Free science fiction Kindle books for 16 Sep 18

Max and the Multiverse

by Zachry Wheeler

Max is a teenage gamer with an exceptionally dull life. That is, until a bizarre accident leaves him with the ability to shift between parallel universes, but only when he falls asleep. Every time he wakes, he confronts a distressing new reality, be it talking cats or ’80s pop culture.

But then one day he awakes to a hyper-advanced version of Earth where humans have colonized space. Determined to escape his mundane existence, Max and his cyborg cat venture into the black, only to entangle themselves in an intergalactic conflict.

A ruthless criminal overlord, a corrupt planetary system, an ornery walrus, a secret society of super nerds, and a pair of plucky orange lesbians round out this crazy, clumsy adventure.

Robots on Strike!

by Sean Dowd

More than science fiction, a way of considering how robots and automation could change the way global economy and politics work.
The story takes us through the life of a supply chain and robotics tycoon as his new innovations present a quite unexpected result.

How can robots go on strike? They were hard-wired to obey humans, so how could it possibly happen?

The three laws of robotics could have some loophole?
Maybe it is for our own good… or maybe not…

Acacia: The Gatekeeper Series (The Gatekeeper Series short stories Book 0)

by Stevie Trinity

Acacia is a power hungry witch. Working for the dark side she is desirous to find her ex-coven sister and bring her to their side. She has recently been initiated to become Kalerian’s power equal, giving her the ability to steal others magick, and find the object of her desire. She will now become a hunter of Freedom fighters and the Children of light. Doing the bidding of Kalerian, she will be forced to do things and prove herself in ways that just may break her.
Caution Mature Material inside

Feed The Fire

by Sean McDevitt

An investigative reporter desperately tries to locate a scientist who may have made a shattering breakthrough in the world of biological science. This short story marks author Sean McDevitt’s first foray into the realm of science fiction.

The Dawn of Liberty (Book III of The Freedom Saga)

by Marcus Johnson

Several months have passed since the liberation of the Malcovin people. After coming under attack by a force of elite Ick-Tckt mobile armors, Heaven’s Light is forced onto the defensive. Brian and his allies are then called to help the Viken people take back their world. At the same time, the queen of the Ick-Tckt is finding her fellow nobles unresponsive to her pleas for peace. Will Brian and the Freedom emerge with a solution that everyone can live with? Or will they fall to the machinations of their foes? And what awaits those who survive the dawn of the new age? All will be answered with the conclusion of The Freedom Saga.

Dauntless: Taurian Empire

by Nate Johnson

Rescuing half naked damsels in distress had not been in his plans. All Big Jake McCauley wanted to do was work his claim in the asteroid belt. But, now he’s pissed off one of the most powerful men in this section of the galaxy. Not a good way to start the day.

Tinderella (Artificial Tales Book 1)

by Karin Moquin

Tinderella is the first in the new Artificial Tales science fantasy series by Karin Moquin. A futuristic spin on a traditional fairy tale, Tinderella tells the rags to riches Cinderella story with a twist; this time, Cinderella is a robot. Living on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, her world changes in an instant when she is invited to a royal ball. What follows next is a humorous adventure involving a handsome prince and his pesky robot, a fancy vehicle, and of course, one unforgettable pair of shoes.

Bookworld Anxiously Amiyaadi : Bookworld

by Nusrat Jahan

Bookworld Anxiously Amiyaadi Re Dr. Bose Still Outside The house Two Sofa Face up Become Wake up Sitting .
The night Then Half Three At all Has gone .
Subrata In both hands The queen Re Bablu Both of them Hold on The house In between Come and come Enter So, amiyadi!
Who ? Together Both of them Shock Front Towards Eyes Lift up Looked.
this Take it Amiyaadi , yours The monster !
Amiyaadi Intensely The girl Towards The two hands Stretch Do it Gave to The queen One kind Run out Come on Mom Chest Above Jumping Fell. Mother , Mother – Gem ! Amiyaadir Eyes Coil Two Tears Become Crowed.
Dr. Bose The question So, how Do it Where? Okay Find out Got it Subrata Babu ? To you Thank you With Today More Small Will do No !
Thank you If To pay Is Dr. Bose , However Me Sister Babluake Day. Bablu No If there is Today Ranu Rescue Be done Anyway Possible Would have been No .

American Centurion

by GA Douglass

For people of power there is nothing more important than power. Power brings influence, power protects, power grows ever more power, and only power can present a threat to power. In a world ensnared within an intricately woven web of jealously guarded power change threatens the status quo and is a threat to be exploited or destroyed. When impossibly advanced alien technology rains down granting power at random the world’s web of power begins to twist and its strands strain and snap.
Team Aegis; a group of volunteers representing the United States government’s first effort to control this new power.
The Mechanic; an embittered man with dreams of using the new powers to create a utopia.
The Angel of Death; a woman whose powers could extinguish all life on the planet, or provide immortality.
El Tirador; a criminal whose new powers grant him an opportunity to forge a criminal empire unlike anything that has gone before.
The Hero of Houston; a broken hero desperate to be a beacon of strength and decency in a callously indifferent world.

CRISIS: Convulsive Part 1

by Marcus Martin


  • WINNER: Global eBook Awards 2018 (GOLD)
  • WINNER: Readers’ Favorite Awards 2018 (BRONZE)
  • WINNER: IndieB.R.A.G. Medallion 2018 (Sci-Fi)

“A vivid, compelling page-turner” – judges’ comments.

Satellites are down. A catastrophic chain reaction has begun. That’s when Lucy discovers humans aren’t the only threat to her survivalâ?¦

Earth has been contaminated by a lethal genetic scavenger. Lucy must adapt fast or perish. But this is a challenge unlike anything mankind has faced before.

No lightsabres, no warp engines, it’s just her against them. Lucy soon learns that survival will be brutal. Raw. Desperate. And it comes at a cost…

For fans of I am Legend and The Road comes CRISIS, a gritty, dystopian thriller by multi-award-winning author Marcus Martin.

Follow Lucy’s story now. CRISIS is part one of the Convulsive series.

GRIT: Convulsive Part 2 is also out now, and TRIBES: Convulsive Part 3 is available to pre-order on Kindle for Fall 2018!

Bound by Her series: Books 1-3 (Bound by Her Box set)

by Nellie C. Lind


MedAct is the company that can make all your dreams come true! Just give them a call and let them create the perfect man for you. But remember, you can never give him up. It will kill him, literally.

This digital box set contains the first three science fiction romances in the Bound by Her series.

Her Cyborg:

Loneliness and failed relationships make Phoebe want a cyborg of her own. With him, she won’t ever be heartbroken again, but getting a cyborg isn’t easy. So when she turns to the medical and scientific company MedAct, she never expects to become one of the few people who pass their tests to be able to apply for one.

Now, months later, his creation is complete, and they’re about to come face to face for the very first time. The day she’s waited for has finally arrived, and it’s about to change everything.

Loved Cyborg:

For as long as Celise has known the cyborg Wind, she’s been in love with him, but he’s bound to another. A relationship between them is impossible, and the last thing she wants is to ruin her friendship with him, or his bound one, Diane.

But there’s a problem. Diane is sick, and if she dies, Wind will die with her, or end up with the Fighters, the dangerous and unbound cyborgs who care about nothing but themselves.

Celise’s entire life is thrown into chaos when she’s propositioned in a way she never saw coming. Diane wants Celise to take her place, but if Wind can’t accept her as his new bound one, there will be more at stake than her heart.

Kissed Cyborg:

Faye never intended to bind the Fighter, Silver. She kissed him to save her best friend’s cyborg, but the contact initiated the bond. When they come face to face again, she wants to be set free. She never wanted a cyborg, and nothing will change her mind, not even Silver’s attractive appearance and charming personality.

The last thing Silver wants is to be bound to the feisty and annoying little Faye. He hates her for kissing him, but the bond gives him no choice but to love her. Unless the Fighters figure out how to remove the bond, he’s stuck with her for the rest of his life, and he refuses to accept the bond–or Faye.

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