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Sistemas de Soporte a la Toma de Decisiones:: creando herramientas para ayudar al profesional de la salud (Spanish Edition)

by Luciana Rubin

Según reportes internacionales, la calidad que brindan las organizaciones de salud se encuentra lejos de ser óptima. Dentro de los problemas relacionados a la calidad de atención se encuentran los errores no intencionales producidos por los profesionales de la salud. Estos errores son en general producto de la complejidad de los procesos involucrados en la atención médica, el crecimiento exponencial del conocimiento médico y la presión que reciben dichos profesionales para realizar sus actividades en periodos de tiempo acotados. Los sistemas de soporte a la toma de decisiones (CDSS) se han propuesto desde su inicio como una herramienta valiosa para dar soporte a estas situaciones y mejorar la calidad de atención. Como Charles Friedman define en el teorema fundamental de la Informática Médica, los sistemas informáticos pueden ayudar a mejorar la calidad de atención, interviniendo a nivel de los errores así como también, en otros niveles del cuidado de la salud como en la solicitud de prácticas preventivas.
Este libro tiene como propósito principal que puedan conocer los distintos de CDSS, y aplicar sus principios fundamentales en vistas a mejorar la calidad de atención.

Crave Reset: A Breakthrough Guide for Mastering the Psychology and Physiology of Cravings

by Dr. Elena Zinkov ND

A leading expert in Naturopathic Medicine dives into the root cause of food cravings, how to master them, and live a guilt free life.

Have you ever wondered why you crave what you crave, why you can’t say no to sweets, or why your knee-jerk reaction is to reach for salty and crunchy treats when you get bad news? The guiding principles behind cravings, whether you’re craving potato chips, sugar, or other addicting substances and behaviors are the same. Tackle one, and you can tackle all of them.

Dr. Elena has dedicated years of research to studying the nature of cravings and how they relate to all elements of our health: mental, emotional, and physical. Using an evidence-based approach and years of clinical expertise, Dr. Elena shows how what we crave relates to our psychology, physiology, and ultimately shapes our daily habits. Crave Reset reveals the dynamic relationship between evolution, genetics, brain, gut, and hormone health, and contains actionable steps that move you closer to a crave-free and fulfilling life, naturally. You’ll find versatile and nourishing recipes for every kind of craving and for every occasion.

CRAVE RESET is more than just a book on cravings; it’s a guide to peak health and performance. Dr. Elena has created a master plan to help you rewire your mind, heal your body, and unleash your true potential.

Beat Cancer Naturally: (why smart treatment is about what you eat NOT chemo)

by Ezinne Edet

When cancer pays your body a visit, what do you do? Entertain it or beat it?

Cancer came knocking on the door of my mum’s health and it seemed like our world, as a family, had come to an end. After surgery was completed, there were still no assurances. Instead, further tests revealed a malignancy.

Who did she turn to? What did she do?

“Beat Cancer Naturally” is based on the true-life experience of my mum’s battle with cancer. This book will take you on a journey of pain, tears, risk, hope, and miracle. You’ll see the power of fruits and veggies, but most importantly the POWER OF GOD.

Azithromycin: All You Need to Know About Azithromycin for Treatement of Bacterial Infections like Chlamydia: Best Antibiotic for The Treatment Of Bacterial Infections like Chlamydia

by Dr. James Bowers

Azithromycin is a drug which is used for treating bacterial infections. You can get bacterial infections on any part of the body like ears, skin, urinal tract infection, sexually transmitted infections, or other.

Food poisoning and pneumonia are some of the common bacterial infections. It is very important to diagnose the bacterial infections, for example chlamydia, at the early stage and treat them with the right drug. Otherwise, there are chances that the infection will spread to other parts of the body. Don’t worry, Azithromycin is here to help!

Azithromycin is a drug which works very well in treating a wide range of bacterial infections, including chlamydia.

Azithromycin drug should not be used for treating viral infections. When you are not taking any antibiotic in the right way, then you will have to face a lot of problems. So, when you have any kind of bacterial infections, then you need to get in touch with a doctor.

Azithromycin works by damaging the bacterial cells and also stops the reproduction of the bacteria.

In this book, you will be able to know about what Azithromycin is and how Azithromycin drug has to be taken. Also, when you are taking Azithromycin, there are certain precautions that you need to take. You will be able to find that information also in this book. The warning signs and the side effects of this medicine are also discussed in this book.

So, you will be able to get an overall idea about what is Azithromycin and how Azithromycin can help you in treating the bacterial infections such as chlamydia.

CBD Hemp oil: How to use CBD oil for cancer pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases

by Solomon Ternder

CBD Hemp oil – How to use CBD oil for cancer, pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases

has been written out of a passion to help you learn about the amazing health benefits of cannabis oil.

It is my sincere desire to also clear the confussion about cbd hemp oil and provide well researched answers to the most disturbing and frequently asked questions about cbd hemp oil such as:
Is there a difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?
Does cbd oil get you high?
How long does CBD stay in your blood?
Can you overdose on too much CBD?
Is CBD oil legal in all 50 states?
Will CBD oil fail a drug test?
Will CBD oil help me sleep?
Will CBD oil help COPD?
Can CBD oil help for rheumatism?
and dozens of other questions.

In “CBD Hemp oil – How to use CBD oil for cancer pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases”,
You will:
-Discover how to take cbd hemp oil for epilepsy, fibromyalgia, etc.
-Understand the best time and dosage for cbd hemp oil that guarantees results.
-Learn from other happy cbd hemp oil users who have been helped in various ways and shared there testimonials.
-Read wonderful success stories from a couple of happy people like Tim who reported that
cbd oil cannabidiol “Eliminated my 30-year chronic back pain!”
and Jeff who joyfully shares how cbd hemp oil
“Stopped chronic hip and joint
pain so I get full night’s sleep. I walk without pain; I can stand up without a walking stick can
and did dance for the first time in two years”

You will learn how to use cbd hemp oil for dozens of ailments including the following:

â??CBD oil for ACNE
â??CBD oil for ADHD
â??CBD oil for ANXIETY
â??CBD oil for AUTISM
â??CBD oil for BACK PAIN
â??CBD oil for inflammation
â??CBD oil for multiple sclerosis
â??CBD oil for schizophrenia
â??CBD oil for rheumatoid arthritis
â??CBD oil for nausea
â??CBD oil for diabetes


This book is has a ton of high quality, up to date facts on cbd hemp oil. I bet you may not stop until you get to the last page once you start reading it.

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6-ingredient Lectin Free Diet Paradox Cookbook For Beginners: Quick And Easy Delicious 6 Ingredients Lectin Free Recipes To Reduce Inflammation, Lose … Live Longer (Lectin Free Diet Evolution 2)

by Cooke Walter

Lose unwanted weight and get your autoimmune disease flushed just by eating delicious and healthy foods.

Before now we have been battling with gluten as the ultimate cause of our inflammations. Billions have been spent in effort to tackle the gluten problem through gluten-free diets. But recent researches have shown that gluten is not the ultimate cause of our inflammations, thanks to Dr. Gundry’s â??The Plant Paradox’ and â??Diet Evolution’, which revealed the unknown adverse health effects of lectins.

To that effect, this lectin-free diet cookbook was carefully put together by selecting varieties of delicious and healthy recipes that are absolutely lectin-free. There are many recipes for us to live a lectin-free life. Unfortunately, most recipes seem to involve lots of ingredients which makes them a bit expensive. If you are facing this particular issue in your healthy lectin-free lifestyle, worry no more. Again, most lectin-free recipe are stressful and takes longer to prepare. But most recipes in this cookbook are simple, easy and quick to prepare. It’s mostly prepare on the go. You have finally arrive! I assure you that this lectin-free cookbook is all you need to live an easy and happy lectin-free healthy lifestyle.

In this cookbook you will see all kinds of delicious recipes to make your day sweet and enjoyable. The good news is that this 6-ingredient Lectin Free Diet Paradox Cookbook For Beginners contains only recipes with 6 ingredients or less to save you time, energy and money. I know you can’t afford to miss this one as the cookbook is specially cooked up to help you improve your lectin shield and lectin blocker immune system to protect you from all lectin related health issues and autoimmune diseases. You simply achieve this by putting few common ingredients together to make a yummy meal for yourself, and family as well.

What Do You Stand To Benefit From This Cookbook?

  • Access to over 70 quick and easy lectin free recipes
  • Delicious recipes with 6 ingredients, 5 ingredients, 4 ingredients or less
  • Saves you time, energy and money
  • Stressfree lectin-free lifestyle
  • Reduced inflammation and healthy gut
  • Easy weight loss
  • Disease prevention and healthy long life

Please, can you do yourself this favor? Get this Lectin free diet cookbook to boost your healthy, cure all inflammations naturally, lose weight and strengthen your immune system. I hope to see your testimony soon.

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