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Work Happy!: 26 Quick And Easy Relaxation Tips To Help You Breeze Through Your Day

by Ntathu Allen

Learn 26 simple tips and techniques to help you relieve stress and anxiety at work.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed at work that you struggle with anxiety? It feels like everything must be done, and it all has to be done right now?

The truth is…most busy women experience stress from work. But if you always feel overwhelmed, and your wellbeing and performance at work starts to suffer, then it is essential you seek ways to relax, relieve stress and ease tension from your body.

So, how do you get out of the state of overwhelm and feel alert, confident and happy at work?

That’s what this book, Work Happy! 26 Quick And Easy Relaxation Tips To Help You Breeze Through Your Day is all about.

The 26 Relaxation Tips, from A to Z, help you learn how to relax and handle stress at work.

With these A to Z tips, you will quickly learn:

An easy breathing meditation to go from chaos to calm and regain your poise.

5 Chair Yoga exercises, you can do seated on your office chair, to reduce stress and tension from your shoulders and neck.

The importance of drinking water throughout your day to hydrate and nourish your brain.

6 “Good Posture Tips” to improve your posture and ease lower back ache.

A simple Energy Balance technique to help you unwind and sleep soundly.

3 yoga breathing exercises to banish stress so you can concentrate and make clearer decisions at work.

And Much, Much More!

“â?¦this is an excellent and useful guide to finding joy within yourself first and the workplaceâ?¦.it inspires and motivates women and others to believe in themselves and live their true potential.” – Happy Reader.

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Sugar Detox: Overcome Sugar Addiction NOW and Improve Your Health for Life!

by Kim Dewalt

Are you addicted to sugar? Are you tired of feeling tired, overweight, and stressed? If so, a sugar detox may be able to help you curb your sugar addiction and take control of your life!

In this sugar detox guide, you’ll learn:

  • Symptoms of Sugar Addiction 
  • How to Get Started with a Sugar Detox 
  • Acceptable and Unacceptable Foods for a Sugar Detox 
  • Sample 3-Day Sugar Detox Plan 
  • Sugar Detox Recipes 

…and much more! Plus there’s a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

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Building Self Esteem: Proven Research To Be Happy And Confident In Less Than 30 Days!

by Christian Joseph

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This Revolutionary New Book Building Self-Esteem Explores Research, and Incredible New Technology to HELP anyone who is seeking to develop a greater feeling of Happiness, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem in their lives. People who lack self-esteem often find themselves struggling to reach their desired level of success. As a result of their fears and their underdeveloped confidence, they often feel as though they are incapable or unworthy of achieving anything great in life. This book will REVEAL Secrets, Technology, Real Results, and a Step By Step Plan to Be Happy and Confident in Less Than 30 Days!
If you are Sick and Tired of Feeling Less Than Your Best Every day or Feeling Sad and Unfulfilled and want to Change Your Life in the Next 30 Days, this book is a Great Place to Start. Whether you are regaining your self-confidence or starting from scratch, the Easy to Understand Tools provided within this book will help you build up your self-esteem in a Powerful and Sustainable way.
Through these chapters, you willâ?¦
-Understand the Value and Power of Self-Esteem
-Discover how your self-esteem can be affected by external factors
-Create a Step by Step Action Plan to support yourself as you build your self-esteem
Access and integrate Powerful Self-Esteem Building Tools
-Use your momentum to increase your success
-Know yourself on a deeper level
-And many more Tips and Tricks you would never have thought of!
This book is an Essential, Easy to Read Guide for anyone who wants to begin living their Best Life Today, Feeling Invincible, Happy, and Proud of Who They Are. If that’s you and you are ready to change your life through Improving Your Self-Esteem, then Make the Decision NOW! You Will Be Amazed How Much Your Life Can Change In 30 Days!

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Simple but delicious

by Son Mai

Simple and effective recipes are synthesized and presented in this book .
Easterners grow rice – Westerners grow wheat. Easterners have eaten rice for thousands of years, and Westerners have also eat baked goods centuries ago. In the age of globalization, however, this boundary was eroded as many Asians enjoyed European and European cakes as well as learning to make bread completely different from rice cakes. Recently, when the online community’s pastry-making movement was on the rise, people have come together to find and share recipes, techniques, and baking tips. Baking is also a great hobby and enjoyment with the author of this book.

How to be Influential: Easy Actions to Increase Persuasion

by Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper

How to be Influential gives you easy to implement tips on how to be persuasive. Backed by scientific research, this book is a great guide for anybody who wants to be influential, whether it be in business or their personal lives. Discover what factors influence people and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Soap Making: 25 Organic Homemade Soap Recipes With Easy Instructions (Beauty Secrets Book 1)

by Chad Causer

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Soap Making: (FREE Bonus Included)

25 Organic Homemade Soap Recipes With Easy Instructions

Use this book to create your bath and lotion soap recipes! Whether you just want something for your bubble bath or you wish to reap the benefits of soothing, specially made face soap, the 25 soap recipes in this book will show you how you can design your very own unique blends of soap with basic ingredients that you can find at any local grocery store.

Learn how you can use soap molds to pour just about any blended creation into them to create soap out of it. Would you like to try some beer soap? Strawberry ice cream flavored soap perhaps? Well go right ahead, and tickle that fancy of yours folks, because this book shows you how! But the recipes in this book are not just some dime store novelty, they are arranged with very important health and nutrient values in mind. So do you and your skin (and your wallet) a favor and by this book!

Discover how you can:

  • Make the best of the least ingredients
  • Use proper molding for soap creation
  • Derive specific benefits from medicinal soap
  • And a whole heck of a lot more!

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Manifesting Love: 2-Book Bundle â?? Dating Advice for Men + Attract Women (Seduce Women 3)

by Victoria Lynx



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As a lady myself, I perfectly understand that it is so VERY difficult to have the capacity to peruse the female psyche and recognize what we look for and desire in men. Females are quite clever in the ways they test the male waters and become more acquainted with new individuals. Men, if you have had issues in the past associating with ladies or have quite recently had plain misfortune with regards to dating and attracting a woman, this book is the PERFECT AVENUE for you!

Imagine you have the super-power to grab a woman’s heart in your hand to do exactly what you please with it.

Imagine you possess the ultimate seduction arsenal in your kit to help you get any woman you fancy. Yes, something closed to a ‘Mind Control’ skill, that’s what I am talking about.

You are only one-step away from learning the perfect, and proven strategies that will not just get you the woman you want, but also keep her hooked to you, for as long as you want.

I recognize what you are thinking: “All ladies are so difficult to peruse and become more acquainted with.” Well, amigo, I am here to disclose to you that we are most certainly NOT. Men simply don’t know how to convey in ways that pull in ladies to them and pinnacle their advantage!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from this highly potent evil handbook,

  • Incredible Dating Guidance for men of all ages as they wander into the unknown, bottomless ocean of women.
  • Powerful Techniques for making a woman fall for you in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Little known body language secrets for virtually hypnotizing a woman and drawing her to you like a North Magnetic Pole!
  • Body language techniques for making a killer first impression!
  • How to get the woman you desire to ‘beg you for sex’ (literally) with amazing seduction tactics!
  • How to keep the woman hooked and addicted to you once you have her!

And so much more…


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“The art of seduction has nothing to do with the physical. There is a fix for every shortcoming.”

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Chia Seeds for Weight Loss: The Ultimate Guide

by Amber Norato

Are you ready to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life? If so, meet your new best friend – the Chia seed! Chia Seeds when implemented in a healthy exercise and diet plan can make the difference between getting frustrated and getting results!
In this guide you’ll learn all about the power of Chia Seeds and how they can help you shed the pounds faster and easier than ever before! You’ll also learn about the Aztec Diet which revolves around the use of the Chia Seed and why people JUST LIKE YOU are seeing so much success with this revolutionary Chia Seed diet!

To get you started on the right track, this Chia Seed cookbook also includes many delicious and healthy Chia Seed recipes that take advantage of this powerful superfood!  There’s even a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

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Levitra: All You Need to Know About Levitra to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation in Men: Perfect Pill to Treat Erectile Dysfunction … in Men (Better Than Viagra & Cialis)

by Dr. Michael Bowers

Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medicine which is used for treating impotence and erectile dysfunction in men and increase sexual desire. Many men will not be able to get an erection when they want to involve in a sexual activity with their partners.

This is called erectile dysfunction and this is a very painful situation for many men, and the best solution available treating the erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual desire is Levitra.

Levitra is a medicine which is in the market for years and thousands of men use Levitra. The active ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil, and this will improve the blood to the penile area of the male body that helps in treating erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.

This will help the sponge-like tissues in the penile area to get filled with blood, which in turn gives a strong erection to men and great sexual experience. Levitra will also relax the stiff muscles, and hence, the erection will sustain for some duration and lead to lasting sexual experience. Levitra, in fact, is far better than Viagra & Cialis.

This book on Levitra will help you understand what erectile dysfunction is and what causes erectile dysfunction in men. Along with that, you will also be able to understand how Levitra is going to help you in treating erectile dysfunction and how to get an erection. This book also elaborates on the uses of Levitra, right dose, how to take the medicine, and side effects caused due to the use of Levitra.

Friends With Your Mind: How to Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts (Breathe, Relax, Heal Book 1)

by Lynn Fraser

“This is the kind of book that I truly love – one that is very simple and direct with easy to understand instructions that one can translate into his or her own experience almost immediately.

Notice how Lynn is breaking down experience into its simplest parts and then really look into your own experience to verify that she has given you a map to suffering and how to heal it. This book can do more than help you stop torturing yourself with thoughts. It can help you come to accept and love your entire experience.”

Scott Kiloby, Founder of the Living Inquiries

You opened this book because your thoughts are torturing you and you want to end your suffering.

This book will help you understand your mind, body, and nervous system. Knowing how a system works makes it possible to apply an effective remedy when something goes wrong. We develop troubling patterns in response to experiences of fear and stress. They do not have to be permanent.

As you work with the simple, powerful practices in this book, you begin to experience life without fear and it becomes possible to relax your vigilance. You discover you are not alone, that you have support, and you can learn how to do this.

I know this to be true from my own direct experience and with other people. Healing is possible and it is worth it.

Twenty-five years ago my shoulders were like cement from chronic stress. I was shut down emotionally. My thinking was compulsive as I tried in vain to control outer circumstances and people so I could feel better. I developed PTSD in 2005 after I was assaulted. I healed from it and I am now strong and resilient.

This book is based on twenty years of teaching meditation and on the Living Inquiries, a form of mindfulness self-inquiry with which we look at how our thoughts and feelings are Velcroed together creating identification, fear or compulsion. Natural Rest is an ongoing invitation to relax and notice there is a simple, restful awareness here in every moment.

This book is organized into short chapters on specific subjects so you can go right to where you need support – from catastrophic “what-if” thinking to a racing mind that is keeping you awake at night.

Many of our thoughts are based on associations with our past experiences and memories. Our brains and nervous systems are hard-wired to notice danger. Activation in our survival system is the origin of much of our fearful and anxious thinking.

There are simple ways to work with daily life issues like fear of flying or social anxiety. Breathing out for six seconds activates our relaxation response. You can put that tip to work right away by singing, counting or lengthening your exhalation.

You can make friends with your own mind. Friendliness and inner strength are the foundation for a healthy, fulfilling life. They are the key to freeing yourself from the torture of your thoughts and experiencing a new, more fulfilling way of living.

“She has been in the combat zone and come back to report the way out. Let Lynn show you a less constricted way to feel, to see, to be. It is peace she offers, with a smile.” Colette Kelso

“You will feel safe with Lynn.” Jerry Katz

“Lynn describes how even intense feelings and disturbing thought patterns can be unwound when we know how to do so safely.” Fiona Robertson

“Lynn explains how to heal yourself from anxiety, trauma and just the everyday experience of believing our stressful thoughts. This book provides easy to follow explanations and instructions.” Dr Kay Vogt

“Lynn speaks from experience. Her dedication and compassion in assisting people to free themselves is boundless.” Fiona Murphy

“Lynn uses clear and simple techniques to help us finally get out of our heads and into the moment.” Chad Sewich

“She is a master at becoming intimate with how our thinking and nervous system works and making positive change, replacing confusion with confidence.” Sutra Ray Robinson

Viagra: All You Need to Know about Viagra Pill and Increase Sex Drive: The Viagra Pill for Restoring Erectile Dysfunction in Men and Increase Sex Drive … (Viagra Pill – Increase Sex Drive Book 1)

by Dr. James Bowers

Viagra is a medicine that you can use for treating the sexual erectile dysfunction problems in men. This medicine was initially formulated to address the people with high blood pressure as it lowers the blood pressure.

But now, Viagra is one of the highly used and popular medicines for increasing sex drive in bed. Viagra is a branded medicine for sildenafil citrate. Viagra’s competitors are Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil).

Men face the problem of erectile dysfunction due to blocked blood flow to the penile area and hence experience low sex drive. There can be many reasons for the blocked blood flow. Your lifestyle, your diet, smoking, alcohol, side effects of certain medicines, stress, or other reasons can cause erectile dysfunction/low sex drive.

Whatever is the reason, the PDE5 enzyme in the body stops the blood flow, and hence, man will not be able to get an erection for sex pleasure and suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Viagra acts an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme and then the blood flow to the penile area gets normal and the muscles around the penile area also get relaxed.

So, make it easy for the man to get an erection. But one important thing to remember when you are taking Viagra is you need to be sexually active. If you are not sexually stimulated, then Viagra does not work on your body and erectile dysfunction will not be treated.

Along with this, taking the right dose of Viagra pill is also important for a man to get an erection. You need to get in touch with the doctor to get more information about the Viagra pill dose.

This book contains useful information about the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra.

In this book, you will get complete information about how to take Viagra pill and how Viagra pill is going to work on your body and increase your sex drive.

The possible side effects and interactions of Viagra pill also discussed in this book. In this book, you also need to go through the warnings and precautions in order to stay safe and get an erection for better sex performance.

Overall, you will get complete information about Viagra pill in this book.

Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days: How I Lose Weight, Brighten My Skin, and Prepare for Any Event FAST

by Ana S. Brookes

Do you need to find out how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days fast, in time to attend a wedding, birthday or beach vacation? This tiny volume contains the answer, and the answer is “yes, you can, and I am going to show you how.” This is the only diet plan I ever follow as a woman who has spent most of her life feeling bombarded and absolutely BURNED OUT by ineffective diets and plans that don’t work.

There is no more stress when you finally find something that works, and I feel I have done just thatâ??found something that works for me, every time.

In this book, I am going to share every step of this modified intermittent fasting plan in how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. The plan includes a sample meal plan and meal times, a two-day diet structure to follow over 10 days, exercise advice, sleeping advice, motivational tactics, and more.

You will learn exactly how you can modify the details of the plan without missing out on results, and you will need little that you don’t already have in your kitchen today. Have some lean protein and vegetables? Some chamomile tea? A multivitamin? You’ve got it all.


Hours to read this book. (It’s under 4,000 words; read it in 30 minutes!)

Willpower of steel. (Because I will teach you when to eat and what to do to keep cravings away so you can actually follow the plan!)

Unlimited time to prepare food. (What you eat can be easily modified and your meal prep can take as little as 15 minutes a day)

Two weeks off from your life. (Nope!)

Lots of time to exercise. (Nearly none!)

Expensive food items you don’t like. (Follow the plan by incorporating the foods you already love!)

Special equipment you will never use again. (Nope!)

Cialis: All You Need to Know About Cialis Drug to Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Improve Sex Performance – Better than Viagra: The Cialis Drug to Improve Sex Performance and Cure Erectile Dysfunction

by Dr. John Bowers

CIALIS is an approved drug for treating erectile dysfunction. In November 2003, the US Food and Drug Administration offered approval to CIALIS. Hence, CIALIS became the third one for erectile problems after Levitra and Viagra. However, CIALIS has the ability to last for about 36 hours. That is why CIALIS is also famous among users as the “weekend pill”. This prolonged effectiveness has made CIALIS extremely popular among men.

CIALIS is used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia as well. In this condition, the patient suffers from an enlarged prostate, which results in urination issues. CIALIS helps in treating this condition as well, apart from erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, men never find a comprehensive and reliable source of information. There are medications available out there offering safety and effectiveness to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it all comes down to the correct use of CIALIS to treat erectile dysfunction and the knowledge of potential side effects.

In this book, readers will find all about the drug called CIALIS. Know why CIALIS is more effective than other drugs such as Levitra or Viagra for treating erectile dysfunction. Understand the use and directions of CIALIS and find answers to questions you have been thinking about.

Every person requires a correct dose of CIALIS in order to have sexual intercourses in a healthy way and to treat erectile dysfunction. And this book will prepare you for those sexual encounters with your partner.

Get ready to resolve your erectile dysfunction for good!

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