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Motivation: Special Operations Success and Self Discipline

by John Winters

Get the Special Operations Strategies For Success In Life

Self Discipline is a Major key to success. You can’t have one without the other. In this book, I bring 2 of my successful books together in this special edition bundle. Both my books Self Discipline and Success are published together in this book so you can get both books as one. 

My Self Discipline book will give you the Special Forces tools to live with focus and perseverance.My Green Beret Success book will give you the success mindset and strategies the Green Berets use to overcome any obstacle in their path and win. 

Inside This Book You Will Learn:

  • Defining Discipline
  • Creating the Culture of Self-Discipline
  • Special Forces Life
  • Living By Your Code
  • Success Habits To Start Today
  • The Habits of Elite Warriors
  • How To Have Confidence in Yourself
  • How To Take Initiative!
  • How To Be More Productive
  • Leadership Skills
  • Green Beret Organization and Planning
  • Much Much more..

The Tudors: A Captivating Guide to the History of England from Henry VII to Elizabeth I

by Captivating History

Explore the Captivating History of the Tudors

Free History BONUS Inside!

Five Tudor monarchs sat on the throne of England and Ireland from 1485 to 1603. The family earned their royal rights through strategic planning and battlefield prowess, and kept them because of intellect, strength and sheer determination. The Tudors, one of England’s most powerful and famous royal dynasties, knitted together a fragmented and small island nation that became one of the world’s financial, colonial and technological superpowers.

There is so much more to the story of these kings and queens than beheadings, political marriages and the reformation of the church – but those events remain some of the family’s most enthralling moments.

This captivating history book covers topics such as:

  • The Tudors of Wales
  • The Wars of the Roses
  • Catherine of Valois, Mother of the Tudor Dynasty
  • Margaret Beaufort, Second Tudor Matriarch
  • King Henry VII
  • Arthur Tudor
  • King Henry VIII
  • Margaret Tudor, Sister of Henry VIII
  • Mary Tudor, Queen of France
  • The Birth of the Church of England
  • King Henry VIII: Wives Two and Three
  • King Henry VIII: The Last Three Wives
  • King Edward VI
  • The Nine Days’ Queen, Jane Grey
  • Elizabeth Tudor
  • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
  • And much more!

So if you want to learn more about the Tudors, click “buy now”!

The Medici Popes

by Herbert Vaughan

IN our efforts to realise the leading events of our own history we experience no small difficulty from the fact that so much of the face of England has completely altered its outward appearance under the stress of modern development, so that we find it particularly hard to picture to ourselves their original setting. Our overgrown yet ever-spreading capital owns scarcely a feature to-day in common with the London of the Tudors or Plantagenets; the relentless pushing of industrial enterprise has turned whole shires from green to black, from verdant countryside to smoke-grimed scenes of commerce. It is therefore well-nigh impossible for us in many cases to conjure up the old-world conditions of Merrie England. But in writing of Italian annals we are confronted by no such problem: altered to a certain extent no doubt is the pres­ent aspect of Italy, yet in Florence, Venice, Siena and most of her cities we still possess the empty stages of the pageants and deeds of long ago, all ready prepared for us to people with the famous figures of the historic past…

The Caesars

by Thomas De Quincey

The condition of the Roman Emperors has never yet been fully appreciated; nor has it been sufficiently perceived in what respects it was absolutely unique. There was but one Rome: no other city, as we are satisfied by the collation of many facts, either of ancient or modern times, has ever rivalled this astonishing metropolis in the grandeur of magnitude; and not manyâ??if we except the cities of Greece, none at allâ??in the grandeur of architectural display. Speaking even of London, we ought in all reason to sayâ??the Nation of London, and not the City of London; but of Rome in her palmy days, nothing less could be said in the naked severity of logic. A million and a half of soulsâ??that population, apart from any other distinctions, is per se for London a justifying ground for such a classification; à fortiori, then, will it belong to a city which counted from one horn to the other of its mighty suburbs not less than four millions of inhabitants [Footnote: Concerning this questionâ??once so fervidly debated, yet so unprofitably for the final adjudication, and in some respects, we may add, so erroneouslyâ??on a future occasion.] at the very least, as we resolutely maintain after reviewing all that has been written on that much vexed theme, and very probably half as many more. Republican Rome had her prerogative tribe; the earth has its prerogative city; and that city was Rome…

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