Free war Kindle books for 15 Sep 18

Fighting Behind the Lines (A â??Nelsonâ??s Menâ? Series about the Korean War Book 2)

by Dennis Kennelly

A continuation of the series from The Post, North Korean forces have swept the defending South Korean troops down to the very outskirts of Seoul. This is day three of the invasion and America has still not committed to a response to this aggression. After delaying the enemy’s advance for two days, Colonel Nelson’s secret team at the Post has abandonded it and gone into gurrilla mode. The other three clandestine listening Posts have been overrun with no contact since the invasion. Something has to be done to slow this advance or all of South Korea will be conquered with-in days. Pockets of hope emerge. Eighth Army’s commander, General Walker, breaks rules and expands his General Staff. Colonel Nelson forms his A Team staff and directs his men in the field with audacious and multiple plans that delay the enemy. Action ensues immediately on the water, in the air, in the dirt and mud. America finally decides to defend Korea against this aggression. Its non-stop action.

The Saboteurs: A ‘B’ Squadron SAS Operation

by T.M. Lambert

The Special Air Service Brigade has returned from North Africa and is now out of favour with Allied command.

But with the Allied plans for invasion in Normandy, an elite force, used to operating behind enemy lines is required to help divert German resources away from the landing sites in Northern France.

Captain John Hayes, commander of ‘B’ Squadron, Special Air Service Brigade is called upon to coordinate a series of disruptive attacks amongst the German supply network and help the save the lives of hundreds of Allied servicemen on D-Day.
But is he able to? The odds are stacked against him, especially as his main objective is to stop the elite German armour of the Second SS Panzer Division from getting to the beaches of Normandy.
This explosive short story from T.M. Lambert is fast-paced, exciting and thrilling!

Other books in the ‘B’ Squadron SAS Operations series:
– ‘The Saboteurs’
– ‘Eyes of Resistance’


by Dale Crowe

Kunokeph is a military fantasy/alternative history story set in near-future Iran with an American Special Operations team on the run making a discovery that will rewrite history and shake the foundations of the Christian religion. People have said “We are not alone” for years. It turns out, we never were.

This project all began with an image from stained glass window from a church in Eastern Europe. I did a random search for “werewolf” and came up with a return that caught my eye that was something along the lines of “werewolf saint” and a picture of Saint Christopher with the head of a dog or wolf.

The image piqued my interest and I started digging and found references to the Kunokeph or cynocephali and the Eastern Coptic version of the Saint Christopher tale. The random bits of information finally set off my usual inspirational epiphany of “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…?” and coalesced into this story.

Rating: PG-13 for combat scenes, language
Size: 43,781 words (@143 pages depending on your reader)

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