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Anne Among Us: First Fear…Then Miscarriage. A Catholic Father’s Diary

by Rob Guinan

Featured on EWTN! Get a father’s rare perspective on a miscarriage! Here a dad painfully shares his lack of charity, but he also walks you right into heaven with sound theology and parent/child reunions and thoughts you may not have ever heard before. You’ll go away believing in heaven and family.

Read how even the shortest of lives can leave a lasting impression. This passionate account shares the fear and the drama of an unplanned pregnancy, a tragic miscarriage, and from the outset a lack of trust.

“Anne was in every sense among us for that short time. She was at our dinner table. She no doubt felt the presence of her brothers and sisters. She joined us on car rides. She made trips to the store with us. She went to church with us. She joined in the rhythms of our everyday lives. And now she won’t let us forget her.”

“An outstanding pro-life story.” Catholic Kindle Review. “The author has appeared in both national and international interviews.”

“Few works have ever been composed to focus on the effects of a miscarriage on the father of a child…’ANNE AMONG US’ (will) advance your appreciation for the bond shared between a father and his unborn child. The author, Rob Guinan, extricates the phenomena of this experience with clarity and heartfelt emotion!”
–FR. FRANK PAVONE, PRIESTS FOR LIFE, National Director, President, National Pro-life Religious Council

For babies lost through miscarriage there is often no public mourning. Doctors may dismiss the validity of the life and extended family might not understand at all. But the parents know. It is the death of their child. The loss is quiet and painful. It’s as if these children were never with us. They leave this world unknown and often unnamed. “Anne Among Us” challenges this notion.


The Way of Peace: A 7-Day Prayer and Meditation Journey

by Jonathan Hogan

In our hectic lives, it is important to take time to be quiet before the Lord. To “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10) This collection of 7 short meditations is designed to lift the veil to a deeper understanding and point you to Jesus, the author of your freedom. Taking each of these lessons and meditating them all day will change you, if you let it. You will find yourself letting go of the Martha of many distractions, to touch the Mary of your spirit, who abides in the presence of Jesus.

Positive Thinking: 8 Simple steps to achieving SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and finally reaching your GOALS! (Positive Thinking, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Anxiety … Happiness, Awareness, Acceptance Book 1)

by James L. Corsair

Positive Thinking: 8 Simple steps to achieving SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and finally reaching your GOALS!

Dear Friend,
My name is James Corsair and am the author of

Positive Thinking: 8 Simple steps to achieving SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and finally reaching your GOALS!

This book chronicles my journey from skeptic to believer, as well as my transformation from being a very negative, critical and burned out, nervous breakdown suffering victim into a happy, positive and calm victor.

Inside this book I reveal to you my secret to building a foundation to practice Positive Thinking and the proven steps that will empower you to start practicing Positive Thinking and experiencing it’s amazing, powerful benefits.

Are you feeling negative and pessimistic?
Do you feel imprisoned by your thoughts and emotions?
Are you tired of just never seeming to feel happy or positive?
Do you long for calm, serenity, peace and tranquility?
Do you wish to rediscover your old-self, become motivated to pursue your dreams, goals and ambitions and finally become the person that you know you can be?

mastering Positive Thinking can help you achieve a stress-free state and is a key part of the strategy to achieve your utmost potential. Learn how to control the negative thoughts and emotions that are keeping you back and learn how to become a positive thinking person in your day-to-day life in order to reap the benefits of a positive state and enhanced mental and emotional toughness and focus.

Become the “you” that you always knew you should be!

The information in this book chronicles the true story, steps and strategies of my journey towards thinking positively and the amazing change I’ve experienced as a result.

Positive Thinking gave me a new lease on life

You are about to discover how to:

  • Experience a period of calm that can open new doors to self-awareness each day
  • Let go of the negative thoughts and emotions holding you back
  • Become actively aware of your mental and emotional state
  • Reject negative thoughts and emotions
  • Become a happier, more centered and positive person
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Achieve the emotional and mental state that is the truest you
  • Set the stage emotionally for massive growth and reaching your fullest potential
  • And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Tags: Positive Thinking, Mindfulness, Awareness, Acceptance, Stress Reduction, Stress Free, Anxiety Reduction, Chill-Out, Self Esteem, Mindfulness Benefits.

Unto Thee I Grant (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Sri Ramatherio

Out of the mysteries of the past comes this antique book that was written two thousand years ago, but was hidden in manuscript form from the eyes of the world and given only to the Initiates of the temples in Tibet to study privately.

It can be compared only with the writings attributed to Solomon in the Bible of today. It deals with human passions, weaknesses, fortitudes, and hopes. Included is the story of the expedition into Tibet that secured the manuscript and the Grand Lama’s permission to translate it.

What is truth?: The second coming of Christ

by Mathieu Le Corre

Today, Jeremiah, a young man of thirty-five, discovers a great secret about Christ. Already two thousand years ago, Jesus announced his return. And Jeremiah was privileged to be the first to see Christ return. But where is Jesus hiding? Jeremiah decided to write a book, to show other men where Jesus is and reveal his glory.

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