Free philosophy Kindle books for 17 Sep 18

Philosophy Nothingness: Truth and God Existence

by Lakshan Bandara

A short tale, but every word is gold and will leave a deep and lasting impression.

Humans are intelligent. Throughout human civilizations, we question our existence and the reason for existence in general. Some great thinkers create stories to explain existence, cause of existence and purpose of existence. The other great thinkers create stories to explain nonexistence. The greatest of all create stories to explain both existence and nonexistence.

This book “Philosophy Nothingness: Truth and God Existence” is dedicated to logically reason both existence and nonexistence. There is a place for existence God and nonexistence God.

Please be with me. I am not trying to confuse you. I promise to tell you a simple new story. A story you can tell for generations to come. Experience a paradigm shift.

We needed something new. So, enjoy reading the missing part of philosophy, think, and discuss to spread the word!

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