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My Paper Heart: My Paper Heart #1

by Magan Vernon

Getting into my top choice sorority? Done.

Dating one of the hottest guys in the biggest fraternity? Done.

Failing out of College? Oops…

When Libby Gentry’s parents receive the letter that she’s failed out of school, Libby is forced to pack her Prada bag and head to work for her great aunt in rural Louisiana.

Nothing about tiny Elsbury, Louisiana entices her until she locks eyes with the southern charmer, Blaine Crabtree.

Libby is used to getting what she wants and Blaine is no exception, but as the two grow closer, bigger problems arise.

Libby doesn’t know how much more pain her already paper-thin heart can take and when new opportunities in Chicago pop up she is presented with a difficult situation: wait for her redneck Romeo, or move on.

Books in this series:

My Paper Heart
On Paper Wings
A Paper Trail (coming soon)
These Paper Walls (coming soon)


by Max Brand

“I love Max Brand,” said Stephen King. The master of horror is not alone, for the ace of horse operas continues to attract new readers. Trailin’ was an early novel full of the gusto and terse, fresh style that would make Brand’s reputation.A Wild West story, Trailin’ opens in Madison Square Garden, where Anthony Woodbury accepts a challenge to ride a killer horse. When the man supposed to be his father is murdered, Woodbury follows the trail of the slayer west. As he pursues the secret of his birth, he takes huge risks that only a tenderfoot would entertain.

The Hard Kill (A John Stone Action Thriller Book 1)

by Allen Manning

They want power. He’s going to bring them a war.

Retired Army Ranger John Stone has settled into his life as a bar owner in Great Falls, Montana. But news about the death of a brother-in-arms and the kidnapping of his goddaughter shakes his world apart.

John discovers the murder and abduction might involve the ex-wife of his fallen brother, and a prototype technology that could threaten the security of the free world.

Now, with time running out, John must rely on the abilities of his former life to save his goddaughter from the same fate as her father.

A fast-paced thriller, with adrenaline-fueled action, The Hard Kill is a modern day revenge story that captures the feel of classic 80s action movies.

The Silver Horseshoe (Robert Budd Mystery Book 3)

by Gerald Verner

On such small beginnings do large issues depend, that if a certain horse had not won the Lincolnshire Handicap that year it is doubtful if the Silver Horseshoe would ever have come into existence.

In which case a number of people now dead would almost certainly be still alive; Lord Sevenways would never have had cause to doubt the fidelity of his young wife; and reporter Peter Ashton would not have called a resentful Scotland Yard official of high rank a fool to his face.

But Superintendent Budd was assuredly not a fool, and when the Silver Horseshoe’s activities threaten the populace at large, it is Budd’s astuteness and cunning that unmasks the criminal mastermind.

Gerald Verner (1897-1980) was the pseudonym of British writer John Robert Stuart Pringle. Born in London, Verner wrote more than 120 novels that have been translated in over 35 languages, and many of his books have been adapted into films, radio serials and stage plays. Verner also wrote forty-four Sexton Blake tales.

Queen of Mean (The Koko Series Book 6)

by Bien-Aime Wenda

Not everything that glitters in Hollywood is gold. Life isnt what it seems for the snide gossip talk show host. For years, The Mindy Mathers Show has earned popularity by interviewing, exposing, and gossiping about celebrities. However, the talk show host/NBA wife may have her own demons to hide.

Book 6 of the Koko Series.

Craving Love & Death (A Perilously Pretty Novel)

by Haven Cage

She’s a voluptuous pin-up with a killer personality.
Vivienne may play the role of a quiet, docile nightclub singer and waitress for her friends and family, but, behind closed doors, she gives into an insatiable hunger no man can escape.
She just wants to ignore her disturbing temptations. However, when Vivie’s best friend convinces her to join an impromptu double-date with two handsome sailors, her plan gets blown to bits.
Sexy, dark, and sly, Naval Lieutenant Dean Vitson may be the only man who can give Vivie a reason to nix her “bad habits”–but he’s running from his own dirty past. And his secrets could turn her world upside down.
Can Vivienne change her murderous ways to be with Dean?
Will she want to after she finds out what he’s hiding?
If you enjoy stories with wild emotion, tantalizing suspense, and twisted mystery, download this book now. Don’t miss Vivie’s journey of mobster crime, murder, and a darkly tempting love.
“Brilliant”- Stracey Charran Ishwar
“Dark and stunning” – Ria from Reading Is Our Satisfaction
“Hard to put down” – Cheryl J.
Craving Love & Death is a dark Romantic Suspense and the first standalone installment in The Perilously Pretty Series, a compilation of wicked romance novels about bad-a$$ women from all eras and walks of life.
Warning: This novel contains themes that are considered dark in nature. Please, read at your own risk.
*Audio book in production as of 1-9-18

The Elements of Style ( Fourth Edition )

by William Strunk

Auteur Strunk, William, 1869-1946
Titre The Elements of Style
Langue Anglais
Classe LoC PE: Language and Literatures: English
Sujet English language — Rhetoric
Sujet English language — Style
Sujet Report writing

Sizzling Hot, Explicit Stories (Historical Erotica Collection)

by Nancy Lovelust

Sizzling stories featuring strict lovers, handsome stern men and their inexperienced, sassy women!

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