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Goal: Gay Hockey Romance Collection

by Bookarama Publishing

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In this collection you will find:

Hot Off The Ice: Sports Second Chance Gay Romance
Wild Night: Gay First Time Sports Romance
Blades Of Steel: Gay Sports New Adult Romance
On Thin Ice: Gay Sports First Time Romance
Opposites Attract: Gay Bad Boy Hockey Romance

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only

International Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime: Examining American Policy and Changing the Language

by DL Rauj

The September 11, 2001 attacks have brought increased scrutiny to terrorist organizations. The United States has engaged in violent conflicts, found new ways of using its military, and has used facilities such as the Guantánamo Bay detention camp to counter international terrorism. A military strategy is thus often used instead of the legal system, despite terrorism being considered a crime under American law.

At the same time, the lines between terrorist groups and criminal organizations appear to be crossing; indeed, it is becoming progressively difficult to separate the two. Criminal organizations are involved in what must be considered terroristic activities, while international terrorist groups are increasingly involved in traditional organized crime for a variety of reasons.

Notwithstanding the similarities between terrorists and criminals, there remains a perception of terrorists as freedom fighters. This perception is fueled by a reliance on the military as a counterterrorism strategy, which furthers the ability of terrorist groups to portray themselves as legitimate resistance movements or noble warriors.

The connections between terrorists and criminals should be highlighted by the United States in order to diminish the perception of terrorists as freedom fighters. After all, it is difficult to consider an organization both legitimate and criminal. A shift away from the military, and instead toward existing legal instruments, will facilitate a change in perception, as it helps to emphasize the shared nature of a would-be terrorist and a trafficker, thereby diminishing the “warrior” status many terrorists enjoy. This shift to rebrand terrorists as criminals is made possible by definitions of terrorism that fail to distinguish it from criminal activity, along with the already existing recognition of the terror-crime nexus.

Nordic Mediation Research

by Anna Nylund

This open access book presents twelve unique studies on mediation from researchers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, respectively. Each study highlights important aspects of mediation, including the role of children in family mediation, the evolution and ambivalent application of restorative justice in the Nordic countries, the confusion of roles in court-connected mediation, and the challenges in dispute systems.
Over the past 20-30 years, mediation has gained in popularity in many countries around the world and is often heralded as a suitable and cost-effective mode of conflict resolution. However, as the studies in this volumes show, mediation also has a number of potential drawbacks. Parties’ self-determination may be jeopardized, affected third parties are involved in an inadequate way, and the legal regulations may be flawed. The publication can inspire research, help professionals and policymakers in the field and be used as a textbook.

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