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The Astonishing Life Of The Celts

by Dr. Karoly Tranger

This book offers compelling stories, intriguing insights, and fascinating takeaways from one of the biggest and brightest civilizations of the ancient times with wonderful pictures. See some of the origins of the Irish people, the nation in Europe with the most preserved history, that kept many of the traditions of the Celtic people alive. Get another view of some aspects of how the Celts lived and thrived throughout history.

ANCIENT EGYPT: Legends. Gods. Pharaohs. (The Epoch: As it was Book 1)

by The History Hour

Ancient Egypt

Legends. Gods. Pharaohs.

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History of Ancient Egypt is full of mysterious events. Many of the narrations in this book are derived from the hieroglyphics. Inside the book, there are stories gleaned from the tales of great conquests and the lives of the priests, scribes and ordinary Egyptian toiling amidst the waters of the Nile River.

 Inside you will read about…

  • Greed at Giza: The Old Kingdom 2686-2181 BC
  • Making Papyrus
  • The cast of characters in the Legends
  • Social Structure
  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu Aka Cheops
  • The wrapping of the Mummy
  • The Sage of Herakleopolis: The Middle Kingdom
  • The dances of the Danga Dwarfs
  • Mentuhotep II
  • Amenemhat III
  • The coming of the Collapse

And much more!

This book is about a long-lived Ancient Egyptian Civilization. There are stories here about mummification and the hidden mysteries as well. Ancient Egypt was a land of magic and awesome wonder.

The War of the Ghosts: Indian General Election 2019 (Book 2) (IGE2019)

by Bhuwan Singh

Its back for 2019!

Welcome to the IGE2019 series.

I wrote four books on the Indian General Election of 2014 (IGE 2014) and they are here:

Book 1: The Indian General Election of 2014 (First Published September 21, 2013 on Amazon Kindle), available at

Book 2: Numbers. Forecasting the Indian General Election of 2014 (First Published December 21, 2013 on Amazon Kindle), available at

Book 3: Wrath of the Gods: The Aam Aadmi Party in the Indian General Election of 2014 (First Published January 31, 2014 on Amazon Kindle), available at

Book 4: The Result of the Indian General Election of 2014 (First Published May 31, 2014 on Amazon Kindle), available at

I wrote the IGE2014 books in isolation, starting June 2013, sitting and tapping away at my desk until the books were completed, and I published them one by one, even before the election concluded, because I wanted to write about it as it unfolded. There was a very specific reason for the way I wrote those books, and that was George Orwell’s advice:

“…To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle. One thing that helps toward it is to keep a diary, or, at any rate, to keep some kind of record of one’s opinions about important events. Otherwise, when some particularly absurd belief is exploded by events, one may simply forget that one ever held it. Political predictions are usually wrong. But even when one makes a correct one, to discover why one was right can be very illuminating…”

– George Orwell (

Now it’s back, earlier in the election cycle, more experienced author, for the IGE2019 series, and this is the second book in the series. The first is at:

In April 2017, flush from victory at Uttar Pradesh, Modi was widely considered invincible in 2019. Then the BJP won the Presidential election, and, even more important, it split the opposition alliance in Bihar. Modi got even stronger. The election of 2019 was written off as too one sided to contemplate.

Who could possibly defeat Modi?

Yet, the tide turned. At Gujarat, first in Ahmed Patel’s election to the Rajya Sabha, and then in the Gujarat Assembly election, at by elections in UP and Rajasthan, and in Assembly elections at Karnataka, the BJP suffered defeats or managed only small victories. Suddenly the game opened up. Modi was regarded defeatable. My personal view is even more extreme. I believe Modi faces a very tough battle in 2019, one that he looks unlikely to win.

How he shapes this battle, and perhaps even wins it, will be fascinating to watch.

Bhuwan Singh writes on Indian politics and publishes on Facebook and Kindle. Kindly “Like” the Facebook page to be alerted on future Facebook posts. You can buy his books at

The Ancient Church

by W.D. Killen

In the interval between the days of the apostles and the conversion of Constantine, the Christian commonwealth changed its aspect. The Bishop of Romeâ??a personage unknown to the writers of the New Testamentâ?? meanwhile rose into prominence, and at length took precedence of all other churchmen. Rites and ceremonies, of which neither Paul nor Peter ever heard, crept silently into use, and then claimed the rank of divine institutions. Officers, for whom the primitive disciples could have found no place, and titles, which to them would have been altogether unintelligible, began to challenge attention, and to be named apostolic. It is the duty of the historian to endeavour to point out the origin, and to trace the progress of these innovations. A satisfactory account of them must go far to settle more than one of our present controversies. An attempt is here made to lay bare the causes which produced these changes, and to mark the stages of the ecclesiastical revolution. When treating of the rise and growth of the hierarchy, several remarkable facts and testimonies which have escaped the notice of preceding historians are particularly noticed.
Some may, perhaps, consider that, in a work such as this, undue prominence has been given to the discussion of the question of the Ignatian epistles. Those who have carefully examined the subject will scarcely think so. If we accredit these documents, the history of the early Church is thrown into a state of hopeless confusion; and men, taught and honoured by the apostles themselves, must have inculcated the most dangerous errors. But if their claims vanish, when touched by the wand of truthful criticism, many clouds which have hitherto darkened the ecclesiastical atmosphere disappear; and the progress of corruption can be traced on scientific principles. The special attention of all interested in the Ignatian controversy is invited to the two chapters of this work in which the subject is investigated. Evidence is there produced to prove that these Ignatian letters, even as edited by the very learned and laborious Doctor Cureton, are utterly spurious, and that they should be swept away from among the genuine remains of early Church literature with the besom of scorn…

History of Ancient Carthage

by Charles Rollin

Carthage formed after the Model of Tyre, of which that City was a Colony. The Carthaginians were indebted to the Tyrians, not only for their origin, but for their manners, language, customs, laws, religion, and their great application to commerce, as will appear from every part of the sequel. They spoke the same language with the Tyrians, and these the same with the Canaanites and Israelites, that is, the Hebrew tongue, or at least a language which was entirely derived from it. Their names had commonly some particular meaning: thus Hanno signified gracious, bountiful; Dido, amiable, or well-beloved; Sophonisba, one who keeps faithfully her husband’s secrets. From a spirit of religion, they likewise joined the name of God to their own, conformably to the genius of the Hebrews. Hannibal, which answers to Hananias, signifies Baal, [or the Lord] has been gracious to me. Asdrubal, answering to Azarias, implies, the Lord will be our succor. It is the same with other names, Adherbal, Maharbal, Mastanabal, &c. The word PÅ?ni, from which Punic is derived, is the same with PhÅ?ni, or PhÅ?nicians, because they came originally from PhÅ?nicia. In the PÅ?nulus of Plautus, is a scene written in the Punic tongue, which has very much exercised the learned…

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