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Antoine and the Chocolate Pudding: Decoding Trauma Reactions

by Jane Gilgun

Children who have experienced trauma develop difficulties with self-regulation. Parents often respond in ways that make the situation worse. This article shows how one parent stayed calm and decoded what was going on with the dysregulated child and the other children involved. By her actions, she defused the situation, and the children learned by example how to self-regulate.

Unlocking the Mystery of Borderline Personality Disorder: A Survival Guide to Living and Coping with BPD for You and Your Loved Ones

by Alison Malkovich

Have years of treatment for your mental health left you feeling confused and at a loss? Have you been diagnosed as anxious, depressed, or as having bipolar disorder and yet have found your treatment lacking? Do you have a loved one who struggles with managing their emotions, despite periods of lucidity (or, normal functioning)? Are you in a relationship with someone who makes you feel completely loved and then completely unwanted, seemingly without reason?
It is in this liminal space where relationships are built where personality disorders manifest. When you have been prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication without relief, when you have tried changing and improving your circumstances, and when, after all this, there is still a feeling of being lost, restless, and an intense fear of being abandoned, then learning more about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) may open the door to your truth.
Personalities are the parts of ourselves we develop throughout a lifetime in order to interface with the world. However, what happens when traumatic events in early childhood shatter this fragile sense of self?
BPD is a maladaptive pattern of behaviors created in childhood to negotiate a world that has deeply betrayed the security of the child. However, these patterns of behavior are destructive, to the self and others, in adulthood. BPD is a personality disorder that attempts to make sure that others will not abandon the suffererâ??at any cost. For those close to someone with BPD, this means a life of chaos.
As with all personality disorders, the effects of BPD are on a spectrum, and while some behaviors hold true for certain individuals, others may express certain behaviors to a lesser or more intense degree. What are important to spot are the hallmarks of BPD. Have you or your loved one ever felt:
�Feelings of intense insecurity?
�Low self-worth?
�The inability to trust yourself to make clear decisions?
�The inability to know what is best for you?
�Unstable relationships?
�Emotional instability?
�A severe reaction to real or perceived rejection?
�An uncertain sense of self?

If any of these markers read true for you, then this book is a must-read at the beginning of your journey.
This book does not purport to be a stand-in for a medical professional and you should not approach reading as to diagnosis yourself or a loved one. What is of benefit is a better understanding of this complex disorder that most clinicians struggle to diagnose accurately.
â?The first step to healing is awareness of BPD’s intricacies and self-awareness.
�This book removes blame from those who suffer from BPD and those who live within its proximity.
�BPD is a battle for survival, and this book compassionately approaches the steps needed to cross the bridge from survival to a thriving life.

Offering evidence-based research and anecdotal examples from BPDs and their loved ones, this guidebook shows how there can be optimism where there was once only confusion and despair. Are you ready for relief?

Vivencias (El balance entre la felicidad, El amor y Decisiones ) (Spanish Edition)

by erickson calderon

Vivencias propias que te haran sentir [email protected], acontecimientos de la vida diaria y el desarrollo de la misma

Play And its Role in The Mental Development of The Child (Psychology Classics Book 1)

by Lev Vygotsky

Despite his premature death at the age of just 37, Lev Vygotsky is widely considered as one of the leading developmental psychologists of the 20th century. In addition to his seminal contribution to the relationship between language and thought, Lev Vygotsky also put forward ideas regarding the psychology of play, in particular the process of self-regulation through creative play.

This classic article which was orginally given in the form of a speech provides several key insights into Lev Vygotsky’s theories of play.

Play And its Role in The Mental Development of The Child has been produced as part of an initiative by the website All About Psychology to make important psychology publications widely available.

Funniest Jokes for Ever: Annotated

by Muhammad Shoaib

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