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He Had Me At Meow: The Story of an Irresistible Rascal and the Gal Who Loved Him

by Chari Fish

“When a book can make me laugh and cry, it has done its job.”

When Chari Fish opens her home to a cat with the disposition of Rodney Dangerfield and the addictive properties of chocolate, all hell breaks loose.

Climbing trees and chasing squirrels across rooftops are just a precursor to mightier transgressions like springing onto the steering wheel of Chari’s moving car after a misguided adventure through a car wash. Then there are the neighborhood bouts of kleptomania, followed by the dognapping of a Black Lab.

HE HAD ME AT MEOW is the humorous tale of a rambunctious cat who strained the patience of his human mom while teaching her the meaning of a life well-lived, and never failing to demonstrate the depth of his love. If there were ever a cat that infused all nine lives with fervor, Cooper was his name.




I’m Not From Around Here: A Jewish Boy Telling the Historical Story of his Family’s Holocaust Survival in WW2 (Biographical Fiction Based on a Memoir)

by Ishai Klinowsky

What could have led to an encounter between such an unsuitable couple as my parents?

This book is a fascinating life diary, in which reality surpasses all imagination. It takes place against the backdrop of the Holocaust, the fate of the refugees at the end of the war, and the rebirth of the new Israel.

The heroes of the plot are unusual, an antithesis of the weak and submissive Jew, sweeping the reader into a whirlwind of events and countless breathtaking adventures.

How does a weak and very naive girl survive for three years in a deadly forced labor camp where others could not survive for more than a few months?

Lola, the mother, whom we encounter as an innocent girl, sweeps the reader close to the hell of the monstrous and notorious labor camp, Ludwigsdorf.

How does an “antithesis Jew” look to the submissive Jew?

Staszek, the father, a street fighter and a tough and hard-working man from Warsaw, is hot-tempered, cunning, and daring. His gypsy appearance and colorful figure lead many women to fall easily into his arms.

What does a spoiled “mother’s son” and “father’s daughter” feel when they see their family collapsing?

From the eyes of an eight-year-old boy, the writer describes a stormy childhood with many heartrending vicissitudes: parents who disappear overnight, living with strangers, being trapped in a tough orphanage … and more…

Written in flowing and sensitive language, the story presents an accurate balance between a personal and family story and the story of a people.

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A Glimpse at Being Broken: Part One

by Vincent Reed

This book is a raw, true and painful reflection of my childhood in the foster care system. My mother lost me twice to the system and would go on to give me up a third time. I grew up and aged out as a ward of the State of Minnesota. Throughout my life I have been hiding my history from friends and family. It has never been a part that I wanted to share publicly until recently. I never had the support until now that it required to share my story. I was in eleven different homes in ten years while in the system. Some of those homes good but the ones that were bad really out weighed the good ones. For the few fond memories I have as a child, there are twenty more bad ones. I suffer now from PTSD from my childhood and with the help of therapy and a strong woman by my side, I can share this now. I am not mad about my past and how I was treated, rather I am thankful to be here today. My life could have taken such a different direction and I think of the good and bad places I could have ended up in. My history and childhood is a big part of who I am today. I am writing this book now with reflections of what I have learned and been through in life. This book is the first part of my life, with the second part coming hopefully before the holidays. I hope you read this book and it brings to light the reality that so many foster kids face after aging out. For me when I aged out there was nothing. My life has always been difficult but I hope by releasing this it becomes just another weight lifted off my chest.

Simón Bolívar: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Simón Bolívar

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Simón Bolívar truly earned his nickname “The Liberator” for a large portion of South American people. He was a forward-thinking political figure at a time when Spain was ruling over the region that is now comprised of Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia.

Inside you will read about…

â?? A Difficult Childhood
â?? The Independence Movement Takes Off
â?? Exile in Jamaica
â?? The Impossible Climb
â?? Civil War and Assassination Attempts
And much more!

Bolívar’s revolutionary thoughts and belief system are what gave so many who lived in that part of the continent their independence and the freedom to enact their own governments with their own laws. Few people in history have achievements that can rival the ones made by this hero of the Latin American people. The world was forever changed by the perseverance of one man, Símon Bolívar.

Impossibly Glamorous (2017 Re-release): How a Misfit from Kansas Became an Asian Sensation (Impossibly Glamorous Memoirs)

by Charles St. Anthony

Charles St. Anthony heard plenty of â??Wizard of Oz’ jokes growing up in Kansas. After finding himself on some seedy dance floors in Kansas City, his quest for love and glamor â?? and his penchant for all things Japanese â?? carried Charles from Dorothy’s homeland to New York to Tokyo. Impossibly Glamorous follows his exploits with Goth raver lesbians, hot men, and not-so-hot men, culminating in a long-term love affair with Japan. His journey from ugly baby to Asian media personality touches on tough issues such as coming out gay in Kansas, domestic violence, substance abuse, and how to to bounce back from any kind of adversity with only a faux fur coat and a cavalier skip.



Growing up in a small town, wasn’t so simple. For Elizabeth it was A nightmare.Starting at age four, Never knowing what was to come next. The extraordinary experiences of a young woman and her will to survive through extreme childhood abuse, sexual assault, bullying, and abandonment. A series of events that will leave you speechless and in tears. As her heart pours with love, but taken for granted and torn, left for the unknown world. Elizabeth isn’t your average girl turned woman. Her determination almost faded. She was defeated in her mind but determined by her heart and soul. To survive the woman that had given and taken her life. A brother who had claimed protection yet stolen what was left of her. Seeking the love her grandma has always shown. Waiting for the arms of her step-father to comfort. Unable to connect with her sister. As she learns to undo the damages, unable to love whole. With A new found life far away and the opportunity to claim back her life. Bound and determined to beat PTSD and the events that had made her afraid to live, love and follow the pursuit of happiness. Step onto Pinetree Drive. Where her world fell apart at her feet.

Return to Sugar Momma for our Child: Personal Journal of Separation and Divorce

by Jack Salk

This private journal provides the raw truth of marital struggles with the relationship, parenthood, and career between 1995 – 1996. Some of the characters names are changed to allow publishing of the candid story without revealing identities. Limited editing is provided within brackets to provide understanding since the journal was written without an intended audience. Consequently, the material is deeply affecting and discloses some dark secrets.

About the Author:
Salk lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and son. Since graduating from the University of Utah and Baruch College (CUNY) he has written twenty books. Prior to publishing he worked at New York ad agency, Lintas: Worldwide.

Killing The Wrong Man : The True Story of Lee Ann Reidel

by Anita Murdock

One month later on the 17th January 2001, an unbelievable act of violence took place. Alex Algeri was shot in the face and killed outside the Dolphin Fitness Club. Gym members and the local community of Amityville were shocked; it was obviously a cold blooded murder.
Like any typical January in New York, the weather was very cold and there was a covering of snow on the ground. It was 7.20 in the evening and already dark. It was Paul Reidel’s night off; Alex Algeri was covering the late shift at the gym. During what had so far been a perfectly normal evening, Alex popped out to get a CD from his car for one of the regular aerobics classes. He exited the building through the backdoor. The car park was not well lit and would have been very dark. He went round to the passenger side of the car to collect the CD from the glove compartment. Suddenly, a man jumped out of another vehicle parked nearby. As Algeri turned around, the man shot him several times in the face and neck.
But who would want to murder a man with no enemies? It turns out that he was murdered by mistake.
The true target was the husband of another woman.
This is her story.

Wrong Brothers Aviation: By the Seat of My Pants

by Wesley Friesen

The Wrong Brothers had numerous hair-raising close calls designing and manufacturing their own aircraft. They pushed their abilities to the limit on a daily basis. Even knowing the consequences, they still took the risks. Their true passion, to live life to the fullest without missing a beat. The only thing that kept them alive, a combination of luck and their natural talent to fly. Setting world records, partying, and risking their lives were the only way they knew how to live – “By the Seat of Their Pants” Their adventures were featured on the Today show and Good Morning America. Somewhere Between Sanity and Insanity True Adventure Awaits

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