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Love Across the Lines: A Highlander Romance Story

by Numees Collins

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The young Kieran must learn the rules of the land from his mentor. He must learn how to battle and how to defend his head. Growing up with his love Sophie, the pair led a simple life and happy life, until their parents had other ideas.

Twenty years later, the two families are in an ongoing war, though Kieran and Sophie are still deeply and secretly in love. The Game is paused when Sophie is stabbed by Kieran’s mother. Though she awakens from the death as an Immortal, her memory has been erased.

With the final battle “The Gathering” quickly impending, Kieran also strives to remind Sophie of the happy life they shared together. But “The Game” is about to reach a conclusion and Kieran finds himself head-to-head with Sophie.

Will he be able to ignite her memory in time, so they can share everlasting love? Or will she simply swipe his head clean off his shoulders?

WARNING: Please note: this standalone short story contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

Crimen y castigo: Clásicos de la literatura (Spanish Edition)

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Con A to Z Classics, descubre o redescubre todos los clásicos de la literatura.

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Crimen y castigo gira en torno a Rodion Raskolnikov. El protagonista es un estudiante que apenas tiene para sobrevivir, ni siquiera a través de los esfuerzos de su madre (Pulqueria) y su hermana Dunia. Rodión se indigna con Dunia porque quiere casarse con un comerciante, y él sabe que el matrimonio es por interés, para ayudar a Rodión. Así que tiene la idea de matar y robar a una vieja usurera despiadada que guarda mucho dinero en su casa.
Raskolnikov se ve obligado a asesinar también a la hermana de la usurera Aliona, Lizaveta, ya que lo sorprende en el lugar del crimen. Pronto la policía se pone a investigar el caso. El protagonista como persona que usó los servicios de la usurera, es interrogado por el comisario, que sospecha de él como uno de los autores e intenta sorprenderlo con preguntas. Ello inquieta mucho a Rodión.
El crimen deja a Rodión en gran confusión, se debate consigo mismo sobre si su acción ha sido buena o mala. Confiesa a su amiga Sonia, una muchacha pobre y buena, las razones de su crimen.
Además de confesarle a Sonia, Rodión se lo dice a su hermana Dunia. Abrumado por las dudas sobre su acto, presionado por las dos mujeres para que se entregue y acosado por la policía, Rodión no aguanta más y se entrega, es enviado por su condena a trabajar a Siberia. Sonia visita a Rodion hasta cumplir su condena de 8 años.

The Heart of Darkness (The Chaucy Shire Medieval Mysteries Book 1)

by Odelia Floris

Set against the open skies and wild beauty of southwest England in 1430, The Heart of Darkness is a medieval mystery about one young woman’s quest to shed light on the dark secrets of her shire’s sheriff and help him hunt down the villains responsible for a spate of local kidnappingsâ??before they strike again.

Her courage began to desert her under Sir Richard’s cold, questioning stare. ‘Good day, sir. Iâ??Iâ??am Rowena Walden, my uncle, Lord Cunningham, sent me,’ she managed to stammer. ‘He said that youâ??needed a clerk.’

When Lady Sabina spitefully volunteered her well-educated cousin Rowena as temporary personal clerk to Chaucy Shire’s sheriff, she could not refuse. An unmarried young woman with dead parents and nothing to her name has little choice. But Rowena dreads it. She has heard a lot about the darkly handsome knight: heartless, hot-tempered, impossible to please, just plain bad… As she meets Sir Richard’s cold, unnerving stare for the first time, the future does not look good.

However, Rowena is not the only one with a problem. Strangely, Rowena’s presence at Eaglestone Castle deeply disturbs Sir Richard, who appears determined to intimidate his terrifyingly cunning new clerk into quitting. Unfortunately for him, Rowena finds her new master as fascinating as he is frightening. His finances are overstretched and highly irregular, and his murky past seems to conceal a dark and painful secret. His fury at the meddling of a lowly clerk whom he cannot sack because of her connections is intense, and his unexpected flashes of tenderness towards her only add to the confusion.

But with the local people growing increasingly angry at their sheriff’s failure to find three kidnapped girls, Sir Richard is forced to enlist Rowena’s help. Can this precarious pair catch the villains who have been carrying off Chaucy’s maidens before they strike again? And can Rowena get to the bottom of Sir Richard’s mysterious financial woes before he loses everything?

Then the stakes become higher than ever when the man whom Rowena thought she would never, could never, love challenges his greatest enemy to a fight to the death. Will he triumph, or will his life bleed away into the dust, and her heart with it?

Fiction Street: A Short Story (1970s Liverpool Series)

by Grace. M. Jolliffe

She’s been told not to go down Fiction Street.

She’s been told not to talk to strangers.

But she’s late for school.

She’s scared she’ll get the cane.

She needs to take a short cut.

And when the stranger is your dad’s friend it’s hard for a child to say no.

It’s 1970s Liverpool.

Fiction Street is a dark, historical short story that takes us into the imagination of a child after a disturbing encounter with a kerb-crawling predator.

About The Author

Grace M. Jolliffe was born and brought up in Liverpool but has since moved to Ireland. She loves to write about Liverpool and her novel Piggy Monk Square, was also based in Liverpool.

Piggy Monk Square was shortlisted for the Commonwealth New Writers Prize.

Grace is a prolific writer and her writing has been widely published and broadcast on National Radio.

She has also written and directed documentary for television as well as several award winning short films.

British Stories – Liverpool 1970s Series

Grace is also the author of the following English fiction novels:

When The Sun Shines

The Sunshine Girl

Sweet Little things

Sammelband 2 historische Sagas: Töchter der Hanse (German Edition)

by Alfred Bekker

Sammelband 2 historische Romane: Töchter der Hanse
von Alfred Bekker

Dieses Buch enthält die Romane:

Die Bernsteinhändlerin
Die Kaufmannstochter von Lübeck

Lübeck 1450: Mit einem groÃ?en Fest wird die Verlobung zwischen Barbara Heusenbrink, der Tochter des Rigaer Bernsteinkönigs Heinrich Heusenbrink, und dem reichen Patriziersohn Matthias Isenbrandt gefeiert. Obwohl Barbara Matthias nicht liebt, willigt sie in die Vernunftehe ein. Kurz darauf lernt sie jedoch den Glücksritter Erich von Belden kennen, von dem sie sich magisch angezogen fühlt. Aber beiden ist klar, dass ihre Liebe keine Chance hat. Und dann wird Barbara von Bernsteinschmugglern nach Danzig entführt, die ihren Vater erpressen wollen …

Da Vinci’s Cases – Leonardo’s Dragon

by Alfred Bekker

Leonardo’s Dragon
Da Vinci’s Cases
by Alfred Bekker

The scope of this book is 148 pages paperback.

The young Leonardo da Vinci is to learn the craft of painting in Florence. As soon as he arrived, he prevents an assassination attempt on Piero de Medici, the City Lord of Florence. He gets an insight into precious, old documents and discovers design drawings of flight kites, which he imitates immediately enthusiastically. But suddenly the assassins emerge again in the city and look for Leonardo. Will he find a way to escape them?

Alfred Bekker, born in 1964, writes fantasy, historical novels, criminal novels and books for young readers. His historical adventures for young readers are full of suspense, stuff which even kids who hate reading cannot resist.


by Cate Charleston

It is the beginning of the Edwardian era and the Boer War has ended, bringing back to the great house of Pommeroy its heir, Lord Richard Devenish. He has been severely wounded in the same action which killed his lifelong friend Jack Brookes, one of the Pommeroy gardeners. Before he died, he left a message which Richard believes to be for Jack’s sister Lily, now the only remaining child of the widowed head gardener. Expecting gratitude, he is puzzled by Lily’s coolness. For Lily realizes that her brother’s words are intended for another although she cannot reveal the secret she unwillingly shares with Richard’s sisters, Leonora and Louisa, and which all three are anxious to keep from him. Leonora is being pressured into marriage by her overbearing mother and believing that she has nothing left to live for, submits to what she can no longer avoid. The consequences are disastrous. Despite his best efforts, Richard is powerfully drawn to Lily, who leaves Pommeroy on the death of her father. A chance revelation explodes the secret which has almost estranged them all and Jack’s legacy changes from one of bitter sorrow and blame to healing, redemption and a passionate love which takes no heed of class or birth.

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