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@Pianopoet presents a collection of love poetry

by Gavin Ferguson

A Collection of love poetry, 35 pages of love poetry written from the heart, with titles called valentines blues, crazy stupid love, untitled, one, founded, embracing, set you free, love and war. 21 love poems that will make your heart melt, and shows you what true love is.

@Pianopoet presents a book of sadness

by Gavin Ferguson

A collection of poetry on sadness, about the bad sides of life, when people drag you down, picked on or bullied, what we live through. 33 pages, 19 poems, with titles called exile, chaos and war, feel, route 666, masks we wear, sear and broken.
This is life poetry.

A barca de Coruam (Portuguese Edition)

by Franscisco Silva Cavalcante Jr.

Uma prosa poética que desdobra nas suas metáforas o limiar entre a vida e a morte de Coruam. Numa superposição de símbolos, o texto vai produzindo e possibilitando uma multiplicidade de sentidos também nas leituras que podem ser feitas dele. Uma delas quem sabe nos mostraria que Coruam, o mar, o ar, a poesia, o fundo do mar são um mesmo fluxo de uma história.

Wichita Falls: 10th Anniversary Edition

by Terry McCarty

Autobiographical poems of childhood, adolescence and adult life. The location is Wichita Falls TX (primarily between the years 1972-1982), but the emotional experiences could happen anywhere.

Ð?оэзия (Russian Edition)

by Ð?аÑ?олина Ð?авлова

СÑ?иÑ?и Ñ?Ñ?сской поэÑ?ессÑ? Ð?аÑ?олинÑ? Ð?авловой (1807-1893). СÑ?иÑ?оÑ?воÑ?ное масÑ?еÑ?сÑ?во Ð?авловой оÑ?меÑ?ено Ñ?олодноваÑ?ой, но в вÑ?сÑ?ей сÑ?епени эÑ?Ñ?екÑ?ной поэÑ?иÑ?еской манеÑ?ой.

26 Letters for My Love: And Other Incendiary Devices

by Nate Amicavallo

Twenty-Six Letters for My Love and Other Incendiary Devices is a single book of poems consisting of three parts. The book tells a story, in loosely connected poems, of a relationship, that relationship’s interruption by the world, and one of the lover’s reaction to the world.

The first section, “Twenty-Six Letters for My Love,” is a wild exploration of a poet’s ability to measure, describe, and convey what Love is. The poems in this section vary in intensity. They question the possibility of a perfect relationship in an imperfect world. They celebrate love, life, and sensuality in various forms. They mix a variety of allusions (most often literary, artistic, and scientific), which often stimulate an immediate gut reaction and impression that does not require the reader to investigate further to understand, although investigation furthers understanding.

“Late Breaking News” marks the world’s interruption of love. It is only the naïve who think the world has no effect upon them and the greater that naivety the more jarring the interruption. The speaker in these poems is jarred. These poems teeter between reality and fantasy, history and fairytale, hope and desperation, and love and hate.

“Other Incendiary Devices” is composed of the violent imagery of war and love. It turns away from reality and inhabits a dreamlike state where rants, confessions, and hallucinations are the currency. Some lovers realize that one (or both) of the lovers in the relationship was to blame for its dissolution, that the love they experienced simply was not meant to be, and move on. The speaker in the final section of the book feels that the world itself was to blame and instead decides it is the world that was not meant to be. This precarious vantage point results in haunting lyrical explorations of loneliness, longing, desperation, hate, and hope.

The Estate Race: Epic Poetry (Verdalibre Book 3)

by J Spencer

I am a new Writer, it has taken me three years of resilience training to make the decision to whole heartedly self-publish my words.

I’ve been working on a few pieces of Epic Poetry, and although I had already published – as a practice run with a number of other poems – this one back in 2015, I realised in 2018 it deserved to stand alone.

The epic poem was structurally inspired by the poetic works shared by James Joyce’s, specifically his Choir Music. I never thought I would warm to the poetry of old, but there is something quite meaningful in the rhythm, the rhyme and the structural format. Poetry, if it is structured well upon a page can create tension, suspense, and for me, after several editorials it made me cry.

Now, or maybe then, I was, I am a secret poet lover, I’ve always loved music and the beats, and today I declare, I adore poetry. Dabble in it, wet your feet in it, soak it up! It is a new language. How many people do you know that talk in a beat or select an abundance of adjectives to stimulate a point?

That wasn’t a trick question, if you don’t know, or don’t want to know, once, neither did I .

So, many people tell me we become what we read, but I have read so much I should be an astronaut by now, and that hasn’t happened. Maybe an English Teacher, but why would I feel worthy in delivering information that is indeed subjective. Everything we read is subjective, there I have said it, opening a door to a new truth that people often deny because it isn’t considered cool, classy or right.

How do we know unless we read a plenty and decide for ourselves our own level of interpretation and subjectivity? What has all of that got to do with this Epic Poem? Absolutely nothing. Or maybe after reading it, you may disagree. But you will only know if you choose to read for yourself.

I consider myself as a deep thinker, a philosopher, but I have no qualifications nor training in it. That said, I am a parent and I have no training nor qualifications in that either. Sometimes, we just have to open our minds to new ideas, old ideas, or even present ideas and decide for ourselves. What do we like. Once upon a time I was part of an Estate Race, today, life is a little bit different. I think!

Thank you for reading, and if you have chosen to purchase this eBooklet, your reading time is even more worthwhile as I intend to give all my Writer’s earnings from the sales of this Epic Poem eBooklet to a Local RSPCA Charity in Hull. Why? Because I want to.

I have benefited in so many other ways in the collating, processing and self-publishing of this Epic Poem. Beaming Smile!

Maeby, it’s only the beginning.

by Karen Maeby Bates

Karen Maeby becomes vulnerable as she pours her soul into her poetry in â??Maeby, it’s only the beginning.’ She invites you to join her as she tells her story, even thoughâ??like manyâ??she’s been hurt before. Her poetry draws emotions from every angle and touches on many subjects such as: soulfulness, general: life, among the living, heartbrokenness, some narrative / non fiction, the ocean, goodbyes, truth, dreams, and so many others.

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