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by Shermita Mitchell

Reina had everything any woman could ever want…so she thought. She had a beautiful house, a loving husband, and the best sister in the world. One day, Reina’s sister, Gina, asked Reina for a favor that would change everyone’s life forever. A favor that would tear their perfect family apart…

The Assassin’s Tear

by Karen Azinger

Explore the medieval kingdoms of Erdhe, raid the tomb of the first emperor of China, and unravel the enigma of Dark Space in this collection of fantasy and science fiction tales from the author of The Silk & Steel Saga. The two signature stories, Prophecy’s Twist and The Assassin’s Tear, are set in the fantasy realm of Erdhe. Prophecy’s Twist discovers the dark deceit that started the War of Wizards, forever changing the kingdoms of Erdhe. The Assassin’s Tear follows the exploits of a petty thief whose ambition leads him to unravel the dark secret of the Mordant’s Citadel. The Emperor’s Shadow is an international thriller in the style of Indiana Jones, combining the power of superstition with archaeology in a desperate attempt to end World War Three. A Man’s World is a post-apocalyptic adventure set in Australia where coal miners discover all the rules have changed. Pieces of the Truth is a time travel story where a young physicist discovers a forgotten truth. In Snakes and Ladders, Lynn Gallant sets out to shatter the glass ceiling by taking a walk to the dark side of New Orleans. In The God Planet, universal dreams spark a religious frenzy, summoning humanoid kind to the riddle of Dark Space.

TOO BIG FOR HER (Forbidden Erotic Taboo Collection)

by Stacey Sitter

“How am I going to fit it all?”

TABOO BRATS are about to get what they deserve from the MAN OF THE HOUSE. Can they even handle it all… Hard and unprotected?

The Wolf, The Wizard, and The Woad (Highland Healer Book 4)

by Florence Love Karsner

This prequel to the Highland Healer Series takes readers back in time, to the beginning of the line of healers from whom Caitlinâ??the fiery, determined protagonist at the heart of the seriesâ??has come. Who were these people? Where did they come from? And most importantly, who was this grandmother, Ci-Cero, that is spoken of in the series? What was so special about her? Does Caitlin possess some of her traits, her character, or her abilities? How is it that Caitlin finds herself in Scotland?
The Wolf, The Wizard, and The Woad is a magical tale, unique in its presentation, and delves into even greater questions that have been with humanity since the beginning of time.
This exciting story will engage you on page one. The time period is the 1600s and the story opens on a desperate note. Caitlin’s father, a Viking, and her mother, a Woad, have traveled from their home in the isles of Scotlandâ??land of ancients and druidsâ??to a new land seeking a better life.
Their journey to this far away land has been an arduous one. Many have died, and death is anxiously waiting to wrap its arms around their young daughter as well.
In order to save her, a desperate father and mother leave their small daughter on the shores of North America-a dangerous and primitive landâ??with only a wolf to protect her.
This beginning, though heart wrenching, is necessary and sets your thoughts afire wondering what comes next. This coming of age tale, the story of a Chosen Child whose destiny was written eons ago, moves quickly and takes many unexpected detours and follows unmapped territory. This special girl must survive, though her chances are slim as she is alone in her quest to find her place and reason for being.
Fascination abounds when we meet her mentorâ??an old wizard, a shamanâ?? who resides in a cave. Who is this warlock? His spirit has been with her since her birth. Is he psychic? Telepathic? Or is he simply a figment of her imagination? How does he fit into the overall picture? Why is he of such importance for our healer, Caitlin, later on?
The favorite character in the Highland Healer Series is the wolf. He is an integral character in this prequel as well. His sole purpose is to protect this child, a task he was assigned the moment she was born. Like Caitlin’s grandmother, Ci-Cero, this wolf is the first in his line and his offspring are present in each novel in the series.
Follow them allâ??the wolf, the wizard, and the woadâ??and you’ll engage on a most interesting and exciting adventure that will stay with you for an eon or more!


by Raven Good

The man of the house always gets what he wants…

40 stories of the most forbidden encounters!

Trailer Pool Brat: First Time Taboo With The Man Of The House Story


The other MAN OF THE HOUSE just got a swimming pool on the back of his TRAILER TRUCK
THE BRAT wants to try out her first time swimming.

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