Free humour Kindle books for 17 Sep 18

The Electric Boner

by Nathaniel Lewis

On the long list of things that Nick Sherman never wants to do, getting an electric boner is near the very top. He has enough trouble with the girls without all that. But one day, while ditching class and getting high with his friend Hugh, he comes across a shed full of a mysterious and foul green substance on the outskirts of Clairmont, Maine, that leads exactly to Nick ending up with an electric boner.

This bubbling green substance also leads to a lot of other trouble for the small town. Devised by a brilliant, but extremely sexist and greedy scientist named Jonathan Huskfield, the green stuff does not work as intended, not that it was intended to be used in a good way to begin with. When Huskfield does a field experiment to test his creation, it ends in his gruesome, undignified death.

Sarah Johnston, a rival scientist who hates Huskfield and the patriarchy, works furiously after his death to discover what exactly the substance is. Once she puts the pieces together, she decides to use the stuff for her own terrible ends. Meanwhile, the Clairmont police department, led by Lt. Mikhail Duvlosky, scrambles to figure out just what the hell is going on. And deep in the darkness, sinister glowing yellow eyes watch it all unfold.

All that Nick Sherman wanted was a little courage, to talk to the girl of his dreams, Lucy Littleton. Instead, he and his friends end up with their hands full, bad things coming from all directions.

Prepare to be shocked.

99 Deep Thoughts to Twist Your Mind and Make You Think

by P.E. Ness

Let Dr. Ness take you on a cerebral journey through the sprawling neural-network of the collective unconscious. His Ideas are radically ahead of their time, yet intergenerationally relevant. They will bend and fold your mind like gravitational waves through the fabric of space-time. They’ll hit your brain like interstellar heroin, injected straight into your carotid artery. Some may struggle to grasp the profoundness of these ideas; but for those who can, transcendence awaits. So get ready, and prepare for greatness.

Opening Tactics in The French: The Rubinstein Variation

by Michael Duke

This book contains 50 puzzles from the French Rubinstein Variation – it is not a theoretical manual. I have designed this book to be a useful tactics trainer but also to aid with opening preparation – the idea is that you solve the tactics in your expected opening before a game.

Wuthering Frights (Skullenia Book 3)

by Tony Lewis

Narrowly missing a wandering splat of ectoplasm – or Bernard as he was more commonly known – Ronnie entered the shop to the clanging of the little silver bell that hung over the door.

Ronnie’s brow furrowed as he absently scratched his cheek. Grendle the shopkeeper always came out after the tolling of the first bell. Always.

Where was he?

Later on, the local press interview the Skullenian residents after an incident at the fountain: Noah and Gertie, a happy young couple, discover a cadaver while taking a romantic, moonlit stroll through the cemetery.

Are the strange events linked? Is anything else going to happen? Can I write any more of this nonsense without giving the game away?

Someone’s going to have find out what’s going on, and in Skullenia that can only mean one thing: Ollie and the boys have another puzzle to solve.

Danger …With a Hard G

by Matthew David Brozik

*Named one of the Best Comedy Books of 2017 by SPLITSIDER*

Harrison Danger Bennett is a private investigator. He has an office, a secretary, and a gun that he keeps unloaded because he doesn’t want to shoot anybody. And now he has a new case. When a woman hires him to find his own best friend, it seems like easy money because Bennett already knows where the other man is. Unfortunately, that’s just when Bennett’s friend disappears. It figures.

DANGER …WITH A HARD G is a tight-plotted, lighthearted caper more or less in the hardboiled mold. Colorful characters mingle with terrible puns. Schemes are uncovered. Leads are followed. Sandwiches are eaten. And the day might even be saved.

– For every copy sold, at least $1 of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. For real.

Systeme pour gagner a la loterie: Augmenter vos chances de gagner jusquâ??à 85% (French Edition)


“Système Gagner à la Loterie” peut augmenter vos chances de gagner jusqu’à 85%, si vous achetez ce système et vous prétendez obtenir des résultats immédiats, il est probable que cela ne se passe pas. Le secret, comme nous l’avons mentionné antérieurement consiste à être déterminé et constant. Vous verrez que de cette façon et en peu de temps vous commencerez à obtenir de petits gains. Ces gains répétés peuvent représenter une bonne source de revenus.

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