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Our Path of Action

by Wendell Brierly

You know that there is never a good time to have “the talk.” But you also know that none of you are getting any younger. Finally you buckle up and take your stand. It is now time to talk to Mom and Dad about ensuring their financial and business affairs are in order. And this talk doesn’t come any easier when you live 1,500 miles away.

My wife and I broached the subject with her parents a few years ago but we did not take the initiative to follow through. As a result, when the inevitable medical crisis ensued we were in the dark as to how to proceed.

We discovered that there really was no easy way to wade through the myriad of detail that needed to be tended to other than jumping right in. As we related our experience to others it was suggested we write a book.

This book takes the reader from the point of receiving that phone call informing you that an elderly parent has suffered a medical crisis to ensuring that the needs of the other parent are covered.

Throughout this book you will see where I have identified some red flags, have given some loving suggestions, and have made a few recommendations along the way.

It is my intent that you will be able to not only empathize with our path of action but will also be inspired to ensure you and your loved ones have conversed with one another so that any crisis can be handled in an expeditious manner.

While this book is geared more toward the elderly and their siblings, it is also quite appropriate for a single person, especially a single parent.

As a single parent have you taken the necessary steps to ensure your child is taken care of to your liking in the event the unthinkable happens to you? How would your loved ones have access to any of your financial resources to care for your child? Other than yourself, does anyone know anything about your financial and legal affairs?

Real Estate Investment Strategies: A comprehensive guide on how to thrive and build wealth in the current market by choosing the best real estate investment niches and strategies

by Iwona G.Riley

This book can be read by real estate investors of every level of expertise as it not only breaks down types of real estate but also analyzes the present market. The book starts off by explaining the buying and selling process, specifically discussing how properties can be financed. This is helpful to new investors as it takes the mys-tery out of purchasing a home or other property. It also delves into the assets availa-ble to a potential investor, namely the real estate agents, explaining their role in the process and how they can help both the buyer and the seller alike. The book also hints at the benefits of being a property owner as compared to making investments in other areas like stocks. It specifically talks about being a homeowner and how a home can take the place of rent as an investment in one’s future.

This book delves into six kinds of real estate investments. It gives examples of residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties. It also talks about invest-ments which do not result in a physical property holding like tax liens and REITs. By comparing different investment types, readers can gain an understanding of which investment might be right for them without needing to process too much external information. In addition to explaining different types of real estate investments, this book explains strategies for choosing, holding, and releasing each of these. By gaining an understanding of not only an investment type that is most appropriate, potential investors will have an insight into other investments that are at play in the real estate market.

After covering the core real estate investments, this book will give some back-ground about the commonly discussed, but seldom explained, subsets of the real es-tate market. These include flipping houses, renting houses, and basic tax information associated with the real estate market. In this way, the book would be useful for all types of potential investors, especially those who are unsure about which path to take in investing.

Throughout most of the book, well-proven facts and long used strategies are explained. However, the last chapter might be the most useful of all as it talks about the current market. Not only does this chapter explain which areas of the country are primed for real estate investments, it also breaks down the sectors of real estate and how they are expected to fare in 2018-2019.

Although this book can’t serve as an all-encompassing guide to investing in re-al estate, it can certainly increase the basic knowledge of anyone who reads it. It is particularly valuable to keep handy and refer to when necessary as a summary of the options available. Real estate investing is a valuable use of time and money, but it is all too easy to get discouraged by the volumes of information about every aspect of the process. This book keeps it simple and informative to encourage investors to give it a try whilst arming them with the knowledge to make choices in those crucial first few months.

Passive Income Treasures: The 10K Blueprint

by M Jason

The majority of people that are really making it big online every month are using passive income models to do this.

They are not trading their time for money and they know that a small amount of time invested in their business will make a big difference every day. They are making money while they sleep.

There are many passive income models that you can choose from and we have selected the top 5 for you in this report. These are all fairly straight forward to implement and they have unlimited potential.

We want you to use this report to your advantage. We have provided the main reason and the biggest drawback of each model so you can make the decision which way you want to go. You will be on your way to making big paydays every month if you take the appropriate action.

You will need to give consideration to the amount of money that you are prepared to invest into your passive income model. It is possible to do some of them for free but if you can invest money into your project then things will happen faster for you.
So choose your passive income model wisely and we wish you every success!

Blessed Is The Lord Prayers For The Workplace

by Stacey N. Cox

Blessed Is the Lord Prayers For The Workplace is a book of prayers to align you with your position to work to the best of your effort as working for the Lord. We face many challenges during the course of the day that can cause us to be discouraged, stressed or afraid. Your work is important to God and prayers welcome Him into the workplace.

Preserving Wealth: Why Buy Life Insurance

by Walter H. Wood

EvеrÑ?bоdÑ? Ñ?ееmÑ? to knоw thаt thеÑ? need it, but fеw people undеrÑ?tаnd thе imÑ?оrtаnсе of lifе inÑ?urаnсе. Lifе inÑ?urаnсе hеlÑ?Ñ? replaces the loss of inсоmе. Life inÑ?urаnсе covers thе debts of thingÑ? likе a hоmе, саr, оr сrеdit саrdÑ?. Lifе inÑ?urаnсе саn never rеÑ?lасе thе lоÑ?Ñ? оf a loved оnе, but it can hеlÑ? keep Ñ?оmе nоrmаlсÑ? in place.

In оrdеr tо аnÑ?wеr the Ô?uеÑ?tiоn, “Whаt is life insurance?” Ñ?оu’ll first want to lеаrn аÑ? muсh аÑ? Ñ?оu саn about thе various tÑ?Ñ?еÑ? аvаilаblе. At itÑ? соrе, a lifе Ñ?оliсÑ? is a соntrасt between you аnd the inÑ?urаnсе соmÑ?аnÑ? tо Ñ?аÑ? a bеnеfit to thе person you nаmе аÑ? Ñ?оur beneficiary in thе еvеnt of Ñ?оur passing. But thеrе аrе many types of lifе соvеrаgе, аnd choosing the right one will tаkе a bit of Ñ?tudÑ? аnd thе guidаnсе оf a Ô?uаlifiеd Ñ?rоfеÑ?Ñ?iоnаl. CоmÑ?аring thе Ñ?imilаritiеÑ? аnd diffеrеnсеÑ? of thе different Ñ?оliсÑ? tÑ?Ñ?еÑ? аnd соnÑ?ulting with a brоkеr will help аrm Ñ?оu fоr thе crucial dесiÑ?iоn оf whiсh tÑ?Ñ?е of Ñ?оliсÑ? to get.

Nurturing Little Humans : Two Centuries | One Goal | Sahi Parvarish

by Jay Lilawala

Being born in the year 1984 and being raised amidst a Big Fat Indian Family amongst the love and warmth of grandparents, timely and firm advice from parents, spirit of oneness from uncles-aunts and the feeling of camaraderie that is free from any distinguishes amongst the cousins, I have lived an eventful childhood in the 20th century with my family and moved in the 21st century with my growth as a human. So I have memories of both the centuries and now I am standing at the equidistant of the 21st century that connects the lifestyles of two different eras. We did not have a childhood with the hi-tech technology where we could video call a long distant relative or play online Ludo with my friends. In our times we would meet at a cousin’s place over tea and samosas followed by gully cricket.

Since we have been imbibed with the skills of both the centuries which has made us capable enough to embrace any challenge with open arms, it is our responsibility to help and guide the 21st century kids towards understanding the real joy of life. Let’s not complicate things for them with high management fundas and rather use our simple and playful tricks of past centuries and make life and childhood more memorable for them.

The correct blend of old times with the current techno world will help us Nurture a Perfect Little Human who will in future build a Nation to be proud of.

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Marketing Automation and Online Marketing: Automate Your Business through Marketing Best Practices such as Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

by George Pain

Do you have a reasonably successful business? Or do you have a side business and looking to move up a gear? How do you automate your tasks to get to the next level?

This book is your answer.

Marketing automation has revolutionized the way business firms carry out their marketing efforts. This has resulted in lower marketing costs, lean and efficient marketing team, higher return-on-investment (ROI) on marketing effort and higher revenue streams. Yet, these and many other benefits seem to be a preserve of the few well-informed large enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises shy away from marketing automation either due to lack of awareness or failure to understand how it can transform their marketing operations.

This book specifically endeavors to demystify marketing automation, create awareness of what marketing automation is, and encourage small-scale and medium-sized enterprises to employ this great technology for their very own survival and competitive advantage. We have provided a host of free marketing automation tools so that there is no excuse whatsoever not to grow and earn more.

You will not only get to know about the unique benefits of marketing automation that you have been missing, but also get to know which tools are best suited for your type of business, when and how to implement them.

There is much more than you ought to know. Kindly download or request a print copy of this book to switch your business to a higher growth gear.

Here’s What’s Included In This Book

  • What is Marketing Automation?
  • How Marketing Automation Benefits You
  • Different types of marketing automation
  • How much control should I have in the business after automation
  • When is the right time to start automating?
  • Case Studies: Implementing Business Automation
  • Which Automation Tools are Best for You

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Capitalism is Dead – Peoplism Rules: Creating Success Out of Corporate Chaos

by Alec Reed

Peoplism is a revolution. It is radically altering the formation and functioning of business and society. This strategic management book analyses the impact Peoplism has on organizational success. It outlines the challenges facing business leaders in adjusting to the demands of a marketplace where commoditization and globalization continually erode margins.

Coined by Alec Reed, the term Peoplism describes an economic state where individuals own and control the most important factor of production, their human ability. After centuries where money and capital have been the driving force of business and the economy, Reed argues that the importance has shifted irreversibly towards the individual. And whilst companies confidently declare that people are their most important asset, the real consequences of such statements have yet to bite.

Based on original research, Capitalism is Dead: Peoplism Rules examines and proffers practical solutions to the key challenges which lie at the core of today’s business. They include:

– the diminishing power of the state – organizational implications and opportunities
– recruitment, retention and measurement of top talent – optimizing private intellect insurance
– the diminishing power of the brand – how to reposition marketing when it is off-target
– short-termism and narrow focus of accounting practices – how to realign with the key value drivers
– how to develop Unique Strategic Positioning within companies, strategies for boosting the corporate libido, and proposals for developing the new Profit:Enterprise ratios.

Written with the warning that Peoplism is no kinder than capitalism, this book explains why companies need to act on this radical sea change, and advises how best to do so.

US Foreign Policy and a New Egypt

by DL Rauj

Current relations between the United States and Egypt primarily began following the Camp David Accords. Since this time, the United States has contributed considerable amounts of economic and military aid to Egypt, while additionally ensuring Egypt as a cooperative military partner. Egypt is strategically important to the United States due to its role in the Arab League, recent and ongoing changes in the Middle East and North Africa, the size and strength of the Egyptian military, as a balance against Iran, and for its role in the Arab/Israeli peace process.

Protests in Egypt, which began in January 2011, became a revolution resulted in the resignation of long-time President – and U.S. ally – Hosni Mubarak. In this period of uncertainty and transition, it is evident that Egyptian public opinion will play a larger role in Egyptian politics than in the past. Military aid, while still relevant, is no longer sufficient to secure a strategically viable Egypt. This short book proposes an initiative to increase and improve Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZs) in Egypt. These free trade zones, in unison with the U.S. and Israel, will further economic ties between the three countries, improve living conditions, and improve popular opinion toward the U.S. and Israel. Combined with existing military and economic assistance, QIZs will help to ensure a friendly Egypt toward the U.S.

STRATEGY For Everybody

by Gerard Danford

STRATEGY For Everybody is a purpose-driven approach to strategy based on eleven simple principles, which can be used throughout any organization. Those eleven principles will help everyone better understand the real meaning of strategy.

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Dr. Gerard L. Danford: MBA – The London Business School (UK), PhD – Helsinki School of Economics (Finland) and B.Sc. Engineering CCSU (USA). Dr. Gerard Danford has 20 years of experience in successfully consulting multinational companies on their strategies both in the USA and Europe. Dr. Danford also has 20 years experience teaching MBA and Executive MBA students in the USA and Europe.

The most important role for leaders in any organization is to provide strategic clarity. That clarity should be simple enough for everyone to understand the strategy. The reason so many strategies fail is because â??that’s how we have always done it’ (the strategy myth). In the absence of strategic clarity all that will result is; confusion and mistrust. Does your organizations strategy empower everyone to define clear priorities, think boldly and drive forward with a focus on high performance? If not, it is time for a change!

What Is Strategy?

A common understanding of where the organization is going (vision), why it is going there (purpose), how it is getting there (individual contributions), and what’s different about how they are doing that (implementation). Without a clear understanding of the above, organizations will fail in strategy execution.

Themes Covered

  • Trust: How to increase levels of trust?

  • Resources: How to deploy resources effectively and efficiently?

  • Environment: How to adjust, and adapt to rapidly changing conditions?

  • Change: How to manage the change process successfully?

  • Profit: How to invest that profit in the present… and for the future?

  • Competition: What battles to fight and not to fight?

  • Globalization: Deciding which game (product/service), and which playground (market) to play in?

  • Growth: How to achieve balanced growth?

  • Planning: How to precisely define the contribution of each component in the plan?

  • Teamwork: How to precisely define individual team members contribution and build consensus?

  • Leadership: How to gain trust (belief) in an uncertain strategy, which may deliver everyone safely to the final destination?

Relevant for: accounting, it management, marketing, starting a business, balanced scorecard, business planning, cfo, entrepreneurship, it management, leadership, mba, salesforce, scrum, strategy, venture capital, supply chain, six sigma, macroeconomics, microeconomics, lean startup, blue ocean strategy, problem solving, startup, startups, financial planning, mergers acquisitions, corporate finance, agile management, it operations, profit, design thinking, market research, teams, business communication, how to start a business, knowledge management, sustainability, professional services, innovation, balanced scorecard, cio, business management, product management, business school, employee engagement, strategic management, pr, b2b, sales force, business administration, business proposal, cmo, marketing plan, budgeting, forecasting, marketing mix, b2c, small business, entrepreneurs

Dividend Growth Investing Machine: The Playbook For Passive Income Retirement

by Andrew P.C.

Are you disappointed with your portfolio performance? Does the stock market volatility make you nervous? Worried you won’t have enough money for retirement?

What if I told you there was a successful investment strategy that (1) has beaten the market over the long-term with less volatility and (2) provides a predictable stream of semi-passive income for you to live off?

That strategy is called Dividend Growth Investing or DGI.

By investing in quality dividend stocks, you can build a portfolio of companies that pay YOU to hold their stock! Plus, you still get to share in the upside through capital appreciation.

Imagine being able to live off 2% to 5% of your portfolio for decades without having to sell stock or touch your principal!

With this book, you will learn:

*Why dividend stocks outperform the market

*My exclusive 9 factor checklist to select the BEST dividend stocks

*How to avoid big losses on investments

*How to construct a diversified retirement portfolio

*Dividend stock screening techniques (using free tools!)

*Many common (and avoidable) dividend investor mistakes

These days, big pensions have become dinosaurs. It’s up to you to take retirement into your own hands.

Get started today so you can reach financial freedom! Get your playbook for successful dividend growth investing!

The Thriving Hive: How People-Centric Workplaces Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results

by Mari Ryan

Mari Ryan, a workplace well-being strategist, tells a simple, yet insightful story in The Thriving Hive: How People-Centric Workplaces Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results. A first-time CEO realizes her organization is no longer attracting and retaining the kinds of employees they need to remain competitive and keep their customers happy. She seeks help from a mentor, the retired former CEO. With his unconventional insights, he introduces her to two very different beehive workplace cultures and how they deal with adversity.

Replete with interesting characters, the parable takes you on a journey as the bees experience hive-threatening situations. The story looks at the organizational behavior, how leadership and their management teams can create workplace cultures that diminish or support the well-being of their employees. You’ll meet the management teams and worker bees that represent typical employees in any business.

Readers join the CEO in learning about:

o Putting employee wellness first to revitalize a company

o The economic benefits of a people-centric workplace

o Creating a workplace culture with organizational behaviors that encourage organizational well-being

o Implementing structural adjustments that support employee engagement

o Strategic viewpoints and tactical practices for enhancing employee well-being

This is a quick read for anyone who wants guidance for creating a culture of well-being, purpose, vitality, and satisfaction, for an all-encompassing employee experience.

#SELLOUT: A New Way Of Marketing

by Joe Daniels

Business Dictionary describes marketing as follows:

“The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer.”

It explains marketing as taking the product and selling it to the customer. Though selling is not explicitly stated, it is obvious that selling can be considered part of the marketing function.

As a marketer, this doesn’t come as a shock. Anyone in the marketing world is brought up to believe the holy grail of their industry is to sell products (at large amounts) as a direct result of their efforts and campaigns.

Yet as a consumer, this terrifies and repulses me.

It makes me feel like a number. It’s as if I’m merely another statistic for CMO’s to report to the boss. As if I’m stood with an apple on my head waiting patiently for the most accurate marketer to hit it.

Surely this is wrong?

The truth is, times are changing, as they always have done and they always will. And when times change, our mindsets have to change as well. Unfortunately, it seems the majority of marketers haven’t got there yet.

I see so many of my tribe spout the latest buzzwords about customer engagement, or customer insights. Everyone claims that it should always be about the customer as a person, not a segment or a target market. We’re all unique and our marketing efforts should match that.

So why has nothing changed?

If you grill these marketers further, they will eventually concede that they still try the age old techniques, it’s just that they now dress it up as being more personal. They still create a sales funnel and try to cram as many people down it as they can. They still aim to convert.

These people simply don’t get it. They don’t realise that customers are people, and we should treat them as we’d expect to be treated ourselves.

This “Golden Rule” has endured since the dawn of man. It’s nothing new. But the marketing industry is too scared or lazy or stupid to embrace it.

Rather than converting their leads, these marketers need to start converting themselves. Hopefully this book will lead the way.

Financial Ratio Analysis: The guide for investors, managers, and small business

by Andrew P.C.

To make good investment decisions you need to be able to analyze financial statements.

The fundamentals of ratio analysis are important skills for any investor, executive/manager, and entrepreneur/small business to grow.

Learn how to read financial statements and calculate, analyze, and interpret over 20 financial ratios.

You will learn financial ratios for a variety of uses including:

*Evaluating margins

*Determining liquidity

*Assessing debt and leverage

*Calculating profitability

*Measuring activity and efficiency

*Stock valuation

Each chapter includes a description of the type of ratio, a discussion of the formula, examples, and additional insights and commentary.

Start making better business decisions today!

Finish Your Thesis or Dissertation! Tips & Hacks for Success

by Kevin Morrell

Introductory video copy this into your browser –

Reviews are on the site

Version 2.0 – now includes new sections on Stopping Procrastination, Myths on doing a Project, Additional sections on Trouble shooting, a Masterclass on doing an Upgrade (for PhD students), even quicker and easier to use with a streamlined structure, revised section on Understand Your Supervisor; also improved in response to feedback.

It’s hard doing a Dissertation. If you are anxious and want to avoid stress, or you want to help someone doing an Undergraduate, Masters or even PhD degree this book will help save time.

It is a practical, “how to” manual packed with advice on how to succeed. This will help anyone who has to study while they juggle other pressures and commitments – like applying for jobs or working whilst having a social life.

The main goal is to help people work more effectively.

This book is based on 15 years of helping students from many nationalities. The author, Professor Kevin Morrell has worked at 5 Universities, supervising hundreds of people at Undergraduate, Masters (MSc, MBA, MA, MPhil) and PhD level. Through talks at conferences, the National Press and other media, he has helped thousands more. His experience has been in business and management but many of the same principles apply in other subject areas like the social sciences, communication studies, history, sociology, geography and so on.

For optimal ebook layout, view this on a kindle app (free download on any device). The book can be read cover to cover or with a focus on particular sections. It’s the first time ever these tips and hacks from Professor Morrell have been collected together, and other supervisors helped with it too. 


About the Author


A New Approach to Thesis Writing


Part 1: Hacks

  • Get the Most out of this Book
  • The Visualization Exercise
  • Habits and Routines
  • The What and the How
  • Timetables versus Milestones
  • Your Project is New and Different
  • Learn to Compartmentalise
  • Show Yourself who is Boss
  • Remember the Project is an Opportunity
  • Start with the End in Mind
  • Get the Perfect Structure in 7 Steps


Part 2: Tips

  • How to Do a Research Proposal
  • How To Choose a Topic
  • How To Choose Research Questions
  • Get an â??Eagle-eye View’ of Your Project
  • Referencing and Citing other Work
  • Cite With Sophistication
  • Finding and Reading Articles
  • How to Use Google Scholar
  • Understand your Supervisor
  • Some Advice on Research Methods


Part 3: Writing Tips

How to Start

  • “Signposting” to help the Reader
  • Understanding Sentence Structure
  • Why Verbs beat Nouns
  • Should you Use “I” when Writing
  • Vocabulary Building – Describing Relationships
  • Layout and Presentation
  • If English is not your First Language


Part 4: Troubleshooting

  • 4 Myths about Your Thesis or Dissertation
  • You left it Late to Start – Now what?
  • You are Struggling to get Access
  • You Haven’t Got Enough Survey Responses
  • Your Interviewee Didn’t Turn Up
  • Stop Procrastinating – Yesâ?¦ You Can!
  • Major Changes: How to Tell Your Supervisor
  • Masterclass – 20 Examples of Successful Research
  • Masterclass For PhDs – Preparing for an Upgrade
  • Finish Your Thesis or Dissertation!

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