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A Christmas Tale to Chill Your Heart

by Matthew C. Woodruff

Even as a child, Meshelle felt a strong sense of foreboding when destiny was about to take a hand in her life, and terrible things happened, especially at Christmastime. Now a young adult, Meshelle and her friend are visiting the Christmas Market at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, England and the sense of foreboding comes on strong. Is another terrible thing about to happen? This one short tale will make the reader stop to wonder if we ever really know those closest to us.

The Fallen Nightmare: Can You Escape Your Past?

by Gargi Sidana

A debut title with unexpected twists, The Fallen Nightmare explores the devastation of loss, the suffocation of fear and the pulse-racing repercussions of discovering the truth about the deeds did in the past.
The story dwells in the city of Bombay which is often called the ‘City of Dreams’ but this dream traces the pain and agony of a teenager who doesn’t realise what’s happening to her.
Samayra, a chirpy teenager witnesses her life going upside down after she regularly sees a haunting nightmare. The nightmare started giving her chills and even took a toll on her real life.
Her friends and family all seemed too far away from her. The circumstances revealed her vulnerable part, the part of her which was too sensitive for any of the situations she was going through.
Will she escape alive? Will she be able to reconstruct her life or get stuck forever in the ghastly shadows.

Tyler: The Gatekeeper Series (The Gatekeeper Series Short Stories Book 0)

by Stevie Trinity

Tyler is a Bounty Hunter. Tormented by the memory of the woman who broke his heart, he became a Bounty Hunter to try and find her. She has managed to elude him for years. Now he is closing in on finding her, if Acacia doesn’t find a way to distract him, and pull him further into the dark.

Horror Collection: Welcome Home & Raised In Evil: Two Complete Novels In One Volume

by Neil Davies

Two complete horror novels in one volume for ebook only: Welcome Home and Raised In Evil.

Welcome Home
Serial Killer Horror/Thriller
There is a serial killer on the loose, torturing and butchering his way across the North of England. In the quiet Cheshire village of Taupington, Victoria Wheatcroft has found the house of her dreams. But the house holds more than simply memories, and the serial killer, and her own past, are closing in…

Raised In Evil
Supernatural Horror/Thriller
Raymond Shaw has a past he has all but eradicated from his memory. A twisted past involving his parents, a defrocked priest, satanic rituals and murder. But now he dreams of dead girls and he knows the past has resurfaced and is calling to him, calling him back to the purpose he was raised for.
Detective Inspector Frank Giles is investigating a series of ritualistic murders that bring terrifying memories of an earlier case back to him. There had been murders then, too, and the cult of Beliar led by the defrocked priest Father McHinery, and a small boy found hiding behind the sacrificial altar, a small boy named Raymond. McHinery is dead, Frank watched him gunned down, but as his investigations into the current murders continue, the evidence keeps pulling him towards one conclusion. The cult of Beliar has resurfaced and at its head, impossibly, is a resurrected McHinery.
They are killing once again but, more than anything, they want Raymond back. Beliar must be made flesh and only one raised for that purpose can fulfil his need.

2,300 Steps: A Horror Short Story About Smartwatches, Unicorns & Sleepwalking

by Derek Walker

In theory, sleep tracking has lots of benefits. That’s one of the reasons why Apple Watches and Fitbit’s are all the rage these days. And why not? When you track your sleep, you can see how long it takes you to fall asleep, how much time you spend in the various sleep cycles, how often you’re up in the night, etc. Most people find that simple tweaks can enhance slumber significantly. But what if your smartwatch started telling you that you were awake and active in the middle of the night? Is it casual sleepwalking or are you living an uncontrollable double life?

Lure: Adult Humor (Sam Flock Adventures Book 1)

by Brian Rathbone

Warning: This title contains sexual content, bad behavior, mild profanity and immature characters.

What readers are saying:
“Like Beavis and Butthead…only hotter and sassier.”
“Lure is like a cross between Saving Grace, Ghost Hunters and Jersey Shore.”
“Fans of the movies The Hangover and Brides Maids are sure to enjoy this irreverent comedy.”

Sam Flock is a good cop, even if she does drink too much. Off-duty, she’s been known to cause her own trouble, but when she drives into the side of an ambulance after seeing a ghost, her career in law enforcement meets its end. Determined to find answers, she forms a paranormal investigation agency with her capable but sometimes annoying friend, Shells. Though they are perhaps the world’s worst paranormal investigators, they find something beyond their wildest imaginings.

Growing Dim (Crossman McKnight Book 1)

by Nicholas McGirr

Crossman McKnight is the drummer for the band, The Growing Dim Project. What he doesn’t realize is that by piecing this band together he is bound to the Fates to take over the throne to the Underworld. As Crossman begins to realize that Greek Mythology characters are real entities, The Shade is plotting to pass the robe to Crossman to reign the Underworld. Crossman’s adventures with Lenny and Jessica will show him that he should’ve believed that reality is what was taught as myth.
This is a Greek Mythology tale for adolescents to adults.

A Bridge of Shadow: A Creativia Anthology

by Craig Gaydas

This collection of short stories takes you on a ride through a broad swath of genres and themes: love stories, mysteries with a taste of history, cautionary tales of late night meetings with attractive men, sentience in unusual places,magic animals and a taste of the paranormal.

You might find yourself face to face with a vampire or werewolf, a wendigo, or maybe a Shade hiding in the shadows. Visit the lost colony of Roanoke, a town in the countryside of France, or the dark streets of London as you read your way through this anthology.

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