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Mommy Reboot: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care

by Jody Agard

In this easy-to-read, eye opening, how-to guide bestselling author and self-care coach, Jody Agard delivers â??fun-sized’ chapters packed with inspiring stories, practical exercises, and wise advice for modern day busy moms.

Helping you to:
* Feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

* Reboot and find calm in your (crazy busy) demanding life with kids.

* Gain more me-time to do the things you love.

* Feel less guilty when you take time for yourself.

* Create a life you truly love.

By the end of Mommy Reboot, you’ll understand why self-care is a part of taking care of the kids and goes well beyond the occasional massages and pretty nails. You’ll get that by taking care of yourself first, you become an even better mom!

Jody gets right to the heart of the matter. You’ll quickly uncover what’s been slowing you down and keeping you stuck. If confidence, motivation, and manageable steps to make long-lasting changes is what you crave, you’ll gain that and so much more.

This is a must-have resource for any busy mom!

Jody says, “Self-care can no longer be a cutesy catchphrase, it must be our mission…a movementâ?¦a revolution, and a new way of living for busy moms.”

One Step From Insanity…

by Anne Levi

Has life ever come bearing down on you like a runaway semi-truck on a car packed freeway? Have you ever had your love and trust crushed by someone you thought was going to love you forever? Have you ever felt pain so deep that when you wept you made no sound at all? Life can be hard and it can leave marks. Do not lose hope when life is hard, One Step From Insanity will illustrate a woman’s struggle and journey to victory with the grace of God.

YouTube Saved Me from the Narcissist: Thrive after narcissistic abuse – a narcissist tale (It’s a thing- the beginning Book 1)

by S.L. Greene

Narcissitc personality disorder, NPD, goes by a spectrum. Whether a person has NPD or has narcissistic tendencies, it could be devastating to the one being abused. They lack empathy and could send their target into a down ward spiral, desperately trying to figure out what is going on. This is a tale in two parts, to give you time to recover, and tips on what to do, if you find yourself near a narcissistic vampire. Or reading narcissist tales may help avoid the somber experience of trying to save one.
Keep yourself armed by having the knowledge of people like this, because there are actually people who thrive on destruction, false superiority, and trying to suck the life out of others.

Women Need To Know About Men: What you need to know Volume III

by Amy Vel

Women Need To Know About Men Volume III

Why I am also a Hindu : …and continue to be

by madhu ronda

This is not a book of questions or answers.It is book of reminder to all my fellow Indians to set personal differences of caste,creed or religion aside and live in agreeable harmony.If you are a Hindu buy this book

The words I wish I had told you: Meditations by a dying young man

by Mike Oak

This is a book about life, lessons learned and a young man’s attempt to tell the woman he loved all those words he never could. Now it is too late for him, but what about you? If you could change the past, what would you tell others? That’s the big question this book attempts to answer, so that you’ll never grow into the future regretting your past.

The Amazing Adventures Of Super Negro

by Geryn Childress

Brand new super hero series that’s sure to take the world by storm. Super Negro fights crime, saves lives, and he’s an all around great role model for kids of all ages and colors. So sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy the first of many “ADVENTURES OF SUPER NEGRO”

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