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On Burning Mirrors

by Jamie Klinger-Krebs

Jules Kanter is a wife, a mother and a successful journalist; but she’s completely fallen for the subject of her latest story–a talented musician/bartender named Erin. While plagued with guilt over her affair with another woman, and terrified of hurting everyone she loves, Jules pours her emotions into her writing. But, she never imagined her words would be discovered when she wasn’t there to explain them.

Following Jules’ tragic death her husband, Will, learns of her affair and uncovers a letter Jules had written to herself, as well as the article she had been writing about Erin–a story Erin doesn’t know exists. Desperate to understand how his wife could be involved in a same-sex affair, he tracks Erin down and the pair soon begins to understand just how much Jules hid from them both. Although neither will ever really know what Jules was planning to do, through their shared grief Will and Erin are forced to recognize who they were with Jules, and the people they need to become without her.

**Honored as an Award Finalist in the General Fiction and LGBTQ categories of the 2018 American Fiction Awards**

What readers are saying about On Burning Mirrors:

“Wow is all I can say about this book. It’s bittersweet, tragic, and even difficult at times, but I can honestly say I haven’t read a story quite like it before.”

“The character development of Will and Erin is beyond reproach and left my heart aching for them both.”

“The story bounces back and forth from past to present, I love how the author did this beautifully with no loose ends.”

“A thought-provoking character study on sexual identity, marriage and family, and self-authenticity.”

The Perihelion (The Perihelion Book 1)

by D.M. Wozniak

It is Thursday, January 3, 2069: the eve of the perihelion. Night is upon Bluecore 1C (what used to be known as the city of Chicago before the riots). Snow is falling, plans are being made, and within hours everyone in 1C will be changed forever.

Narrated from the vantage point of six residents of 1C, The Perihelion is a novel set against the dystopian backdrop of near-future events. As the modern trappings of their Bluecore fall apart, each must strike his or her own separate path towards salvation. Their interlaced stories become a compelling exploration of moral deviation and ultimate redemption.

A Long Road Home

by Dennis Maley

After losing her mother to cancer, 22-year old aspiring singer Jenny Harris couldn’t be more alone. Enter T.K. Connolly, a debauched recluse of a writer who has just been revealed as her biological father. Their journey of self discovery takes the reader from the azalea-lined streets of Savannah to the rich culture of New Orleans. Can Jenny find her voice? Can T.K. reclaim his? In his debut novel, longtime journalist Dennis Maley has crafted a rich and poignant story that will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.

The Blind Woman and Other Stories

by Michael Gurian

“(Gurian’s) skillful characterizations, convincing dialogue and rich
details make this a worthwhile, entertaining collection.”
â??Publishers Weekly

“Timely . . . a fascinating look into a world that remains impossibly
foreign and opaque to most Americans.”
â??Kirkus Reviews

Within this dramatic and profound collection of stories, New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian explores the cultural and spiritual gulf between Muslims and Westerners. From Ankara to Seattle, the West Bank to Manhattan, these provocative stories continually surprise with scenes of shocking brutality and improbable enlightenment.

In A Desperate Pride, a Palestinian woman falls in love with Raf Horowitz, an American Jew who arrives in Israel with reckless idealism. In The Reincarnation of Donaldo Fuertes, an elderly writer recruits a young African American Muslim to accompany him on a pilgrimage to his homeland. And in the title story, a young hospice nurse finds her life course completely changed as she fulfills her duties to a Somali woman scarred by her upbringing.

With the grace and craftsmanship of a veteran storyteller, Gurian’s collection is an emotional powerhouse filled with animosity and love, heartache and understanding, disillusionment and hope. Lyrical and absorbing, these stories reveal the humanity of a culture so often in conflict with our own.

More praise for The Blind Woman and Other Stories:

“Translucent stories! Courageous! While the rest of the world is
gearing for war with the Muslims, Michael Gurian is calling for
something higher, better, the kind of peace that only a first-rate
storyteller can imagine.”
â??Jim Connor, author of Silent Fire

“We could not ask for a more important, true or better book about
the â??politics’ of our world and, far more importantly, about the truths
hidden in the human soul than we find in The Blind Woman and
Other Stories
â??Terry Trueman, Printz Honor author of Stuck in Neutral

“These stories immerse us in the mysteries that attract us to, and repel
us from, foreign cultures. These are very important narratives for our
time. In them, individuals of various ages, genders and faiths reveal
how culture can save us or fail us, at times simultaneously. I saw these
stories as a narrative bracelet which, once put on, cannot be turned
away from. Their beauty and unsentimental power are stunning.”
â??Michael B. Herzog, author of Troilus and Criseyde

Date por muerto (Narrativa Argentina) (Spanish Edition)

by Javier Ragau

Con características propias de lo que se ha definido como escritor outsider , al menos en cuanto a no seguir patrones regulares que hacen al oficio, Javier Ragau (Buenos Aires, 1976) es autor de cuatro relatos, que dio a conocer en gran medida “a pulmón”, o sea, con esfuerzos propios de edición y tiradas de reducido volumen. Ha logrado suscitar, sin embargo, el interés de quienes lo consideran ya un escritor de culto, con tramas que exhiben la singularidad de entrecruzar la historieta o el cómic (tipo pulp-fiction ), la novela negra, algunos rasgos de la literatura gótica y una crítica frontal o entre líneas, con un tinte anarco, hacia la forma en que se sustenta y expresa la sociedad contemporánea.

Esta novela hard-boiled detective parecería ser una broma de mal gusto al género, porque no tiene más pretensión que la de valerse de ciertas reglas de la narración para contar la historia de Arturo Bonilla y de sus desmesuras como agente de la ley. Un individuo que no tiene frenos ni ninguna intención de redimirse, y con que le paguen un buen dinero pondrá sus servicios al mejor postor. Esta nouvelle tampoco tiene una trama precisa, ni siquiera relevante, no hay ningún misterio que desentrañar, pues aquí lo que interesa es la vida y obra de un policía fuera de lo común. Al fin y al cabo, el estilo es lo que importa.

Sensory Deprivation (Bathhouse Confessions Book 2)

by Nathan Bay

Welcome to the bathhouse, a place where your wildest fantasies can come true. Leave your hang-ups and inhibitions at the door because this is a place where anything goes.

Meet Trevor, a college student with a daring secret wish. Ever since he saw a video about a man’s twenty load weekend, he’s been curious about having a similar experience. Now he’s finally worked up the courage to try it.

To add to the intensity, he’s going to do it with his wrists bound behind his back, a blindfold wrapped around his head, and earbuds playing an EDM mix so he can’t hear anything. Relying only on his sense of touch, taste, and smell, he’ll be at the mercy of whatever random strangers want to do to him.

How much stimulation can Trevor endure before he reaches his limit? And what happens when you relinquish all control in the bathhouse? Find out in this sizzling short story by Nathan Bay, Amazon bestselling author of gay fiction.

Sensory Deprivation features 51 pages of heat, just the right length for an exciting bedtime story.

Each entry in the Bathhouse Confessions series is a stand-alone short story which can be read in any order and does not contain cliffhangers. This is the second book, with future volumes coming soon.

Whores for Life: Scatolo’s, and other stories

by Joe Formichella

Whores for Life is the first available short fiction collection from award winning author Joe Formichella. It includes the novella “Scatolo’s” and a dozen other short stories.

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