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Invasion: Book 2: Day of Battle

by J.F. Holmes

There comes a day when every soldier may be asked to lay their life on the line; today is that day. After a decade of occupation, the Confederated Earth Forces are coming out of hiding, betting the liberation of Earth from its alien overlords on a throw of the dice.

The sequel to the 2017 Dragon Award nominated Invasion: Resistance, Day of Battle picks up at the beginning of this fight, and follows regular soldiers as they wage desperate warfare. From a Special Forces team leading an uprising, to heavily up-armored M1 Abrams tanks dueling Invy armor, even hand to hand combat in the corridors of an orbital space station. Twenty four hours of combat in the opening shots of a war that may see the end of humanity.

“UP!” he yelled, and Dizzy yelled “ON THE WAY!” The gun rocked backwards, the tank with it, pushing it down onto its springs. Dash could have demanded that the gunner run through the standard fire commands, but she trusted Dizzy Lehmkuhl to do a good job. Hers was to keep them alive. Ibson didn’t wait for a command either; from here on out it was sabot until either the gunner or the commander ordered differently. Fine by him.

“Driver, back up!” she ordered, as return fire started to come their way. Their opposition was a company of Invy tanks, if the crews managed to get to them before the artillery cut them down. She had to assume they would face the full dozen the Invy organized their companies in, though. The Abrams dropped backwards, and she started to give the driver commands to maneuver them to the next spot, when the left side of her vision temporarily whited out, accompanied by an explosion that rocked Bad Bitch sideways on her tracks.

A hundred meters away the turret of Suzie Q leapt upward into the air, flipped over twice, and then fell back on top of the hull, almost snuffing out the fire that raged inside. The track commander, less experienced than Dash, had let his driver expose the shot trap, the space between the hull and the turret, while scanning for targets. The 100mm plasma bolt had blown through the drivers’ head, under the main gun, across the loader, and hit the anti-matter reactor that drove the tank. The resulting explosion had come back into the crew compartment and vented its fury in that contained space, incinerating the crew and lifting the forty ton turret high into the air.

She had no time to mourn her friends, just fight the tank. They were to engage at long distance, draw the enemies’ fire while the infantry swung wide around the base. Could be that, tonight, nobody was going to get out of here alive, but she’d take some of the bastards with her. Bad Bitch rolled fifty meters west, shielded by the hill, and then moved though the ruin of a house, the muzzle of her gun being given a narrow view to scan.

Lehmkuhl caught a glimpse of the angular side of an Invy tank also shifting position, rotating on its air cushion, and fired, the sabot round punching through the skirts. The Invy vehicle bounced backwards and settled on the ground, but the plasma cannon started to rotate in their direction.

Dash yelled at the driver to back up, but the gunner yelled, “HOLD!” even as Ibson raced to load the gun. The commander was tempted to kick Lehmkuhl in the head for countermanding her order, but settled on triggering the fifty caliber from her position, hoping the tracer fire and impacts would distract the Invy gunner.

With a HISS CRACK and a charge of static, the plasma bolt scored the top of the turret, melting a groove and overloading the active camouflage. Lehmkuhl a second later, the sabot arching out and crashing through the engine of the Invy tank, a small spark followed by an explosion that was so bright it shone through the metal.

Ibson turned to load another sabot round, but Dash shouted, “HEAT, APC, FROM MY POSITION!” Two seconds later Ibson yelled, “UP!” and the commander fired, knocking out an Invy armored personnel carrier that had been crossing the runway.

The Prince Of The Underground

by Scott Willows

Jesen is the prince of the Underground, a society living under the earth in a massive cavern. In order to survive each citizen of the Underground must play their part by contributing their ability to the city. Some citizens can control the flow of the river, others can manipulate the wind to give them flight, and others can create orbs of light to illuminate their city. Within the blood of the royal family lives the Flame which gives Jesen the ability to produce fire with his very thoughts.
Once citizens of the Underground reach a certain age, they lose their ability and can no longer give back to their people. After a citizen loses their ability, a ceremony is held for them to make room for future generations. During one of these ceremonies, Jesen’s father and king of the Underground, Jale, makes a blatant mistake which leaves the city stunned and Jesen confused. Over the next several days, Jesen discovers the gruesome past of his family and the Underground, leaving him desperate to find a way to make things different…

Dream Planet: Star Maze Book 1

by Tamara Pikulina

Genre: Space opera
Comparison: Veronica Roth’s “Carve the Mark” meets Interstellar.

For over 22 years now, since my earliest memories, I close my eyes and see the same dream over and over again. In front of me, there is a world with an endless dome sky, sprinkled with stars, gigantic green plants, and a multicolour buffet of herbs and fruit. It’s a world that’s warmed with the light of a golden sun, whose rays simply radiate warmth without killing anyone, almost as if from a fairytale. It’s a world filled with crystal-like water and uncontaminated oxygen. My visions are so bright that they outshine reality itself. Every time as I wake up in my capsule, it’s as if I return to the shadows, stepping away from that pure light.
Going to a space station with the task of catching a dangerous spy, I couldn’t imagine that this would be the person to reveal the truth and essence of my dreams. The pulse which the old man Iza spotted transmits the sights, music, and even the language of an unexplored yet inhabited planet, exactly identical to what I envision. I always knew that a long road was waiting for me, but what exactly awaits on the other side of this mysterious star maze?


The Tube Riders Complete Series Volumes 1-4

by Chris Ward

The bestselling, critically acclaimed dystopian science fiction series The Tube Riders now available as a single volume for the first time.


In the Shadow of London
The Tube Riders short stories
An interview with the author

Quest of Legends 7

by Monica Neal

As they are about to head for the next gemstone, Matt and Alexis come across a boy who is being chased by three men who accuse of him of helping a local warlord kidnap young woman. The boy proclaims his innocence and Alexis and Matt decides to help rescue the young woman, but the boy has ulterior motives. They go up against someone from Alexis’s past named Talus. Can Alexis defeat the warlord and rescue the young women?

El viaje de Jon (Spanish Edition)

by Uriel Costa Bonet

Antes de partir, era un ser humano comúnâ?¦ he conocido el fin del tiempo, he visto la materia oscura y me he asomado al borde del cosmos para contemplar la maraña de universos que tejen el espacio en un orden eterno e implacable…

En el año 2310 la humanidad ya ha superado por completo la gran catástrofe ecológica que asoló el planeta a finales del siglo XXI. Jon Altus descubre una singularidad cósmica en nuestro sistema solar y junto con su equipo de científicos estudiaran el fenómeno que quizás les lleve algún día a viajar por las estrellas y a desvelar los secretos del universo.

The Bonds of Orion Omnibus Edition (Loralynn Kennakris Book 5)

by Owen R. O’Neill

This omnibus edition combines the full, unabridged text from the previously published editions of The Bonds of Orion and Orion’s Price into one book. It replaces both those out-of-print editions.

The Bonds of Orion
The war is going well: recent victories have Halith in retreat. Now recuperated and promoted, Lieutenant Commander Loralynn Kennakris is on leave, giving her a chance to do a few things she doesn’t have much experience with: resting, relaxing . . . and falling in love.

In all the years since they briefly met, Kris has never been able to forget Mariwen Rathor. And Mariwen, now recovered after years of intense rehabilitation, has never forgotten her. Meeting again after so long apart, Kris is stunned to find Mariwen offering her something she’s never really had: a home.

But life is never that simple. Ordered to take part in a training exercise with the Karelian military, Kris instead finds herself sent deep into Halith space with Rafe Huron to rescue one of the League’s greatest war heroes, who has been missing for years and presumed dead. When Kris left for Karelia, she told Mariwen it was “practically a vacation”. Now, caught between bloody-minded insurgents, invading Halith forces, and a volatile hero who has her own ideas about being rescued, this â??vacation’ is shaping up to be Kris’ last.

Orion’s Price
Mariwen Rathor was once a leading interstellar celebrity, revered from one end of charted space to the other. The victim of a terrorist plot, she’s been living as a recluse after undergoing years of intense rehabilitation that suppressed most of her memories. But they couldn’t suppress her memories of Kris and thanks to their unexpected reunion, Mariwen has finally found herself again.

But when Kris went deep into Halith space with Rafe Huron to rescue a hero long thought to be dead, they stayed behind to delay a major Halith attack, allowing their people to escape at the cost of their own freedom.

Now, to save the woman she loves, Mariwen must do the impossible: take on the Halith Empire.
And win.
Or die trying.
Or something much worse.

Curse Breaker (Red-Line: The Fletcher Family Saga Book 1)

by J. T. Bishop

Find out what readers are raving about…

She’ll risk her life to break his curse but revealing the truth could be far more dangerous.

In high school, a friend’s mother blames Grayson Steele for the tragic death of her daughter. Now, years later, Grayson is wealthy and successful, but on the brink of suicide. Because the women he loves are dying. And he can’t stop it.

Knowing about Grayson’s circumstances, Gillian Fletcher derives a plan. Catch the killer who’s making Grayson Steele’s life a living hell. But there’s only one way to do it. She has to be the bait.

As Grayson and Gillian’s plan takes shape, they must not only expose a killer, but also their feelings for each other. The further they go, the more secrets they will reveal. Secrets that will illuminate not just a murderer, but shocking truths that neither may be prepared to face.

Truths that will change their future forever.




“So entertaining.”

“Plenty of twists.”

“Excellent romance.”


Curse Breaker is an Indie BRAG Medallion recipient, a 2017 Best Story award winner from New York Literary Magazine and a semi-finalist in the 2017 Kindle Book Awards for Mystery/Thriller. It can be read on its own or before J. T. Bishop’s Red-Line trilogy.

If you love murder mysteries, page turners, and fast-paced stories, then you’ll love this compelling book by award-winning author J. T. Bishop.

Pick up Curse Breaker and enjoy Bishop’s latest adventure today!

My Invisible Lover

by Jamie Athelstan

Jada’s no fool, but when she hears an intruder in her house, she won’t sit back and let him attack her. The problem is, how do you defend yourself against an attacker you can’t see?

The answer might just be Luke, a handsome stranger who appears to save the day when Jada least expects it. His help against an invisible force could just turn into something more intimate – that is, if she could stop pepper spraying him in the face.

With a dangerous stalker still on the loose, and Luke’s strong arms offering comfort, Jada is let into a secret world.When Luke enters her world, the last thing Jada expects is to find a disappearing lover in her bed. But life has a way of surprising us…

***If liked J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker Novels, you’ll LOVE My Invisible Lovers!! ***


by Ray Jay Perreault

The residents of Earth were progressing and following their Four Laws of Conformity. For a long time, the information in their memories was moved to the archive so they could receive new information to satisfy the Third and Fourth Laws of Conformity.
Helen followed the Third Law to Increase their Knowledge. There were clues in the Archive and hidden in a surprising place in the world around them. She followed the clues and assembled the building blocks until the answer surprised the Conformity Council and changed the entire population. Through genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence they found out their origins.

Testing Grounds: A Short Story

by J. L. Foote

About the story:

Not long after the start of World War II, Private Larkins finds himself in the Alsace region of France, entrenched at the Maginot Line. Two kilometres away – the German Siegfried Line. The British have been sat for months, waiting for the enemy to make its push. So far.. nothing. Even in this ‘phoney war’, Larkins’ fear is unshakeable. However, it’s not simply the thought of death on the battlefield that he fears. Tales of German experimentation and advanced-weaponry deployments are circulating among the French. Despite reassurances, Larkins agonises over the prospect of such horrors. Finally, across the wasteland, the Germans make their move. To the surprise of the British, the Wehrmacht fail to show. In their place? Three biomechs of enormous size and speed… the real German War Machine.

About the author:

J. L. Foote is an English Literature graduate with a qualification in Creative Writing. He currently resides in South Yorkshire, England. With various short stories and poems to his name, he is an emerging writer with a keen regard for science fiction, alternate history and tense drama. A fan of books, film and video games, J. L. Foote seeks to dispel the constraints of form in an effort to champion narrative and mood. See the Amazon Store for more of J. L. Foote’s work.

The New Cradle of Man: A Short Story

by J. L. Foote

About the story:

What would the world be like without nuclear weapons? How would the world react if those weapons were to suddenly reappear? How would the best minds attempt to save civilisation if mankind was unprepared? The New Cradle of Man is a short story that aims to capture the anxiety, tension and paranoia of world governments, academic institutions and the scientists involved, as they attempt to answer such questions. This story celebrates the academic discourse and intellectual minutiae of a post-nuclear society on the brink of annihilation, exposing the threads of humanity that divide us, and those which could ultimately unite us for a safer tomorrow.

About the author:

J. L. Foote is an English Literature graduate with a qualification in Creative Writing. He currently resides in South Yorkshire, England. With various short stories and poems to his name, he is an emerging writer with a keen regard for science fiction, alternate history and tense drama. A fan of books, film and video games, J. L. Foote seeks to dispel the constraints of form in an effort to champion narrative and mood. See the Amazon Store for more of J. L. Foote’s work.

Cosmos Collide: INDEED Series Third Novel

by G. Bruce Kirkpatrick

Description: The INDEED Series:
For those that wonder if the afterlife exists and need proof, this series tells the story of how Jullya answered her own question after she died.

When Jullya was alive she wanted Tim to tell her what she should believe about the beyond. Tim had communicated with passed relatives.

When Jullya realized there was no proof about what happens after one dies she pressed Tim for more proof that the afterlife existed.

Jullya was an experienced and advanced spiritual meditator. The benefits of meditation were self evident to Jullya.Jullya hoped that proof of the beyond was as close as a meditation state. Of course she was not even sure on this point.
Did Jullya need to communicate with passed love ones for the proof she sought?

After Jullya died, she answered her own question.
She communicated directly with Tim. At first the communication was cumbersome and very painful for Tim. Jullya gave Tim very strong electrical impulses directly to Tim’s body. They were so strong it initially threw Tim to the ground. Given this, Jullya and Tim agreed to refine the electrical intensity. They also agreed to refine the locations of the electrical impulses. It was this agreement that opened the door between this world and the next. Jullya and Tim could communicate with intelligence for any given moment in time. This was the proof that Jullya spoke of. Jullya gave Tim her gift from the beyond. After this, Tim had no fear of death, but his grief still remained.

What was unique about this relationship was that Jullya was Jesus Christ in a past life. She hinted this to Tim when she was alive. She proved it after she passed.

Most of us associate religion with beliefs and faith. The INDEED series offers a spiritual person to take a close look at those unusual events in their lives that provide self-evident proofs. The INDEED series also offers a religious person to take a closer look at their own self-awareness over faith. It’s that self-awareness that allows a person to be true to them self.

One may find after reading the INDEED series that they become proud to share their own unexplained spiritual or religious events with others.
Tim learned from Jullya how to go deeper into his awareness. This is what Tim shares with the audience, the awareness of the beyond. You can find your own proof as Tim did.

Description: The novel INDEED, COSMOS COLLIDE
This is the third novel in the INDEED Series:

The past lives of Jesus Christ and his Apostles (Stalwarts) participate in a modern day science fiction version of the second coming. They gather together at Stonehenge under the leadership of holistic hugging healer, Dr Melissa Subin. Scientists from the spiritual research institution ZenZenon are former CERN experts on the Higgs Boson. NASA and CERN confirm that the supernova of Blue Star Lotus will destroy the earth. Yuga Karamatone is defined by ZenZenon for understanding of mass-less life energy that transforms across all yugas for the soul. This novel examines past lives, the multiple universe, infinity and legacy of Jullya Zenon.

You are about to embark on a journey across the great cosmos. Tim and Jullya are given initial journey directions from Mythical Odin. We become well acquainted with Odin as we learn to depend upon an expert prior to known Christianity in this fragile bubble we call earth. As in pagan times, it was thought the stars had the answers to the questions of the universe.

It would take the leadership of a spiritual healer connected with Christ and his Twelve Stalwarts to draw planet earth’s attention to the most powerful force in the universe, the healing power of love.

The Twelve Stalwarts are the past lives of the original Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ. Under the spiritual healer leadership of Dr. Meliss Subin, the Twelve Stalwarts rejoin Christ at the second coming. At the second coming Christ tells the Stalwarts of their prepared place. Christ also reveals t

The Shift

by George Foy

*Nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award in 1997*

Divorced, disillusioned and drinking too much, television writer Alex Munn is on the edge.

For two years he’s been working on the ultimate drama series, a ratings-winning schlockfest of sex, adventure and violence that uses Virtix, a virtual reality technology so good the viewer won’t be able to tell the difference between real life and Real Life, the new show.

To get away from it all, Alex has written an altogether darker story of his own: a Virtix program he calls Munn’s World. It depicts New York in the 1850s, complete with horse-drawn carriages and its very own serial killer – the Fishman – who prowls the gas-lit, poverty-stricken streets, disembowelling his victims.

His nemesis is a lone cop called Alex Munn.

What happens next is impossible, unscripted, and utterly terrifying. For the Fishman has somehow escaped his virtual domain and followed Alex into the present, turning his world into a living nightmare . . .

Praise for George Foy’s The Shift

â??Fresh and powerfully imagined . . . One of the best cyberspace vehicles since Gibson’s Neuromancer and a deserving candidate for every major SF award’ – Booklist

â??An engaging cross-genre mystery . . . This is what both SF and the hard-boiled mystery were born to do, and Foy has done it well’ – Locus

â??A compelling noir mix of science fiction thrills, virtual reality wonders and 19th-century horror . . . Absolutely terrifying’ – Publishers Weekly

â??Something wholly new: a gritty urban science fiction noirThomas H. Cook

â??A hip, scintillating, futuristic thriller; a blend of virtual reality and real horror’ – Janet Morris

George Michelsen Foy is an award-winning author and essayist, a professor of creative writing at NYU and former mariner. He is the author of thirteen published novels and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in fiction. Foy lives on Cape Cod and New York, and once, while under the influence of strong drink, walked backwards through the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.

Retribution (2101 Chronicles Book 3)

by R. E. Riepe

Resurrection is the continuing story of the rise of man after the near extinction. In this chronicle the Raptor and his scientist sister Samantha realize that by creating androids designed by their missing father mankind may have a chance of surviving and driving the Larutans off of Earth. The creation of the Big Daddy android, who is a spitting image of their father, fuel their speculation. What would an alliance of androids, micro nanocells, artificially enhanced war bikes and humans bring? The two young leaders are not real sure but they decide to cast their fate to the wind. They also conclude that they really have no choice.
Samantha discovers that the white ray is not only a transport device but also a dimensional instrument. Having the android Big Daddy at her side she is now able to decipher much of the digital information her father left on her computer disks. After working on many calculations she discovers that she may be able to transport to the location where the old man may have been sent. She manages to accomplish this task to the amazement of everyone except the android. He knew.
After finding the old man alive on another planet. which he named B2 after the inventory number on a case of Jack Daniels, in another parallel universe with a radically different time line than that of Earth, things start to happen.
The creation of androids gets into full swing. Still being conservative in their approach the siblings decide to make their first android, a replication of the Larutan Terminator. They name him Big Brother. Their second android creation was a replication of the the Raptor, who is named Whup Ass by the Raptor. Each of the androids have very different personality traits.
The discovery of the old man still being alive and the android creations start a reaction on Earth much like rolling a snowball down a long sloping hill.
In this chronicle the Larutan Terminator once again joins the Nest for a brief few weeks. After one violent battle he and the Big Brother android decide to ride together and they become wing mates and friends for the rest of the human’s life. This proved over time to be monumental decision.
The survivors on Earth also become burdened with a course of action which they decide is worth the effort. The Nest starts kidnapping infants and toddlers from the Larutan breeding mills to raise. At the old man’s urging and using the radical difference in the time line on B2 he instructs his youngest son and oldest daughter to transport the babies to his world. After a short time, the old man finds he is raising hundreds of thousands of infants and toddlers on B2, but with the help of tens of thousands of androids and relocated survivors from the North Caves on Earth, mankind is once again thriving, just on a different world.
After a last desperate attempt by the Larutans to retake Earth and by combining all of the resources that the Raptor and the old man can muster the people of North America defeat the Larutan military in one massive battle. The Nest pays a heavy price for this effort and soon discovers that this struggle for survival is just beginning.
The wild ride is destined to continue.

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