let you know that no matter how deep you think you, or someone close are entrenched in addiction and other problems, there’s a way out and the solution is right in front of you. We can change the expression of the alcoholic gene in the right environment and the solution is right at home. If you or someone you know is struggling in a recovery program like AA or can’t pay $50,000 for an upscale rehab facility, please tell them about this book!

    Confessions of An Indigo Child: An In-Depth Guide to Awakening Your Infinity

    by Alexander Papageorghiou

    Confessions of An Indigo Child takes the reader through the incredible journey of the author, from adversity and downfall to a journey of self-discovery and connection to the infinite consciousness of the Universe. Alexander is a spiritual guide for the last decade and shares this amazing voyage, from skepticism, pain, and adversity to a radical awakening of the spirit, the ultimate revelation of Soul Purpose, and our connection to the Creator and the infinity of the Universe. This story takes place over the formative years and apprenticeship of the author as he assumes his role of spiritual teacher and channeler, taking us on his path through different countries and experiences with Spirit and the Source. Alexander unravels the Indigo Generation, the Ascension Process, and the global awakening that spans the last decade. This is a story of love, empowerment, and the affirmation of our infinity as a collective consciousness.

    Deliverance from the Spirit of Goliath: Receiving Divine Power to Overcome the Big Enemies and Giant Problems Militating Against Your Life (Scriptures and Prayers Series Book 1)

    by John Miller

    The spirit of Goliath represents big enemies and giant problems. If you are currently battling with a situation or an entity that is threatening your peace, harassing you and intimidating you, you are facing a Goliath. If there is a situation or entity that is seeking to enslave you, you are facing a Goliath. If this is true for you, what you need is deliverance. If you want this deliverance or if you want to protect yourself from being a victim of Goliath in the first place, this is the book that can help you. Get your copy today.

    An Amish Heritage: A Collection of Amish Romance

    by Terri Downes

    An Amish anthology featuring “An Amish Heritage”…Mary asks her grandfather about her the history of her family and he tells a tale that touches her in a way that is both surprising and hurtful for them both as he remembers the past. The more research Mary does, the better she understands both her Amish culture and what it takes to sustain a marriage for as many decades as her grandparents did.

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